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 U disk installation Win7 advantages and practice Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Install new Windows system has n kind of way, here, n > = 5.
The hard disk installation, cd-rom installation,dell latitude c540 laptop cpu cooling fan U disk installation, daemon tools installation, and Ghost installation, etc.
Today for the novice friends briefly say a few words with U disk or mobile hard disk installation Win7 two benefits.
1, installation speed
With normal cd-rom installed generally 20 to 35 minutes can fix, but the use of USB mobile hard disk installation Windows7 is faster, general new installed a no more than 10 minutes. Of course, U disk can also do, just U disk copy in small files speed is too slow.
2, convenient adjustment computer built-in hard disk partition size
With external equipment installation Windows7 advantage is dell latitude c600 laptop cpu cooling fan ok and optional heavy partition in computer hard disk, of course, do you use a cd-rom installed also can realize, this contrast is to use daemon tools or the hard disk installation way.
3, convenient to change Win7 version
CD in the medium to store things, improper safekeeping have Nick nullify disc not to say, and still read-only, with USB mobile hard disk or U disk won't have this problem, you can change, the installation configuration files, want to install what version of the Windows7 or Vista, oneself have the final say.
Appendix: USB mobile hard disk or U disk installation process introduction
1) in Vista or Win7,dell latitude c640 laptop cpu cooling fan access control panel - management tools - computer management - disk management in usb mobile hard disk partition point the right mouse button, point "will partition mark for active partition".
2) will Windows7 installation disc (or iso file direct decompression, or with deamon loading) all the files and folders copy directly into usb mobile hard disk in on. 
3) can start usb hard drive installation disc production completed,dell latitude c800 series laptop cpu cooling fan in the BIOS setup usb hard drive is started, the direct start installation procedures, so simple. 
Don't need the third party software, also do not need cutting plate.
Principle is very simple, the first step is to write enable information.dell latitude d400 series laptop cpu cooling fan In the Vista/Win7 next activation partition, it is write bootmgr, if the xp next activation partition, is write NTLDR.



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 Save hard disk ten unique skill Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Each user of the hard disk is depositing a lots of useful data, and hard disk is a easy go wrong components. In order to effectively keep the toshiba satellite l35 series laptop cpu fan data in the hard drive, in addition to effective preservation of the hard disk data, backup job beyond, learn to be in hard disk failure how to life hard disk, or extract the useful data, the loss to the minimum.

1, the system does not recognize hard disk

This kind of failure is common, that is, from hard disk can't start, from A disk boot cannot enter the disk C, use CMOS of automatic monitoring function also is unable to find the existence of the hard disk. This kind of fault are mostly appeared in the connecting cable or IDE mouth port, hard disk itself failure rate is very few,toshiba satellite l305 series laptop cpu fan can pass to plug hard disk cable or change the IDE mouth and cable replacement test, but soon found fault is. If the new grafted in hard don't admit that there is a common reason is that the hard disk master-slave line, if hard disk joint in the IDE Lord disc position, the hard disk must jump is given priority to disk, jump line error cannot generally be detection to hard disk.

2, CMOS fault caused by the

CMOS correct or not directly affects the normal use of hard disk, here refers to the type of hard disk. Now that the machines are support "IDE auto detect" function, can automatically detect the type of hard disk. When connecting a new hard disk or replacement of the hard disk will be after through this function to set up the type. Of course, now some types of mainboard can automatically identify the type of hard disk. When hard disk type mistake, sometimes simply can't start system, and sometimes can start, but will happen error, speaking, reading and writing. The hard disk type such as CMOS is less than the toshiba satellite l30 series laptop cpu fan actual hard drive capacity, the hard disk behind the sector will be unable to read or write, if it is multiple partitions status is individual partition will be lost. There is another important failure cause, because at present IDE support logic parameter type, hard disk can use Normal, LBA, Large, etc. If the general mode installed the data, and in the CMOS changed to other pattern, will happen the hard disk read and write fault, because its physical geological mapping relationship has changed, will not be able to read the original correct hard disk position.

