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 The notebook screen classification Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

LCD Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is a Liquid Crystal Display abbreviation,lenovo ideapad s10e 4187 laptop keyboard LCD structure is in two pieces of parallel glass placed of Liquid Crystal, two pieces of glass intermediate has many vertical and horizontal small wire, through electricity or not to control rod Crystal molecular change direction, will light refraction out produce pictures.
Advantages: display panel thin (flat structure), electromagnetic radiation is small, the passive display type (no glare, help eye health), shows that large amount of information, easy to colorize, long life span (this device almost no degradation problems, so life very long, but LCD backlight limited life).
Weakness: the color gorgeous enough.
LCD liquid crystal display (LCD), in accordance with the control mode can be divided into passive matrix LCD and active matrix LCD two.
Passive matrix LCD: passive matrix LCD in brightness and Angle is large in the limit, reaction velocity also slower. Because the picture quality problems, make this kind of display device disadvantageous to the lenovo ideapad s10e 4068 laptop keyboard development for the desktop scope. Passive matrix LCD and can be divided into TN - LCD (Twisted Nematic - LCD, Twisted Nematic LCD), STN - LCD (Super TN - LCD, Super Twisted Nematic LCD) and DSTN - LCD (Double layer STN - LCD, Double Super Twisted Nematic LCD).
Active matrix LCD: at present is widely active matrix LCD, also called the tft-lcd (Thin Film Transistor - LCD, Thin Film Transistor LCD). TFT LCD display is in the picture each pixel built-in transistor, can make more bright brightness, color more rich and broader visual area.
In notebook computers, mainly has adopted the DSTN - LCD lenovo ideapad s10e laptop keyboard(commonly known as pseudo sc-reens) and tft-lcd (commonly known as true sc-reens) two kind of LCD display screen. And LED display at present is to point to LED backlight, is relative to the current main lamp backlighting speaking, screen is still LCD.
DSTN (Dual - Layer Super Twist Nematic) LCD: refer to double scanning twisted Nematic, meaning that through the double scanning system to scan twisted Nematic liquid crystal display (LCD), to achieve the purpose of complete display. DSTN - LCD is not true color display, it can display a certain color depth, so called "pseudo sc-reens". Due to the DSTN - LCD contrast and brightness is lenovo ideapad s10c laptop keyboard poorer, screen range of observation is lesser, colour does not rich, especially the reaction speed is slow, not suitable for high speed full motion images, video broadcast applications, generally only used for the text, form and static image processing, has now almost extinct.
TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD: by the Thin Film Transistor is composed of screen, its each LCD pixels are made by integrated in pixels behind of Thin Film Transistor to drive, on the screen each pixel point behind all have four lenovo ideapad s10-2 laptop keyboard(a black, three RGB color) independent of each other Thin Film Transistor drive pixel bit give prize color tone, it can display 24 bits color depth of true color, can do high speed, high brightness, high contrast display screen information. Tft-lcd is one of the best LCD color display equipment is one of the mainstream of the notebook computer now on display device.


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 CPU working voltage Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

