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 On the mainboard installation, fan CPU and memory bank Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Abstract: if the first will be installed on the main board of the chassis, and installation, fan CPU toshiba satellite t135 series laptop cpu cooling fan and memory bank, because of the chassis space limitation, then it is very inconvenient, therefore put the computer, the general first on the mainboard installation, fan CPU and memory bank, then the whole main board installation in the case.
The installation on the mainboard P4 CPU. This is the CPU slot, fan bracket.
First pull up CPU slot next to the rod, a 90 degree Angle of vertical state.
In the one horn of the CPU P4 have a golden the Angle of the triangle mark, and this in the corner of the stitch lack of two root, accordingly motherboard CPU slots on a Angle is also missing two jack. Installation, we will have three CPU toshiba satellite x205 series laptop cpu cooling fan cape corner mark on mainboard CPU slot on the same subject matter has three cape corner. The CPU alignment slot position vertical and gently into the slots in.
Note: if the CPU can't successfully into the slot, please do not force according to, in order to avoid damage to stitch.
CPU in, will tie will go down lock. Then we can see three CPU cape corner mark is alignment motherboard CPU slot on the corresponding Angle.
Next, we on the CPU daub thermal silicone grease. Daub when must use hard paper card tablet and similar tools will silicone grease very evenly daub on the CPU, guarantee the heat evenly, and not to be silicone grease daub to the CPU toshiba satellite a2 series laptop cpu cooling fan outside of the surface, to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon such as short circuit. Pay attention not to silicone grease and apply it to the surface of CPU heat in the hole.
Then, the fixed fan installed in the support on the main board of the support. Will the white support plug in the black stand on both sides of the holes, smoothly put away. Use the same method put another white support.
Install the CPU fan. During the installation, pay attention to fan's power supply cord best can rely on on the mainboard CPU fan outlet side, so it is easy to plug CPU fan power plug.
Will fan center position alignment CPU center on top.
Fan ends for two screw hole, toshiba satellite a3 series laptop cpu cooling fan the two screw hole and white support on the screw hole alignment, and screw into the screw, will fan fixed good. Gently move a cooling fan and see if setup.
Finally, we will fan on the power cord plug on the mainboard corresponding CPU fan toshiba satellite a4 series laptop cpu cooling fan outlet. Note that plug on the clamp to alignment socket on the side of the clamp installed. So, fan is the installation is complete.
The installation memory bank. Installation, first the slots on both ends white clamp open, then will memory-chip gaps in alignment slot on protuberant part, vertical forcibly on the slot, if memory bank direction put back, it won't insert.
At this time can hear "MAO" the sound of slots on both ends of the toshiba tecra a2 laptop cpu cooling fan clamp has stuck memory bank side at the ends of the gap, memory bank has been fixed and installed.

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 Computer card screen is how to return a responsibility? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

This failure will not rule out the sony vaio vgn nr120e/s laptop keyboard cause of the virus. Suggest to antivirus. And then reload or upgrade the configuration of the display card! This recruit or have the effect very much!
If the determined not by virus causes speed slow, so is likely to cause is:
1. In the boot loading too much program.
2. Use the picture file do desktop.
3. No regular cleaning of hard disk and disk fragments finishing.
We can on the computer for sony vaio vgn nr160e/s laptop keyboard the following operation to speed up the computer running speed:
(1) the table don't put the table cloth
I wonder if we ever paid attention to the, we usually have been put in the desktop antependium, actually is a waste of computer resources! Not only so, but also delay the computer application execution speed.
(2) regularly finishing hard disk fragments
Hard disk storage file in the smallest unit is sector, sony vaio vgn nr160e/t laptop keyboard a file will usually occupy some sectors, when hard disk with long, the countless times add, change and deleting files, it will cause a lot of intermittent sector, and discontinuous deposited file is more and more, hard disk head usually need to spend more time to jump to read data, this leads to slow down hard disk. So we can every period of time (specific interval by the actual use of the hard disk situations) on a hard disk defragment: "program" "attachment" "system tools" "a defragment program" (for Windows must first scan: "program" "attachment" "system tools" "disk scan program", to do the above a defragment), so that all non continuous deposited submissions will be to discharge the neatly.
(3) change the setting of the boot
In the boot to to enter the Windows of this period of time, the computer sony vaio vgn-nr160e laptop keyboard in the load at ordinary times the installation program, and must be all loading the began to enter the Windows, if delete some unnecessary boot program, will certainly to speed up the boot speed. Want to modify, use the "start menu" run "the order, and then type in win. Ini, open, can take the following each paragraph content deleted, but note: only delete content, don't even the title also deleted! They include: [compatibility], [compatibility32], [imecompatibility], [compatibility95], [modulecompatibility] and [embedding].
XP operating below msconfig selection in startup options inside remove some and unnecessary initiated.
(4) thoroughly remove programs
As we all know, if want to delete a installed computer program, available control panel "add/remove program" to delete. But it will only help you remove programs, and won't help you delete the program's registration code and some login project. If you want to delete the program together left some of the rubbish, can install a dedicated uninstall, when you want to delete the program,sony vaio vgn-nr430e laptop keyboard as long as the use of such software to delete, it will remove the program together login projects and registration code.
(5) expand virtual memory capacity
If your hard disk is enough big, then could you please open the "control panel" of the "system", in the "performance" options open "virtual memory", select the second: user setting virtual memory Settings, point to a less use of the hard drive sony vgn fe770g laptop keyboard, and the maximum and minimum value is set to a fixed value, the size to physical memory 2 times the left and right sides. So, the virtual existing in the use of hard disk, don't have to accommodate its and big and little difference, and fixed space as a virtual memory, speed up the access speed. Virtual memory Settings had better be in "a defragment" after, this virtual memory is points is not a continuous, no fragments file space, can better play a role.