3 and the Lord direct program causes start-up failure

The Lord of the hard disk boot sector of the hard drive is the most sensitive one components, one of the master boot program is a part of it, the segment of a program, is mainly used to test the correctness of the hard disk partition, and determine the active partition, responsible for the guide right over to the active partition DOS or other operating system. This section program will not damage from the hard disk guide, but from soft area or light area of hard disk after reading. Repair the fault of the methods are simple, use high version of DOS fdisk the most convenient, when band parameter/MBR run time, it toshiba satellite l20 series laptop cpu fan will directly replace (rewrite) hard disk master boot program. In fact the Lord of the hard disk boot sector is the program to create, fdisk. Among the exe features a complete hard disk master boot program. Although DOS version constantly updated, but hard disk master boot program there has been no change, from DOS 3. X that there is winDOS 95 DOS, so as long as find a DOS boot disk boot system and run the program can repair. In addition, as kv300 and other tools software also has this function.

4, partition table error guiding start-up failure

Partition table error is hard disk of serious mistakes, the degree of different error can lead to different loss. If there is no active partition mark, then the computer could not be started. But from soft area or light area after the guidance system of hard disk, speaking, reading and writing, but through the fdisk reset active partition for repair. If it is a partition type error, can cause the loss of a partition. Partition table on the fourth bytes for partition type value, normal guidable more than 32 MB of basic DOS partition value for 06, and extended DOS partition value is 05. If the basic DOS partition type to 05 cannot start system, and can't read and write the data. If the 06 to DOS not to know other types such as efh, the DOS think changed zoning not DOS partition, of course, can't, speaking, reading and writing. Many people use this type of value to realize a single partition encryption technology, back into the right type of value can make the partition returned to normal.toshiba satellite c640 series laptop cpu fan The partition table and other data used to record partition starting or terminate address. These data will cause damage to the partition of chaos or missing, generally unable to manual recovery, the only way is to use backup partition table data to write back, or from any other of the same type and the same hard disk partition condition get partition table data, otherwise will lead to other data permanent loss. In the master boot sector for operation, can use nu tools such as software, the operation is very convenient, can be directly to the hard disk drive master boot sector for reading and writing or editing. Of course also can use debug to operation, but the operation trival and has certain risk.

5, partition effective mark error caused by the hard disk failure

In the hard disk master boot sector there are still an important part, that is the last two bytes: 55 aah, this word is a useful indicator of the sector. When from the hard drive, floppy or light area which, when activated, will test the two bytes, if present, think it is hard disk exist, or will not admit that hard disk. This symbol from hard disk boot will turn into ROM basic or tip into the floppy disk. From the floppy disk boot can't turn into hard disk. Here can be used to the hard disk encryption technology. Can use toshiba satellite c630 series laptop cpu fan debug method recovery processing. In addition, the DOS boot sector is still have such marks exist, when the DOS boot sector without guide sign, the system startup will show: "missing are automatically notified". The repair methods can use Lord boot sector repair methods, just address is different, more convenient method is to use the following DOS system general repair methods.

6, DOS guidance system caused by the start-up failure

DOS boot system mainly by the DOS boot sector and DOS system files composition. System files including iosys, msdos. Sys, command.com, including command.com is DOS shell file, usable and other similar documents to replace, but by default is DOS startup the necessary documents. In Windows 95 carry DOS system, msdos. Sys is a text file, is to launch Windows must file. But only start DOS can need not this document. But the DOS boot when something goes wrong, from the floppy disk or CD guidance system, and then use sys c: transfer system can repair failure, including the boot sector and system files can be restored to normal condition.