CPU gateway m6012 laptop cpu fan working Voltage (Supply Voltage), namely the normal work of the CPU for Voltage. Any electrical appliances in work all need electricity, natural also have corresponding rated voltage, the CPU is not exceptional also. At present the working voltage of CPU, have a very obvious downtrend, low operating voltage, mainly has three advantages:
One is to adopt low voltage CPU chip, the total power consumption reduced. Power consumption is reduced, the operation of the system cost is reduced, this regarding the portable and mobile system is very important, make its existing battery can work longer, so that the life of the battery greatly extend;
The second is to reduce power consumption, the heating power decrease, running temperature but high CPU gateway m6012c laptop cpu fan, can and system better fit;
Three is to reduce voltage, but also improve the CPU basic frequency is one of the important factors.
CPU working voltage, divided into two aspects, the CPU core voltage and the I/O voltage. Core voltage, namely drive CPU core chip voltage. The I/O voltage, it refers to drive the I/O circuit voltage. Usually CPU core voltage, less than or equal to the I/O voltage.
Early CPU (286 ~ 486 times) core voltage and the I/O is consistent, usually 5 v, due to the manufacturing process is relatively backward, so that the CPU calorific value is too large, shorten lead to the life. But then CPU gateway ma1 laptop cpu fan integration is very low, and the current CPU integration is quite high, they are now more CPU calorific value. Along with the CPU manufacturing technology to improve, in recent years, all kinds of CPU working voltage have gradually downward trend, at present with desktop CPU core voltage, usually to 2 v of less than, notebook special CPU working voltage, relatively more low, so as to achieve the purpose of sharply reduce power consumption, in order to prolong the life of the battery, and reduce the CPU calorific value. And now the CPU will through the special voltage ID (VID) pin to indicate the mainboard embedded voltage regulator, automatic setting the correct voltage level.
Many face new CPU mainboard, can provide special jumpers or software Settings. Through these jump line or software, can according to specific need to manually adjust the working voltage of CPU gateway ma2 laptop cpu fan. Many experiments show that, in the overclocking, moderately increasing core voltage, can strengthen CPU internal signal, the CPU performance of ascension, there will be of great help. But that will also improve CPU power, influence the life and calorific value, it is suggested that the general users don't for this operation.



