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 The inferior power may lead to consequences Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Power of choose and buy is not reasonable or use inferior power supply, computer hp mini 110-3100sw keyboard may often appear bluescreen, restart, crash, program operation error and so on the condition. Or computer boot can't identify hard disk, and cd-rom and other equipment, leading to can't boot up. Generally speaking, the power supply power if can't satisfy all accessories power demand, will not be able to ensure the stable operation of computer accessories. Of course, may also due to inferior power use old element, output power shortage, which leads to the computer can't normal start. Additional cooling condition does not pass, resulting in high temperature also can appear the phenomenon such as system halted.
Power of choose and buy is not reasonable or use inferior power, which is easy to cause the computer hard disk appears bad way, cd-rom read disk capacity greatly reduced. Power is not enough may lead to + 5 v power supply output is insufficient or unstable. Due to the hard disk, and cd-rom just use the + 5 v power supply output, in the long run, the power supply instability or insufficient situation is likely to appear damage and unstable phenomenon. For many use the computer hp mini 210-2170nr keyboard users, if often meet with hard disk appears bad way, might as well pay attention to if the power out of the question.
Power of choose and buy is not reasonable or use inferior power, when the computer hp pavilion dv7-1000 keyboard encounter suddenly loses power or encounter lightning, the computer easily damaged. The role of PFC circuit can effectively ensure the use safety of computer accessories, but many inferior power is very light is because no PFC circuit. This will greatly increase the accessories damage probability. At the same time IC circuit is too single, and do not have the protection function is also computer encounter suddenly loses power or encounter lightning easily when one of the reasons for the damage.
Power of choose and buy is not reasonable or use inferior power, will cause CPU overclocking decreasing. A lot of people in the CPU overclocking, can't reach the expected effect, actually a lot of time is because power the hp pavilion dv6-3130sa keyboard choose and buy is not reasonable. Such as purchased the rated power partial small brand power, or buy the output power no guarantee of power supply, etc. Due to the CPU overclocking, power consumption will increase, the power rising sharply, when the power supply output power is insufficient, will not be able to meet the need for overclocking CPU power consumption demand.
Power of choose and buy is not reasonable or use inferior power, will cause headset speakers and other equipment noise is very big. Due to the inferior power filter function odd difference,hp pavilion dv6-3140sa keyboard plus circuit quality also don't pass, so easy to sound card operation appear unstable condition. For some high power speakers, if the power is not enough, sound box appear noise is inevitable.



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 Windows of 12 major function keys Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The computer keyboard cpu cool fan ranks the most conspicuous 12 "F button" this is to provide people with convenient, but unfortunately, many times people have not well use them.

F1 get help more than a simple press

As is known to all, F1 in the Windows system or application to start the help program. But get help more than simply press the F1.

If you are working in other applications, and if you want to get about Windows help information, at this time, you only need to press the Win key to strike F1.

If you have a Windows application components use have doubts, try to press the Shift key to strike F1, at this time, will appear on the screen "What is this" (or What 's this? Information box, it shows the acer laptop cpu cooling fan component of the specific purpose or usage.

F2 system of "the name agent"

If the resource manager picked a file or folder, when you press F2 function key, can to the file or folder name in operation.

F3 close resources "explorer"

In the resource management unit or system desktop press F3 function keys, it will soon appear "search document" window. In the Windows Media Player falls F3 can search personal folder or others in a Shared folder Media files.

F4 only open list joint close the window

If it is in the explorer, press F4 function keys will be listed at all levels of drive and all kinds of resource tree directory; If it is in IE, will list visited address list.

If you want to close the explorer or IE window, can press the Alt key while pressing F4 function key.

F5 a be fickle in affection guy

When you in the resource manager changed the compaq laptop cpu cooling fan file name or attributes, or IE browser, etc in the web page content changes, the current page changes may not be immediately reflected in the visual, at this time, press F5, a brand new page exhibition now before you.

F6 it a thought is the address bar

When you put his hands on the keyboard, if need to enter the Internet web site visit, but also to use the mouse to click the address bar after input, this much trouble! As the press function key F6 come quick! F6 function key allows you to quickly in resource manager or IE browser address bar to locate.

F7 reproduction of the old world historical events

In the command prompt window press F7, window will show you after operation all DOS command you can move up and down key, select previous every command to execute them again. The need to repeat executive command field platform provides a great convenience.

F8 system menu "senior leadership"

In the start computer, when self process ended, in the desktop if, before quickly press F8 key, can display boot menu, from which can chose to enter into many kinds of startup mode, such as safe mode or take not to take network start, etc.

Some computers can start at the beginning of the dell laptop cpu cooling fan torsion press this key to rapid v start a blue menu, choose from fast from cd-rom start, or from hard disk boot, you don't have to go to the expense of enter BIOS procedures boot sequence changes. In addition, F8 to still can install Windows for Microsoft's installation agreement.