7, fat table caused by the fault, speaking, reading and writing

Fat table records the hard disk data memory address, each file will have a set of connection of fat chain designated the deposited cluster address. Fat table damage means the loss of the contents of the documents. The good news is DOS system itself provides two fat table, if the current use of fat table is damaged, it can be the toshiba satellite l675-s7018 laptop cpu fan second to cover repair. But as a result of different specifications of disk its fat table and the length of the two fat table address is not fixed, so must be correct repair find its correct position, by some tools software such as nu etc itself has such repair function, use is very convenient. The debug also can realize the operation, namely USES the m ordered the second fat table moved to the first table place can. If the second fat table also damaged, it also can't take hard disk restored to the original state, but the file data still stored in hard disk data area, can use CHKDSK or scandisk command repair, and ultimately the *. CHK files, this is lost fat chain sector data. If it is a text file can be extracted from it and can merge complete file, if it is binary data files, it is hard to recover the full file.

8, list damage caused by the guide fault

List record the document's filename in the hard disk data, of which the most important one is the file starting cluster number, list since there is no automatic backup function, so if directory damage will lose a lot of documents. A kind of reduce the loss method is also used the above CHKDSK or scandisk program method, from the hard disk,toshiba satellite l675 laptop cpu fan search out CHK file, the list when damage is the first cluster number is missing, in fat for damaged cases by the formation of the CHK file usually relatively complete file data, each CHK file is a complete file, its instead of the original name can restore most file.

9, error when deleted partitions data recovery

When using fdisk deleted after hard disk partition, the surface phenomenon is the hard disk data has completely disappeared, in has not formatted in hard disk will be displayed invalid drive. If know fdisk work principle, will know, fdisk just rewrite the hard disk master boot sector (0 level 0 way 1 sector) the content. To be specific, delete the hard disk partition table information, and hard disk partition of any of the toshiba satellite l675d-s7013 laptop cpu fan data are not change, can imitate the partition table wrong repair methods, i.e., trying to restore partition table data can restore the original partition namely data, but it only in addition to partition or reconstruction after the partition. If have partition with format formatting, earlier recovery after division, in according to the following method restore partitioned data.

10, false to format the hard disk data recovery

In the DOS high version condition, formatting operation format in the default state have established the used to restore format disk information, is actually the disk the DOS boot sector, fat partition table and list all the content to the toshiba satellite l675d-s7012 laptop cpu fan disk copy last few sector (because the back of the sector rarely used), and the contents of the data area did not change. So through the operation "unformat c:" can restore the original file distribution list and list, and then the hard disk information recovery. Another DOS also provides a miror command used to record the current disk information, for formatting or delete the recovery of after use, this method is more effective.