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 Gestures operation more simple notebook trackpad use profile Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Now notebook samsung ba81-03505b laptop cpu fan trackpad generally divided into two categories, one is the traditional single point touch operation touch control plate, the other is now more popular multi-point touch control plate, then will introduce you the two trackpad difference.
1, single point touch control plate
Notebook touch panel (namely Touchpad), looked from the structure that, touch panel is mainly composed of a piece of can induction fingers running trajectory in pressure sensitive plate and two button composition, pressure plate can control the mouse arrow moves, and realize the samsung ba81-06501a laptop cpu fan click and double click the operation, two buttons is equivalent to the mouse button around.
Box-and-one more traditional trackpad design
Touch pad sensor is just a printed on plate surface fingers trajectory transmission line, realize touch function also must have the aid of drive and software system, one can only judge a touch point, if at the same time there are two or more points were touch, he cannot make the right reaction. This trackpad simple operation,samsung kdb04505ha laptop cpu fan but can function of the realization of the too little, not suitable for complex operation use.
2, multi-point touch control plate
Common touch panel can only replace the mouse, some more complicated task operation must also cooperate with the keyboard to achieve. For this apple, asustek, HP and manufacturers, introduced a multipoint trackpad technology samsung kdb0705ha laptop cpu fan(namely Multi - touch). Multi-point touch panel is a piece of a transparent sensing medium touch panel, some panel also added the mouse left key function, and the traditional single point trackpad similar. Through the fingers in the touch pad, simple and practical, and can completely replace the traditional mouse.
Box-and-one asustek super this touch control plate support multi-point touch
Multipoint trackpad can detect touch panel in different position place at the same time produce the multi-point touch or adjacent to touch, and for multi-point touch every point touch produce different signal. Thus multipoint trackpad has two aspects, one is the master control chip can simultaneously acquisition multi-point signal, 2 it is to be able to samsung mcf-908am05 laptop cpu fan judge every road finger touch signal significance, in other words is able to provide users with gesture recognition function, such as double refers to realize page larger or smaller, such as the Internet chat reading operation can be simple finish.
Through the introduce everyone to notebook these two trackpad had certain understanding, then send to you some of the corresponding use trackpad some of the basic operation methods.
1, lock trackpad:
Some users in the use of laptop keyboard typing, sing will encounter trackpad area,samsung mcf-913pam05-30 laptop cpu fan causing unnecessary operation, so in use notebook when typing lock trackpad is very necessary. General lock trackpad way for shortcuts direct lock, general notebook will set a trackpad lock shortcut keys, and when not to use the laptop can close touch control plate.
Box-and-one notebook will have design close trackpad shortcuts
There are some characteristics of trackpad lock operation,samsung mcf-913pam05-40 laptop cpu fan such as asustek super this UX21 when use if detection to the user's palm met trackpad and direct will touch area reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of reduce false operation, HP notebook products is in trackpad top left corner tap 2, can be successful lock trackpad.

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 Apple MacBook or use Retina display the price does not poor Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