F9 it don't like high voice of the singer

Function key under Windows also have no direct effect, but in the system Media Player Windows Media Player, you will find that it can be used to reduce the sound.

F10 a "menu activation expert"

When you are in a menu system under the Windows program, press F10 function keys, you will find that menu is light 7, then return can open the menu. Press Shift and press F10 function key, can appear right-click context menu, and this is the keyboard

Application key role is the same.

F10 on Windows media player is to improve the function of the volume.

Function key F11, can make the current use of explorer window or IE browser window into full screen display, again press this key can restore to its original window size.

Add the new-look leave a copy of the document

Add in the Windows basic environment no effect,hp laptop cpu cooling fan but in the Word you press it, will pop up

"Save as" document window.



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 Use the U dish to install Windows XP system experience Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Portable laptop what all good, not only convenient place is samsung n145 laptop keyboard one thousand system collapse, do system more troublesome. This weekend, I studied the morning, and finally learned to use usb flash disk do startup disk to notebook new do system. I think this method than with cd-rom recovery simple a lot, so bring and the jar friends share.
First introduced two leading role it, JinShiDu 8 g U disk and malata 81005 notebook. My manata 81005 book is of years ago, in the new encountered a serious virus invasion, antivirus after the system has been not too smooth, but work busy, busy always new do system. Today is at leisure, so I am determined to put the old system gave off.
U disk startup disk production:
1, U disk formatting: suggest using 1 g capacity above the U disk (because will samsung n150 laptop keyboard copy system and U disk boot software, so want to have enough space), use first Flashboot will U disk formatted into USB - HDD or USB - ZIP one of these two kinds of modes, I choose is USB - ZIP this model, just this type of manata notebook can be a very good support.
2, U disk version WinPE: want to rise in the DOS below installation XP pain, so prepare to use usb flash disk version WinPE after start execution XP system installation, then test feasible. I am on the net download is winpe u disk version, in addition winpe there are all sorts of commonly used tools, unzip the files are kao into formatting good u disk in the.
Windows XP system installation:
1, set U disk Boot: after startup press F2 enter samsung nb30 laptop keyboard BIOS Settings, in the Boot menu will be the third item USB Boot options open, that is choice for Enabled, save and exit BIOS setup.
2, will be ready to good XP setup disk all kao into U disk, and then insert the usb flash disk and boot, directly into the U disk boot, the emergence of a boot menu, select the startup miniature WIN - PE (by old wild peach), they entered the WinPE system. Will XP SETUP disk from U disk kao into small C area outside of the partition, my are two partition, namely kao in D area, then direct run the SETUP disk folder SETUP. EXE file, appear familiar XP installation interface, according to clew step by step the complete.
I don't like to use online GHOST installation disc,samsung laptop keyboard feel the normal installation step by step more stable, all installed after further GOHST backup, restore for future use. If there are used to GHOST recovery mode to install system friend, direct will mirror image file kao into the usb flash disk and copied to the notebook C area outside of the partition, the use of the WinPE own NORTON GHOST32 will system directly back to the C area is ok.



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 Analytic how to make wireless Internet safer Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the wireless network constantly mature today, toshiba satellite a205 s5801 laptop keyboard wireless network security hidden danger is becoming the focus of attention, and prevent the wireless network from foreign invasion more become a wireless network users want to face above all things.

Want to make wireless Internet safer, the following three wireless network security measures can help you achieve:

Change the default SSID Settings

In the default state, wireless network node production toshiba satellite a205 s5803 laptop keyboard chamber of commerce use SSID (initialization string), to examine the attempt to login wireless network node connection request, once the test through the words, it is possible to successfully connect to a wireless network; But because of the same manufacturers launched a wireless network node are using the same SSID name, which gave the illegal attempt to connect to wireless network of the attacker, and provides the invasion of convenience, once they use general initialization string to connect to wireless network, it is easy to build a successful unauthorized link, so as to give a wireless network security threat.

Therefore, at the first installed wireless LAN, you must timely login to the wireless network node management page, open the SSID setting options, resetting the initialization string, had better let a person hard to guess to; And in order to more effectively avoid illegal links, you'd better in the premise of the condition allows, cancel the SSID network broadcasting, this can will hackers toshiba satellite a205 s5804 laptop keyboard opportunity to the minimum.

Of course, the wireless network node of the SSID name change, you must also be in workstation wireless network attribute Settings window, remodification SSID service name, such ability make sure your workstation successfully access wireless network. In ordinary workstation modify SSID name actually very simple, as long as you in the wireless network connection properties window, click "wireless network configuration" label, then in this tag page, select the wireless network node name, click on the "property" button, and then pop up "relevance" tag page, direct will new SSID name input in the "service name (SSID)" in the text box, and finally click "ok" button, can make the toshiba satellite a205 s5805 laptop keyboard Settings to take effect.

