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 Computer keyboard key failure solution Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Computer keyboard key failure "this is we often meet problems.dell latitude e5410 laptop keyboard Emerging this kind of phenomenon generally is because in the circuit board or conductive plastic on the dirt, so that both between cannot normal on. Other factors may also for example: the keyboard plug damage, the line has a problem, motherboard, CPU damage doesn't work properly, etc., but not important reason. So we just need to work on descaling can be.
Operating steps are as follows:

1. Open the keyboard dell latitude e5500 laptop keyboard. Note that in open keyboard, bound to button surface (also is our operation side) down, circuit board up, otherwise each key on the conductive plastics will have fall off, give your repair trouble.

2. Open circuit boards, PCB usually use soft made of plastic film, which engraved with key exhaust line, with more than 97% alcohol concentration in the cotton (more than 75% of the medical alcohol cotton can also, because I have been applied, but the best is to use high levels of alcohol cotton) gently in the circuit board on scrub two times. For key dell latitude e5510 laptop keyboard failure part of the line to take care of a few times

3. Check button failure part of the conductive plastics, if it accumulate a large number of dirt, it also using the alcohol scrub. Hypothesis conductive plastics have damage of words, so the author suggest that you can put not commonly used buttons on the conductive plastics in the damaged part, although the "robbing Peter to pay Paul" move can't let keyboard dell latitude e6400 laptop keyboard cast out all efficacy, but at the very least, can extend the life of the common key.

4. Eliminate the keyboard inside corner dirt, tools available brush, small brush, etc., but should pay attention to the movement wants gentleness some.

5. Check welding module for virtual welding or sealing off, if you will be applied electric iron, you can repair welding work. Of course this step only practical to be applied electric friend, not application friend, please skip this step

6. Pack good keyboard. There is a small bit of must pay attention to, that is dell latitude e6410 laptop keyboard must to wait for alcohol volatile clean again after.


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 Vista recycled use skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

And Windows other than operating system, Windows Vista operating system of the dell inspiron mini 10 laptop keyboard recycle bin function more strong, he specific remove, hide and rename, and other functions, below we will introduce some Windows Vista operating system recycled use skills.

A, how to hide, delete the Vista of the recycle bin icon

If you don't like the table have any icon, if you do only need to simply right-click the desktop, in the "view" menu select "show desktop ICONS", so if they is currently exist, can let them close all. And also some people don't mind desktop icon, but just don't like recycle bin icon existence. If this is so, below is dell inspiron n4030 laptop keyboard how will it closed methods:
1, right-click the desktop and select "personalized" (Personalize).
2, click on the top left corner of the "Change Desktop icon" (Change Desktop Icons) link.
3, in the "Desktop icon set" (Desktop Icons Settings) window, get rid of "bank" in front of the hook and click ok, recycle bin icon was gone.
There are more simple method also can do it.
1, click "recycled" icon and pressing the Delete key or right-click on it Delete selected.
2, you will get a confirmation window, ask whether to delete the icon, click "yes".
How, recycle bin icon is missing!

Second, how to recover a deleted after Vista recycle bin icon

Your recycle bin icon may be gone, you may be like a dell inspiron n5030 laptop keyboard say of so deliberately delete it, but also may not be careful. In fact, it is very easy to recover, as long as below a few simple steps.
1, through the system configuration recovery recycle bin icon
1), right-click the desktop and in the menu select "personalized".
2), is also click on the top left corner that "change desktop icon" link.
3), on the desktop icon Settings window, hook selected "recycled" and then click "ok" is ok.
2, editing
The registry to restore recycle bin
Note that if the system administrator use group dell inspiron n7110 laptop keyboard policy hid the desktop "recycled" (or "all ICONS"), the process may be of no help.
Editing the registry make "recycled" icon to appear on the desktop:
1). Click "start", and then click "run".
2.) in the "open" box, type regedit, and then click "ok".
3). Find a book to * table: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Desktop NameSpace
4). Right-click in step 3 you find registry keys, at the "new", and then click the "item".
5). Type {645 ff040-5081-101 - b - 9 f08 - aa002f954e}, and then press ENTER key.
6). Click the you in step 5 create new "{645 ff040-5081-101 - b - 9 f08 - aa002f954e}" item.
7). In the right pane, right click "(default)" item.
8). In the "edit string" dialog box dell latitude d610 laptop keyboard, in numerical data box type "Recycle Bin," and then click "ok".
9). Exit registry editor.
"Recycled" icon to appear in the Windows desktop.