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 Extend the notebook hard disk life little skill Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Computer hard disk is more easy to damaged parts, but there are quite a hp pavilion dv5-1009ax laptop cpu fan part of the reason is that the user improper operation. In fact, as long as in the daily use of the note a few skills, can reduce the possibility of a hard disk failure, so as to prolong the service life of the normal.
1. Avoid power, speaking, reading and writing
The hard drive speed is mostly 7200 turn, in reading and writing, the entire disc in high speed rotating state, if suddenly cut off the power supply, will make head and disc violent friction, leading to the hard disk appears bad way even damage. So in shutdown, be sure to note that chassis panel hard light is no flicker, namely hard disk has been completed, speaking, reading and writing after operation can be in hp pavilion dv5-1008ea laptop cpu fan accordance with the normal procedure to shut down our computers.
2. Prevent influenced by the vibration
Hard disk is very sophisticated storage devices, read and write operation, head in the disc surface floating height only a few microns; Even if not working, head and disc is also contact. Hard drive to work, once produce larger vibration, easy to cause the head and data area phase impact, leading to disc material area damage or scratches disk, disk storage lost within the file data. Therefore, in the hp pavilion dv5-1008ax laptop cpu fan work after shutdown or spindle motor has not pause before, don't move a computer or mobile hard disk, in order to avoid head and disc produce impact and abrade disc surface of the magnetic layer.
In addition, in the hard disk installation, remove the process also be doubly careful, prevent excessive shake or and chassis plate violent collisions.
3. Away from magnetic fields
The magnetic field is damaged hard disk data invisible killer, so as far as possible to make hard disk not near the strong magnetic field, such as speakers, mobile phones, radio, etc., in order to avoid the hard disk recorded data for magnetizing and damage.
4. Reduce frequent operation
If long time running a program (such as large software or play games), would then attention, so head President time frequent reading and writing the same hard disk position (i.e. program in the sector), and make the hard disk produce bad way.
If, in addition, long time use of an operating system, also can make the hp pavilion dv5-1007cl laptop cpu fan system files in the hard disk sector (not mobile) in long-term read state, thus speeding up the sector damage speed. Of course, the best is equipped with two or more operating systems used alternately, in order to avoid to the hard disk drive a sector do long-term read-write operation.
5. The use of appropriate time
In the day, had better not let hard disk of working time more than 10 hours, and don't continuous work more than eight hours, should after using period of time will shut down the computer, let the hard disk has enough time to rest
6. Regular defragmentation
Hard work can often read and write operation, and the program of add, hp pavilion dv5-1007ax laptop cpu fan delete also can produce a large number of discontinuous disk space and disk fragments. When the discontinuous disk space and disk fragments an ever-growing number, will affect the hard disk read efficiency. If the data additions operation more frequent or often change software, it should be every certain time (such as a month) will run Windows system comes with disk fragments finishing tool, carries on the disk fragments and discontinuous space restructuring work, will the performance of the hard disk play to the best.
7. Increase the memory and good power supply
If often use some memory needs a lot of software (such as image processing, model design software), it should increase the memory, to reduce a lot of files on a hard disk exchange when the read and write operation, thereby prolong the hp pavilion dv5-1005ef laptop cpu fan service life of the hard disk.
In addition, be sure to use performance and stability of power, if the power supply not pure or power shortage, it would be easy to cause data loss or even damaged disk.



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 The application of notebook computer fingerprint lock Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Nowadays many new notebook computer dell latitude d830 laptop keyboard has a built-in fingerprint recognition function, especially in the Fujitsu xinji is more familiar, Fujitsu special joined a number of advanced safety protection function, including fingerprint identification function and data password protection function, would like to propose is that fingerprint lock use function, because this is a big selling point of notebook computer.
In the touch pad the mouse button around the middle of the a yellow metal block, and that is the biggest selling point of the notebook, one of the fingerprint recognition system. Embedded system is a kind of recognition software, we can simply use finger to touch the identifier will be able to boot, completely solve the password of trouble.
And recently, the outer fingerprint dell latitude e4300 laptop keyboard identification card also appeared, the user can in any a PCMCIA interface notebook grafted in fingerprint identification card, the use of fingerprint identification function.
Fingerprint recognition is undoubtedly give notebook safety brought many benefits, but use up also need certain skills, in use can appear often because of the position of the finger put caused by the wrong not through the verification. Especially in the registered fingerprints, system still can ask you three consecutive input fingerprint, try to coincidence to confirm identity, if every time the location of the finger put different, can cause not compound dell latitude e5400 laptop keyboard and registration no. The correct use of method is to hand the natural bending on the notebook computer has a wrist and fingers and horizontal probably into 30 degrees Angle, gently on the fingerprint recognition system of the sensor.
However, due to the current induction technology is not very perfect, so fingerprint identification now still exist some deficiencies. Sometimes some of the more subtle like hand sweat, dust, hands dirty, finger cut, even is a color of skin care products, etc., can make to recognition is dell latitude e5410 laptop keyboard not successful. Plus sensor is sensitive, and difficult to maintain, but also often clean sensor, use rise also will run into some trouble. And outside buy fingerprint identification card price is more expensive, so now buy are not many.
To introduce "preview the Theft". Use of this kind of "preview the Theft" software, when detect the thief mobile notebook computer, the system in addition to will produce the alarm signal outside, still can encryption has been already saved file, and in the BIOS level locking computer operation, make the thief cannot use. Installation of the software can distinguish the notebook computer dell latitude e5500 laptop keyboard all the people at ordinary times with a thief handling the movement of the subtle difference between, so as to identify stolen situation. Really is very advanced oh, but I don't know will not give laptop users in the use of, carrying with some trouble?
If the really lost notebook? At that time the above safety facilities can save this fact! At this time, what we need is can help us to locate the beloved of the display equipment.
IBM ThinkPad series portable computer is famous security "ace" except for a top we introduced hardware dell latitude e5510 laptop keyboard measures outside, it still has the same very important magic weapon. This weapon is to use "Clint Security Software3.0", in this software help if you stolen computer once get to the Internet, software will thieves login IP address and other related information transmission to local IBM service department, to help the police in cracking the case, but this scheme can implement premise is you stolen laptop must surf the Internet!
Of course, everyone don't want to own notebook computer dell latitude e6400 laptop keyboard fall into the hands of others. These security measures such as fingerprint lock use just for can guard against a rainy day, and do our best to reduce or recuperate, the most effective or your laptop users to enhance security consciousness, protect his notebook computer.