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 Hard disk failure repair Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Hard disk failure repair at work,fujitsu lifebook t4220 laptop cpu fan regular do data backup's work, is the guarantee system collapse and hard disk damage can recover after an important method of data. So we in the work to develop the good habit of often backup data. In addition, learn to be in hard disk failure how to life hard disk, or from bad regional extract useful data, the loss to the minimum. A, system do not acknowledge hard disk system from hard disk can't start, from A disk boot cannot enter the disk C, use CMOS of automatic monitoring function also is unable to find the existence of the hard disk. This kind of fault are mostly appeared in the connecting cable or IDE port, the possibility of fault hard disk itself is not big, can pass to splice hard disk cable or change the IDE mouth and cable replacement test, he will soon find fault in. If the new grafted in hard also is not accepted, a common reason is that the hard disk master-slave jump line, if a IDE hard disk online joint two hard drive equipment, then points clear subordination. Second, the CMOS fault caused by the CMOS of hard disk type is correct or not directly affects the normal use of hard disk. Now the machine support "IDE Auto Detect" function, can automatically Detect the type of hard disk. When hard disk type mistake, sometimes simply can't start system, and sometimes can start, but will happen error, speaking, reading and writing. The fujitsu lifebook t5500 laptop cpu fan hard disk type such as CMOS is less than the actual hard drive capacity, the hard disk behind the sector will be unable to read or write, if it is multiple partitions status is individual partition will be lost. There is another important failure cause, because at present IDE support logic parameter type, hard disk can be used "Normal, LBA, Large" and so on, if in general mode installed the data, and in the CMOS changed to other pattern, will happen the hard disk read and write fault, because the mapping relationship has changed, will not be able to read the original correct hard disk position. Three, master boot program causes start-up failure master boot program is located in the Lord of the hard disk boot sector, mainly used to test the correctness of the hard disk partition, and determine the active partition, responsible for the guide right over to the active partition DOS or other operating system. This section program will not damage from the hard disk guide, but from a floppy or cd-rom start to hard disk after reading. Repair the fault of the methods are simple, use high version of DOS FDISK the most convenient, when band parameter/MBR run time, it will directly replace (rewrite) hard disk master boot program. In fact the Lord of the hard disk boot sector is the program to create, FDISK. Among the EXE features a complete hard disk master boot program. Although DOS version constantly updated, but hard disk master boot program there has been no change,fujitsu lifebook t580 laptop cpu fan from DOS x to Windos 95 DOS, as long as find a DOS boot disk boot system and run the program can repair. Four, partition table error caused by the start-up failure partition table error is hard disk of serious mistakes, different error can lead to different degree of loss. If there is no active partition mark, then the computer could not be started. But from a floppy or cd-rom after guidance system to the hard disk drive, speaking, reading and writing, but through the FDISK reset active partition for repair. If it is a partition type error, can cause the loss of a partition. Partition table on the fourth bytes for partition type value, normal guidable more than 32 MB of basic DOS partition value for 06, and extended DOS partition value is 05. Many people use this type of value to realize a single partition encryption technology, back into the right type of value can make the partition returned to normal. Partition table and other data used to record partition starting or terminate address. These data will cause damage to the partition of chaos or missing, usable method is to use backup partition table data to write back, or from any other of the same type and the same hard disk partition condition get partition table data. Restore tool can use NU tools such as software, the operation is very convenient. Of course also can use DEBUG to operation, but the operation trival and has certain risk. Five, partition effective mark wrong fault in the hard disk master boot sector there are still an important part, that is the last two bytes: "55 aa", the byte is a useful indicator of the sector. When from the fujitsu siemens amilo pro l1310g laptop cpu fan hard drive, floppy disk or CD which, when activated, will test the two bytes, if present, think it is hard disk exist, or will not admit that hard disk. Here can be used to the hard disk encryption technology, can use DEBUG method recovery processing. In addition, when the DOS boot sector without guide sign, the System startup will show as: "Mmissing are automatically notified". Convenient method is to use the following DOS system general repair methods. Six, DOS guidance system caused by the start-up failure DOS boot system mainly by the DOS boot sector and DOS system files composition. System files including IO. SYS, MSDOS. SYS, COMMAND.COM, including COMMAND.COM is DOS shell file, usable and other similar documents to replace, but by default is DOS startup the necessary documents. In Windows 95 carry DOS system, MSDOS. SYS is a text file, is to launch Windows must file, but only start DOS can need not this document. DOS boot when something goes wrong, from the floppy disk or CD guide system using SYS C: command transfer system, can repair failure, including the boot sector and system files can be restored to normal condition. Seven, FAT table caused by reading and writing fault FAT table records the hard disk data memory address, each file will have a group of FAT chain designated the deposited cluster address. FAT table damage means the loss of the contents of the documents. The good news is DOS system itself provides two FAT table, if the current use of FAT table is damaged, it can be the second to cover repair. But as a result of different specifications of disk its FAT table and the length of the two FAT table address is not fixed, so must be correct repair find its correct position, some tools such as NU etc itself has such repair function, use is very convenient. The DEBUG also can realize the operation, namely USES the m ordered the second FAT table moved to the first table place can. If the second FAT table also damaged, it also can't take hard disk restored to the original state, but the file data still stored in hard disk data area, can use CHKDSK or SCANDISK command repair, and ultimately the *. CHK files, this is lost FAT chain sector data. If it is a text file can be extracted from it a complete or fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2030 laptop cpu fan partial contents of the documents. Eight, list damage caused by the guide fault catalogue record the document's filename in the hard disk data, of which the most important one is the file starting cluster number. List since there is no automatic backup function, so if directory damage will lose a lot of documents. A kind of reduce the loss method is also used CHKDSK or SCANDISK program recovery method, from hard disk, search out *. CHK file, as list when damage is only the first cluster number is missing, each *. CHK file is a complete file, its instead of the original name can restore most file. Nine, error when deleted partitions data recovery when using FDISK delete the hard disk partition after that, on the surface of the hard disk data has completely disappeared, in has not formatted in hard disk will be displayed as invalid drive. If know FDISK work principle, will know FDISK just rewrite the hard disk master boot sector (0 level 0 way 1 sector) the content, to be specific, delete the hard disk partition table information, and hard disk partition of any of the data are not change. Can be modeled after the partition table wrong repair methods, i.e., trying to restore partition table data can restore the original partition and data. If have partition formatting, earlier recovery after division, can press the following method restore partitioned data. Ten, false to FORMAT the hard disk data recovery in the DOS high version condition, FORMAT formatting operation in the default state have established the used to restore FORMAT disk information, is actually the disk the DOS boot sector, FAT partition table and list all the content to the disk copy last few sector (because the back of the sector rarely used), and the contents of the data area did not change. So through the fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2035 laptop cpu fan operation UNFORMAT command can restore. Another DOS also provides a MIROR command used to record the current disk information, for formatting or delete the recovery of after use, this method is more effective.