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 Ap: part from China pre-installed computer virus Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The Associated Press published on Tuesday, it said, in part, from computers lenovo thinkpad t510-4314 laptop keyboard in China, put in safe hidden trouble the unexplained malicious software will likely be installed on the computer, the user once off your computer, these malicious software will automatically start, to attack the user, website, bank account information and personal privacy information, etc. Of course, this will probably not computer manufacturers interested, but in order to reduce the cost, and use the pirated copies of the operating system and software.

Report disclosure, from a Microsoft investigators in China's shenzhen bought a computer, at startup, hidden in the hard disk virus to run, and start in the Internet looking for another computer lenovo thinkpad t510-4339 laptop keyboard to constitute attack. "This playscript with stage directions should be in an factory of the original state of the computer, has become a global illegal network, part of the website can attack and looted the bank account and steal the user privacy."

Microsoft's investigators found that the called Nitol malicious software from China merchants peng yong (sound) registered a network. "This is Internet illegal activities of the lenovo thinkpad t510-4349 laptop keyboard main hub, is Nitol and other more than 500 kinds of rogue software stronghold. Investigators have never come across such a large scale of the virus software storage station." Reports say, peng yong to accused of content to be denied.

The article believed that, the Internet users have become fragile. In computer of the supply chain, in order to improve profitability, some poor reputation of company started using pirated products, the main reason is that the domestic insufficient supervision. To the criminals away. Microsoft admitted, use Windows operating system user accounts for lenovo thinkpad t510-4384 laptop keyboard most, at the same time, it also became the virus maker of destination. "This is not only the traditional intellectual property rights protection, it has become a security problem. Microsoft blow digital crime department senior lawyer Richard bosse families vick said.


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 Thank iPhone five apples can finally returned to normal Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Apple iPhone 5 in the 13th morning time finally officially released,hp g61 laptop keyboard release the before a month or a few months, the network that is crazy about the various iPhone 5 rumors, or photographs, or configuration, or the various specious new technology, by no means an isolated case. As a science and technology media practitioners, in the face of such a long time, multi-dimensional rumors bombing, the author was a little embarrassed heavy burden. Well, iPhone 5 finally officially released, all lose market speculation, speculation is then disappear automatically. Thank iPhone 5!

But it was embarrassing is: iPhone 5 whether appearance, configuration,hp g62 laptop keyboard interface or the use of new technology, and the previous rumors guess almost perfectly, the iPhone 4 s later, apple once again bring a lack of revolutionary innovation in the public product iPhone.

The lack of originality, there is no window. Conference just over a few hours, the media has begun to filled with all sorts of crusade against the sound. Jobs was dead, there is no apple. The hp probook 4510s laptop keyboard cook is at best a businessman, and who else. Apple down the altars to mediocrity. Such comments, the transience will fill the network.

It should be said that so far, there is no one electronic products like apple iPhone as cause so much attention, also does not have what kind of electronic products like iPhone, bound on so many extra meaning.

Remember there was time chatting with friends, friends hp envy 15 laptop keyboard have just bought a iPhone 4 s, in that I had no intention of buying apple products, friends definition to: general rejection apple products, all is the ossification, lack of new things, new technology accept ability.

I have no intention to judge this view right and wrong, just one electronic products, to perfect also just a product, it should not be binding on so many extra meaning: a person's rigid or hot topic, a company's innovation or mediocre, from one electronic products how to easily see through?

