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 AMD slow release of high-end processor speed Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

AMD ibm lenovo thinkpad t410i series laptop cpu cooling fan has announced that will slow release of high-end processor speed. This is not to say that, the headquarters is located in sunnyvale AMD company will completely stop making high-end CPU. At present, based on the core of the next generation Piledriver FX series Vishera CPU, expected this year in November to December officially listed. Vishera because each clock cycle have more instruction, therefore, Vishera expected will be greater than the current FX processor faster, performance may be and Ivy Bridge flush or slightly lower.

AMD has no Vishera cancel, but AMD also said quite clear, AMd ibm lenovo thinkpad t43 series laptop cpu cooling fan will not launched in 2013 Vishera successor.

This means that AMD don't even bother to try, launch and Intel's Ivy Bridge - E and Hasswell chip equal CPU products. We already know the core of 10 Ivy Bridge EP is what kind of monster, we to AMD decided to not feel surprised.

The same strategy will be used in the server market: AMD ibm lenovo thinkpad t43p series laptop cpu cooling fan in 2013 will not launch any high-end server processor, 10 and 20 core core Opteron have been cancelled.

Obviously, AMD will most bets placed in graphics and APU business. AMD ibm lenovo thinkpad t500 series laptop cpu cooling fan if can as scheduled in 2014 out of the total integration of APU, AMD will undoubtedly benefit maximum. However, Intel is trying to improve its graphics products, in order to catch up with AMD in this field.


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  Pod2g new holes or iOS 5.1.2 in a few days to come Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The exact said, is not this new holes, but the ibm lenovo thinkpad g450m series laptop cpu cooling fan latest was found vulnerabilities. Not long ago, iOS hackers pod2g through the Twitter and personal blog announced: find a start from the first generation of iPhone already exists, until the latest iOS 6 Beta4 haven't got the repair security vulnerabilities, and remind iPhone user attention unknown the authenticity of the message, and at the same time also expressed the apple in the iOS 6 official version repair this loophole expectations.
Let us review before the news: a new generation of iPhone will be released on September 12,. In other words, if rumours on the spectrum,ibm lenovo thinkpad g455 series laptop cpu cooling fan iOS 6 official version will be in this time (or new iPhone day of listing) open download. From the time, the apple to drag to nearly a month before repair this serious loophole seems unlikely, because for this company, it "system security" has always been their proud capital.
Pod2g will personally help apple to solve the ibm lenovo thinkpad g550 series laptop cpu cooling fan leak? Very likely, because he once said "into the apple work is the goal of life". But even if pod2g didn't have a chance to participate in one of the repair work, a team years of hard work by a list soldier combat hackers living "dozen face", which makes the apple humiliatory holes can also exist how long? Perhaps some people will say that, in the iOS 6 Beta5 repair of not knot? Anyway the official version also didn't how long.
But the ibm lenovo thinkpad sl300 series laptop cpu cooling fan truth is, iOS 6 beta is only for those who like delicious jabuticaba Popsicle friend trial, common consumption is still the iOS 5 give priority to. You can imagine, a serious threat to the public vulnerability in the condition of known also the renewal "catch me if you can" for up to a month time? Of course, no one can guess the idea of apple. No matter pod2g found holes in iOS 5.1.2, iOS 6 beta 5, or of the final version of the iOS 6 get repair, all is the apple for consumers to explain.
If you for the security of the ibm lenovo thinkpad sl400 series laptop cpu cooling fan system is very care, nature is hope iOS 5.1.2 early arrival rather than iOS 6, isn't it?


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 How to turn on the laptop keyboard Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Use computers more and more friends, computer gateway nv55c25u laptop cpu fan enthusiasts novice friend meet computer problems is also all sorts of strange things, in fact most only simple questions, but due to the novice friend didn't contact, so the most basic computer skills may be also not, successive recently have two net friend asked editing laptop keyboard how to open? Or laptop keyboard problems such as how to turn them off, but in fact these operating in a computer instruction for use in general will be detailed introduction, many friends bought a computer, always like the most rudimental instruction to abandon, resulting in a large number of the most basic problem, the along while also whole don't understand, below this paper mainly for novice friend introduced laptop keyboard how open and laptop keyboard how close an approach to knowledge.

In fact need to use digital keyboard is not much, plus laptop keyboard top was already have digital key, but quite a lot of friends used to big before the keyboard of the numeric keypad, so also hope to use the notebook, we know that laptop keyboard is a numeric keypad, just due to edit this keyboard area is finite, can only will numeric keypad and alphabetic key integrated together. Generally we are in the keyboard can see laptop keyboard close to the right Entel key button near the gateway nv55c35u laptop cpu fan general also marked with letters and Numbers, these are the key figures and letters integration, by default shows the letters, but through the press the laptop keyboard top Num Lk key can integration regions switch to the numeric keypad. Again according to the Num Lk key and can switch letters key mode.