A analysts to CNET said apple MacBook hp envy 14-1188ee laptop keyboard is using high resolution screen. Now used for iPhone and iPad Retina display has entered into the computer supply chain.
The Retina display, apple MacBook laptop cost will improve nearly $100, but the computer display photos, application and text will be more vivid and clear. Retina display is used in the apple iPhone and iPad, iPod, computer has not adopted, but this situation is about to change.
NPD DisplaySearch senior analyst Richard and Tim (Richard Shim) said,hp envy 14-1190ea laptop keyboard suppliers have started to supply 13.3 inches and 15.4 inches high resolution screen panel.
And he said: "we will see 15.4 inches high resolution screen, the user is expected to get."
At present portable devices resolution continuously improve has become a trend. Last month, 1366 X768 1024 X768 pixel is popular. Improve the resolution, and users can on the screen window open more, content more clearly, vivid display also.
And he said: "the advent of Windows Vista, is really a push the opportunity of high resolution, but no miracle. If not demand, high resolution is limited to an operating system, and no other factors support high resolution for hp envy 14-1190eg laptop keyboard the user, and popular but increase costs. But the third generation iPhone and iPad change the high resolution screen condition. Obviously, apple promoted the development of the high resolution screen, promote panel manufacturers launched high resolution screen, because apple for the screen to create a market, high resolution screen will be used for apple mobile phones and tablet computer, and plan for laptop, high resolution screen has become a high-grade apple laptop functions."
He's pointed out, 15 inch MacBook pro apple the Retina quality panel costs around $160, and the current use of the panel the cost of 68 us dollars. 13.3 inches by the apple laptop Retina quality panel costs $134, while the current use of the panel the cost of 69 us dollars.
High resolution screen specifications below:
15.4 inches: resolution for the 2880 X1800, every inch of the pixels for 220; In contrast, the current 15.4 inch MacBook Pro for 1440 X900 resolution screen, every inch of the pixels for 110.
13.3 inches: resolution for the 2560 X1600, every inch of the hp envy 14-1190eo laptop keyboard pixels for 227; The current 13.3 inch MacBook Air display screen resolution for the 1440 X900, every inch of the pixels for 127.
And he said: "the greatest possibility of using the above panel is the apple of the size and resolution." He could not confirm whether apple's emphasis on the display screen of the supply chain receive only equipment manufacturer.
Price difference
It is not clear whether consumers will pay for screen improvement. Apple iOS devices in use in the Retina display, the equipment cost remains the same. Of course, price difference is lesser also. According to the materials supplied by hp envy 14-1191eo laptop keyboard IHS iSuppli single display, third generation iPad screen costs $87, while the second generation iPad screen costs for 57 dollars, differ only $30.
Apple MacBook Pro has 15 inches in providing high resolution screen, but customers need to pay for. Users pay more for $100, will be by 1440 X900 resolution upgrade to the 1680 X1050, pixels per inch increased by 36%.
Apple in its promotion text points out: "1680 X1050 will provide users with more pixels, when the user run hd content, high definition video screens become more prominent advantage, because users to access to more vivid images and more screen space."
If apple improve display resolution and size screen remain unchanged,hp envy 14-1191ez laptop keyboard needed to use the HiDPI special mode, HiDPI understand screen size constant increases the pixels. Last year, apple OS X 10.7 software added the function, but not yet open to the consumers. Part of the third party software has cracked HiDPI function, so that the third generation iPad users try this function.
The new display screen technology
High resolution screen large size of recent breakthrough technology is IGZO, the smaller the transistor and circuit components, allow more light through. Thus gave birth to the a more thin, energy efficiency higher screen.
IGZO has not into mass production. Last month, sharp said of the factory will be modified, the production IGZO panel. Sharp issued a statement that said: "sharp will promote high resolution LCD panel in hd notebook hp envy 14-1193eo laptop keyboard and the application of the LCD monitor and the popularity of mobile devices."
He's not clear whether IGZO panel or sharp supply apple. According to sources said samsung and LG Display may also use high resolution screen panel.
The problem is notebook screen resolution improve any benefit.hp envy 14-1195br laptop keyboard When the apple iPhone 4 and third generation iPad using Retina display, the text, images and application show that more distinct. Apple rivals have not used in notebook Retina technology, the product pricing will face huge challenges.

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 After you have been on computer solutions Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The computer has been on if you, with all the problems first want to check, we computer hardware laptop cpu fan is normal or not, can go to the next computer memory have inserted, in many cases we computer has this problem is because our website computer memory problems, may be caused by bad contacts.
Step 1: if not, and then clean up the dust on the main board, then check the computer is normal or not.
Step 2: first check computer outside wiring is connected and all the attachment to put a time, see whether fault exclusion.
Step 3: if the fault is still, then open check box without redundant mainframe box in metal, or motherboard deformation caused by short circuit, smell the plane without a charred HuWei, have burned on the main board of the chip, CPU acer laptop cpu cooling fan around the capacitance whether have damage, etc.
Step 4: if a fault is still, and then pulled out of line on the mainboard Reset and other switch, indicator attachment, and then a screwdriver with short circuit switch, see whether can boot.
Step 5: if can't boot, then use the minimal system method, and hard disk drives, floppy disk, pulled out of the data, then check whether computer can boot, if the computer compaq laptop cpu cooling fan display appear the boot screen, show in the several problems of equipment. Then one by one to put the above a few equipment access the computer, when access a device, fault occurs, that's the cause of the fault equipment, and finally to key check this equipment.
Step 6: if the fault is still, then the fault may be the memory, and video CARDS, CPU dell laptop cpu cooling fan, boards equipment is caused. Then use insertion method, exchange method, the method, we check memory, video card, the CPU is equipment such as normal, if there is damage to the equipment, to replace the damaged equipment.
Step 7: if memory, video card, CPU hp laptop cpu cooling fan devices such as normal, will then BIOS discharge, the isolation method, and placed in case outside the motherboard, CPU, memory, and video CARDS in again as the test, and if the computer can show, then will the mainboard installation to test case inside, until we find the cause of the problem. If a fault is still requires will return to the mainboard manufacturer repair.
Step 8: computer boot no display but have alarm sound, when the computer when powered up, the system BIOS begin to POST (plus electric self-check), when testing to computers in an equipment have fatal error, they control the speaker sound report error. So it may appear boot show no have the police of sound fault. For computer boot no display has alarm sound fault can according to the BIOS alarm sound meaning,ibm laptop cpu cooling fan to check the equipment failure, in order to remove the faults.

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