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 The good habit of computer use Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

1. Usually use user group account use the system,acer aspire 5742 laptop keyboard even if security software failure, your loss is small, (new VISTA system in security improvements)
2. Not bad on the website. (these website may contain trojans, viruses, the back door, advertising, spyware and other dangerous program)
3. Not the unknown web site to download any files, including software, songs, office documents, pictures, etc. (these files may contain hazard system safety

risk procedures, resulting in system is hackers control, personal privacy leakage to acer aspire 5742g laptop keyboard the net and other normal software can't run (mainly security software),

hardware driver damage, important documents, such as loss of serious consequences.
4. Virus software, firewall software, HIPS (host protection system) software security software to keep them is the latest version. And regularly use new

dangerous software of their performance evaluation. (note: the last half a piece of advice is only for have certain computer knowledge of computer users use!

These security software is not everything, but without them is nothing.
5. Regular use safety auxiliary software of system safety evaluation,acer aspire 5742z laptop keyboard found abnormal situation shall promptly repair. For example: sreng, autoruns, system

security shield, hijackthis, etc., can deal with the vast majority of unknown dangerous program.
6. Mobile storage device file copy each other before, please use the latest version of the mobile storage device to kill soft comprehensive herbs; Partition

plate character please use right-click open, careful with double click the way open.
7. E-mail please try to use safety good mail client software to send and receive, such as foxmail6.0 etc; Junk mail will be removed and will send people to

add into the blacklist.
8. Open the system of "automatic acer aspire 5742zg laptop keyboard updates", patch installation choice "self definition" and then manual installation.

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 Intel cool translucent super this Nikiski TuShang to fit in Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The super this this concept thoroughly before playing bad,toshiba satellite l305 series laptop fan Intel is still trying to a lot of emergency rescue measures. Concept super this Nikiski is Intel to the Ultrabook camp on Windows eight times how to survive a thinking. In this year's CES conference, we have seen the half of his face is transparent glass guy the expense of the real, now, have foreign media got Nikiski true machine, and a experience, together to onlookers that piece of magic glass exactly what is the magical effect.
The integral design of the Nikiski did not follow the current super this toshiba satellite l300d-242 laptop fan try very hard to lose weight modelling, the compasses thickness, shape and line also does not have the special give prize place. However, it's keyboard the touch pad and palm Joe part is replaced by a piece of transparent glass, this design will definitely the first time attracted the eyes of you.
When used in the form of a normal with a notebook, Nikiski transparent glass can be used as trackpad use, the reporter found that the trial operation feel too smooth, than the ordinary trackpad effect will send. And when Nikiski closed,toshiba satellite a505-s6035 laptop fan the transparent glass and will play other functions.
Although do not know Intel in glass embedded inside what high-tech, but it except as a touch control plate, and at the same time, or a piece of translucent screen - with the Lord of the notebook screen to display the content. In the closed the toshiba satellite a215-s7416 laptop fan computer condition, transparent glass can be used as a notice center use. Social network information, new mail, weather, calendar and so on all can see in this screen. The support touch technology, we also can directly in a transparent glass open shows links, browse news... Even can also play video (don't know can play anger bird).
After some experience, reporter conclusion: Intel lessons from the early flip the concept of smart phones, Nikiski with transparent outer glass by main force of screen display information of the concept and clamshell mobile phones in fact very much the same, only Intel courage more, put this logic reference to the notebook came up.
Nikiski won't production, it is just a concept products. Intel will demonstrate to toshiba satellite a205-s5825 laptop fan everyone, just super the future one possibility - notebook will become more kind, are more likely to use. In the future, we in the super this information on the way, perhaps with flat computer this kind of mobile equipment will be no different.

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