A lot of new friends in the use of laptops often do not be careful on the Num Lk key will integrate the letter switch to digital, and then type the total dozen don't correct are very worried, thought it was a gateway nx510s laptop cpu fan laptop keyboard bad, this kind of situation the author met more. In addition to desktop computer some novice friend found on the right side of the numeric keypad useless most did not open the digital keyboard,

General desktop computer keyboard, by default on the right of the numeric keypad can use directly, but there are user accidentally to press the "Num Lock" numeric keypad switch keyboard switch to shut down, so the numeric keypad will can't open, the method is to press the switch back then. The gateway 4000 series laptop cpu fan author good met due to computer system when the computer Keyboard digital Keyboard default are closed, and every time need to press switch key, the solution can be used to modify the registry to solve, open the registry editor, positioning to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control Panel, Keyboard," find "InitialKeyboardIndicators" subitem, its value to "2", and then restart your computer, you'll find that computers have boot automatically open the small Keyboard.



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 USB3.0 transmission speed? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

USB interface with its excellent hot plug performance, fast file transfer ability, become the toshiba satellite l600 series laptop cpu fan nowadays utilization rate is top interface. However, with disk capacity increasing, hd film and large capacity document gradually popularization, USB2.0 interface 480 MBPS bandwidth has been difficult to meet the needs of the user file copy, at this time

USB interface with its excellent hot plug performance, fast file transfer ability, become the nowadays utilization rate is top interface. However, with disk capacity increasing,toshiba satellite l600d series laptop cpu fan hd film and large capacity document gradually popularization, USB2.0 interface 480 MBPS bandwidth has been difficult to meet the needs of the user file copy, this time USB3.0 interface born.

USB3.0 interface theory bandwidth up to 5 GBPS, in actual use ZhongYang young copy 40 g capacity of 1080 p ", all of "film less than 10 minutes per second, transmission speed in the 70 MB/S floating around, compared with USB2.0 file transmission speed up considerably. There is no doubt that USB3.0 mobile hard disk is hd users will choose equipment.toshiba satellite l630 series laptop cpu fan Transmission speed can and USB3.0 counter and E - SATA interface, but due to the need for auxiliary power supply, so E - SATA interface utilization rate is far less than USB interface.

USB 2.0 theory at 480 MBPS speed (approximately 60 MB per second), but no USB 2.0 equipment can achieve this theoretical maximum speed limit. In practical applications, toshiba satellite l640 series laptop cpu fan can reach at 320 MBPS (about 40 MB per second) average speed is already very good. Actually general motherboard USB2.0 transmission speed is about 20 MB ~ 30 MB.

Also, USB 3.0 theory speed can reach 5 GBPS per second, about 625 MB per second (here to pay attention to b and b case different). But the fact is toshiba satellite l645 series laptop cpu fan that some support USB 3.0 motherboard actual transmission speed measured has reached 150 MB per second, this is better than USB 2.0 fast for nearly five times!



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 Asustek Acer give up netbook Atom processor bleak prospects Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

From the notebook manufacturers,hp pavilion dv7 1000 laptop keyboard said sources in the age of the Internet the top two manufacturers asustek and Acer has plans to stop the production netbook products, Intel perhaps was forced to need to PC platform Atom processor development route to make adjustment.
Asustek aspects has stopped production the Eee PC netbook, and would take the hp pavilion dv7 3165dx laptop keyboard decision on cleaned up the stock market after the launch. Acer so far have not launch new products netbook plan, suggesting that it may also plans to quit netbook market.
Although Atom processor still will be used in hand and embedded equipment, but the short term weak shipment cannot make up for netbook delisted cause vacancy.
Asustek CEO ShenZhen to prove that, the company will stop production using Atom processor (for example N2600) Eee PC products, the reason is that tablet PC and notebook product impact, and emerging market demand dip.hp pavilion dv8000 laptop keyboard Asustek plans to use its Transformer tablet PC replace netbook equipment to fill the vacancy 10 inches equipment.
Set at present is still in sales Atom N2800 processor computer products, but not the future continue to delivery plan.
Although the PC manufacturers in the past valued southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East market for Internet this demand, but the rise of flat computer equipment, the government department hp probook 4510s laptop keyboard of flat buying demand growth, leading to 10 inches netbook product market demand fell rapidly and accelerate its delisted process.
In addition, Windows and system authorized costs, high resolution and touch screen upgrades will also lead to the Internet this cost rise, manufacturers have to Win8 era give up this kind of products before. Let down the nets this falling demand also cause such as and following and compal etc ODM manufacturer shipments of decline.
Sources have also display, Intel netbook ibm lenovo thinkpad x200 laptop keyboard processor with Atom N2800, N2600 and mini desktop processor D2700, D2500 and D2550's will be shipped in the fourth quarter of this year, down nearly 50%, Atom N series processing 2013 will only be Intel and a few manufacturer adopted, Atom D series processor will gradually fade out market.



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