We too many people think he is a "innate penetrator", by hp envy 15-1018tx laptop keyboard a iPhone 4 we see the apple that seem beyond the industry's innovation ability, will also be a iPhone 4, we will confirm the jobs to change the world; Today, also by a iPhone 5, we again religiousness apple innovation source exhaustion, apple myth is hard to continue.

IPhone to perfect is just a product, apple and great also just a company.

We should thank iPhone 5, it was a little originality, no window, just make us from the religious worship to apple type freed, let the apple return to normal, return to a company's category. And samsung, nokia, Microsoft no two, a classic products, also can have chicken ribs of innovation; Has the day of leading the hp envy 15-1015tx laptop keyboard trend, there are also behind the blunder of.

No creative iPhone 5, will open a more fair and more free competition smartphone market.


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 Windows system Hosts file magical effect Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Many users know in the Window system have a acer aspire 1661lmi laptop keyboard Hosts file (no suffix name), in the Windows system the files in Windows directory, the Windows/XP system in C: Winnt System32 Drivers, Etc in the directory. But many do not know what is the use of Hosts file? The file is actually a plain text files, by ordinary text editing software such as notepad and so on all can open.

Use notepad for open hosts file, first saw Microsoft to this file description. This file is acer aspire 1661wlc laptop keyboard based on TCP/IPforWindows standards work, its role is to include IP address and Host name (Host name) mapping relationship, is a mapping IP address and Hostname (Host name) regulation, requires each section can only includes a mapping relationship, IP address should be put in every segment of the front, the blank space after the write mapping Host name (Host name). For this period of mapping instructions with "#" after segmentation with text.

Now let's look at the Hosts in Windows is how to work.

We know that on the network access to web sites that want to first through the DNS server network domain name (www.XXXX.com) parsed into 61. XXX. XXX. XXX IP address, we can access the computer. If for each domain name request we all want to wait for domain name server analytic to return IP acer aspire 1662lm laptop keyboard information, so that the efficiency of the access to the network will be reduced, and Hosts file can improve the analytical efficiency. According to the Windows system regulation, in the DNS request before, Windows system will first check their Hosts file if there is this address mapping relationship, if have, call this IP address mapping, if not again to known DNS server domain analysis is put forward. That is the request of the Hosts than DNS level high.

Know the Hosts file way of working, that in the concrete use of it has what function?

1, speed up the domain name resolution

To regularly visit the website, we can through the Hosts in the acer aspire 1663wlm laptop keyboard domain name and IP configuration the mapping relationship, so that when we input domain name of computer can quickly analyze the IP, and don't request network DNS server.

2, convenient LAN users

In many units in the local area network (LAN), there will be server provides to the user to use. But because the local general rarely erect DNS server, access to these service to enter the IP address of the hard to remember, a lot of people quite a trouble. Can now to the server respectively take a catchy name, and acer aspire 1680wlci laptop keyboard then establish the Hosts IP mapping, after that visit we input the of the name of the server will do.

3, shielding website

Now there are a lot of web site without the user agrees to will all kinds of plug-in installation to your computer, some might be Trojan or virus. For the sites we can use the Hosts of this website domain name mapping to the wrong IP or their computer's IP, so they are not visited. We are Hosts write the following contents: # shield website # shield website

This computer analytic domain name on the analysis to the machine or wrong IP, to achieve the purpose of the shield.

4, smooth connection system

For Lotus servers and some database server, in the acer aspire 1681wlmi laptop keyboard interview if direct input IP address that is unable to access, can only input server name to access. Then we configuration good Hosts file, so that the input server name can smooth the connection.

Finally pointed out that Hosts file configuration mapping is static, if the network computer changed please update IP address, or will not be able to access.

Hosts file is used to store a computer each node in network information computer files. This document will be responsible host name mapping to the corresponding IP address. Hosts files are acer aspire 1682lci laptop keyboard usually used to add or replace the function of the network of DNS. And DNS is different, the computer users can directly on the hosts file to control, so the effect of hosts file is very important, should by heart oh


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