Appropriate place antenna

Because wireless network node is wired signal and wireless signal conversion "hub", wireless network node of the antenna position, not only can decide the wireless local area network signal transmission speed, communication signal strength, but also can affect the wireless network communication security, to the wireless network node is put in a proper position is very necessary.

In place before the antenna, you'd better make sure wireless network node communication signal coverage for much, then based on the range size, will antenna placed to other users can't "touch" position place. For example, if the wireless network node signal transmission capacity in 30 meters of less than, and now you want to be in 100 square meters of space, build a small wireless local area network, it will be the best wireless network node placed in this space is central, and at the toshiba satellite a205 s5821 laptop keyboard same time will be other workstations in wireless network node scattered around the place, and thus is located in the other room workstation won't automatic search to your wireless network, so wireless network is not prone to signal leak risk.

If you just wireless network node will be placed in a window or wall position place, not only will affect signal foreign emission, and is located in the other side of the wall workstation users, can easily search and connect to your wireless network, in this way, your network security will be greatly reduced.

Do other prevention work

In order to better protect the safety of the wireless network, you can also according to the wireless network node itself the function different, do some other effective safety measures. For example, if the wireless network access nodes support simple network management function words (SNMP function), suggest you try to this function will be closed, in order to prevent toshiba satellite a205 s5823 laptop keyboard illegal attackers easily through the wireless network node, to get the whole wireless LAN of the privacy information.

If your wireless network node also support the access list function word, that you can use this function, accurate limit which workstation can connect to a wireless network node, and those who don't access list of workstation, is to enter in the wireless network. Consider, for example, to each piece of express card has its own MAC address, you can completely in the wireless network node equipment to create a "MAC access control list", and then will you think legal network card MAC address each input to this form, and then only "MAC access control list" shows that the MAC address,toshiba satellite a205 s6808 laptop keyboard can enter to your wireless network.


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 Windows 7 refused to wireless router to solve Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The author recently for computer packed Windows7, but found that can not use IE login any web page the. Check wireless router connection state, found a strong signal have been dell xps 15 l502x laptop keyboard unable to connect to the success. Think oneself set WPA wireless password is changed, then reran Settings, still can't successful connection. Then cancelled wireless encryption, but the results are still unable to connect.

Wireless router failure? The author use line connection wireless router and computer, but found that the computer can get online normally. Obviously, wireless router Internet connection without any problems.

Don't wireless router wireless function failure? The author attempt dell xps m1330 laptop keyboard to WindowsVista system connected to a wireless network, found that the wireless connection is very smooth. There is no way, the author had to find the same installed Windows7 friend, with his computer wireless connection the author wireless router, but found that also exists the problem of unable to connect. Therefore, the author judgment wireless router may and Windows7 wireless network system has a conflict. The author replaced a huawei 3 comwbr204g wireless router on test and found Windows7 system smooth connection wireless router and on the Internet. It seems, the author wireless router has a problem really.

Now that wireless router can't compatible Windows7 wireless network system, so does that mean must be replaced? In order to save money, the author decided to find the wireless router related material, so as to further debugging. In the wireless router management page, I find it firmware version is 4.2.0 Build081225, should be released in December 2008, quite obsolete, and Windows7 was launched in October 2009, it seems probable that wireless router firmware does not support Windows7. The author in wireless router's web site, download the July 30, 2009 update dell xps m140 laptop keyboard relevant firmware. To upgrade the firmware, the author found that wireless router firmware version has been updated to 4.2.0 Build090730.

Update the firmware whether can solve the problem? Set up network parameters, the author's Windows7 no longer refuse to wireless router, finally can Windows7 in under the surf the Internet.

The problem
Wireless router in addition to have the hardware system, and also has directing the hardware working software system - the firmware. User with simple web model management wireless router, may not be able to realize web page is actually wireless router software system shell. When do not have access to the Internet, users in the Settings and correct circumstances, can through the wireless router management page check the dell xps m1530 laptop keyboard working condition. If the wireless router normal work but can not in Windows7 next, connected to a wireless network, then, is likely to be wireless router software system and Windows7 wireless connection function is not compatible. A lot of older wireless router in the design of firmware, without considering the application under Windows7 system, therefore, the emergence of a Windows7 refused to wireless router's situation.

Dr. Known:
Microsoft says Windows7 can and more than 90% of the hardware perfect compatible, in other words, Windows7 there are still part of the hardware conflict problem. At present, the wireless router Settings have been ShaGuaHua, upgrade firmware is a piece of cake, ready to use Windows7 users the best wireless dell xps m1710 laptop keyboard router timely update the firmware.


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