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 Hard disk lead to computer bluescreen crash error Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The file system collapse, virus infection, hard disk controller failure sony vaio vgn-n270e/w laptop keyboard and similar other disaster can lead to Windows unrecoverable error. When appear this kind of circumstance, Windows to full screen, non window text mode shows that the error information, this is the well-known "bluescreen crash (BSOD)".
Whenever you appear bluescreen crash (code BSOD) error, the mistake will send a Stop news, this is a brief error messages, prompt you may cause for the wrong reasons. The hard disk of the causes BSOD mistake, will send the following one of 5 kinds of different Stop news.
This error message will only occur in Windows startup. There are two things will lead to the error:
Windows cannot be initialized hard disk.
Windows success initialization hard disk, but can't identify the data on the system volume.
I've seen this kind of error occurs reason is commonly due to the hard disk controller device driver sony vaio vgn-n270e/t laptop keyboard collapse or not caused by right. (when system from SCSI drive or RAID disk array which, when activated, this kind of situation is particularly popular. However, the file system collapse, start zone and hard disk virus or hardware problems can also lead to these mistakes. Even, when in the new system of hard disk controller contains old firmware also will find such a mistake.
In fact, this special Stop errors are not related with the hard disk, more of the time, it was due to the internal memory caused by defects. When the system tries to read data from memory, but can't find request data, can produce the mistake.
When the error is due to the cause of hard disk to produce, usually, its reason can be ascribed to the sony vaio vgn-n250e/w laptop keyboard collapse of disk volume or hard disk cache memory defect.
Stop 0 x00000024 NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM
In the new generation of Windows version, this error message is usually either because almost NTFS volumes on system files collapse, or is due to the hard disk are bad block. Both of these two kinds of circumstances which of the a, I suggest run CHKDSK tool, combined with/F switch to correct this mistake. Although CHKDSK can repair a lot of hard disk type of mistake, but use CHKDSK, must reinstall the latest Windows service pack sony vaio vgn-n230e/t laptop keyboard(or if the new service pack is not development, need to reinstall Windows), in order to cover the original system files, present new version.
Old version of Windows produce this kind of error information reason is different. If the share volume there are too many documents, AppleTalk drive will trigger this error message. Use not compatible anti-virus program or hard disk tools may also cause of this sort of error.
This is another error message, and the produce this kind of mistake there are several reasons why.sony vaio vgn-n220e laptop keyboard The mistake itself mean, system try from page file read data, but can't positioning to the requested page. This is usually due to the internal memory error or is caused by storage hardware problems, such as data with loosen, SCSI termination is not correct or hard disk are bad sectors. If another system component and hard disk controller existence resource conflict, or is found that the virus, also can produce the mistake.
Stop 0 x0000007a or KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR
Although this error is related to the actual page file data, not stack, but in fact, this mistake is reduced to KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR is a kind of mistakes. The only real difference is that this mistake seldom happen,sony vaio vgn-n220e/b laptop keyboard when the system in the paged pool resources shortage in operation, will not appear this mistake.



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