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 How to effectively prevent others to PING your computer Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

How to effectively prevent others to PING your computer keyboards shop, in fact, this article is mainly aimed at the server or post some of the computer security is more sensitive friend for "hackers" on some. In some hackers to a wide range of invasion of looking for object, mostly is the use of Ping command to detect the host, if Ping impassability, level difference primary "hackers" mostly will shrink back from difficulties. But in fact, can create a kind of false impression, even if we online, but the other side when Ping also can't communicate, so we can avoid the more offensive.

The first: independent management unit operation

In the start - > run, enter the: MMC, start to open the "control panel" window. Then click on the "control panel" under the menu "add/remove management unit", click "add" button, of the popup Windows in choose the "IP security strategy management" items, click "add" button. In the open window choose acer aspire 3620 laptop keyboard management object is "local computer", click "finish" button, and close "add/remove management unit" window, return to master station can.

Step 2: the creation of IP security strategy

In the right click just added "IP security strategy, in the local machine" select "create IP security strategy", click "next", and then enter a strategy description,. Click "next", select "activate the default response rule" check items, click "next". Begins to set identity verification mode, select "this string used to acer aspire 4810t laptop keyboard protect key exchange (preliminary sharing key)" option, and then to input some characters (below will use these characters). Click "next", will appear has completed IP security strategy tips, confirmed that chooses the "edit properties check box and click" finish "button, will open its properties dialog box page.


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 How to hide your IP address Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the Internet, in fact hide IP benefits a lot, dell nk750 laptop keyboard simple in summary there are two points: one is in the surf the net prevent invaded/attack; Two is to accelerate the speed of the open web. Of course, most people hide IP is the most main purpose is to strengthen the security of the system name, from attack.

Now almost every with the network related software provide "proxy Settings", as long as simple set the can the real IP hidden, replaced by a proxy IP. Now say to hide the real IP specific methods.

The first method is to use "QQ agency announced device XP" and "SocksCap32". First of all operation QQ agency announced device XP dell precision M4500 laptop keyboard, in "agent type" place Socks5 selected, and checked the right "is testing agency" option, and then click on the toolbar [read data], and the program to return to acting IP information, select a fastest proxy IP, in its click button, select "duplicate IP" the order.

The next SocksCap32 start, into the main interface, click on the [File] - [Settings] command, open the Settings dialog box, just copy the IP address of the paste into "SocksSerVer" text box, port generally do not change (as the proxy IP the support of the port and decide). Select the "Socks Version 5" and click [sure] to return to the interface program. To QQ program, for example, click on the SocksCap32 program [File] - [New] command dell precision m60 laptop keyboard, in "ProfileName" text box random input "QQ", and then click [Browse] button specified QQ procedures in the directory, finally press [OK] button. In SocksCap32 double-click on QQ icon, testing found that QQ can normal login, display IP is just setting agent IP. If QQ can not login, explain proxy server response is slow, then as long as to choose a response speed faster acting IP can.

Assigned to

MultiProxy is to use HTTP proxy hide IP. Method is the IE browser, in the address bar lose http://www.allproxies.com/page1.html, although is full of English may be some look not to know, it doesn't matter, as long as the proxy IP copied to the Word, press [Ctrl + Shift + F8] key combination, put all the proxy IP outside of the dell studio 1555 laptop keyboard content after deletion, again use "replace" function change forming such as * * *. * * *. * * *. * * * : port format. The operation is very simple, the IP and port between the two Spaces replace into ":" on it. Modification is completed, will file save into TXT file.

The next start MultiProxy program, click the interface [options] button, in "conventional choice" page "default overtime" time set longer such as "30", the other Settings remain unchanged. Switch to "proxy server list" page, and according to the lower right corner of the [menu] - [file] - [import proxy list] order, will just keep agent IP file open, at this time will pop up a "inspection agency" dialog box, press [sure], click again [sure] to return to the interface program. If just choose agent IP file unable to import to list, may exist in the file is not in conformity with the format of the IP,dell studio 17 laptop keyboard will they change correctly, save to import after the can. Now, click on the [check all the agency] button, verification IP whether can be connected. After the inspection, click [options] button, switch to "proxy server list" page, click on the left bottom [menu] - [agent table] - [delete no response agent] command, then will ask "is sure to delete all no response agent", click on the [sure], and there is no answer agent IP after deletion, and the rest is can be connected agent IP, click on the [sure] button to return to the interface program.

Now start IE browser (don't close MultiProxy) test the, click on the [tools] - [Internet options] command, switch to "connection" page, here are two kind of situations: one kind is through the dial-up Internet access, in "dial-up connection" below selected a default dial-up connection, click the right "Settings", check the box "use a proxy server" in front of the small box, in the "address" input, in "port" input 8088 (this is MultiProxy default receiving port), and then click [senior], "for dell studio 1745 laptop keyboard all agreement is using the same proxy server" before the small hook take out, continuous press [sure] button to exit; Another is by LAN share Internet, in the "connection" page click the following [LAN Settings] button, followed by setting and as above. After the setting, login a can display IP BBS test once, can see true IP has been hidden, shows the proxy server IP.

So far has reached the hidden real IP purpose



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 What is cdkey Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

CDKEY refers to software acer aspire 5740g laptop keyboard registration need sequence code. Most of the commercial software need to use sequence code (or CDKEY code) installation, these sequence code usually mark in the product packaging or instruction. Installation sequence code (SN, serial number) and CDKEY code in the software after installation form specific product registration code, users can also use this group of registration code to software manufacturers registered for the various technical support service.
CDKEY is simply refers to software registration need sequence code. 
CD disk, KEY - KEY. The KEY is to drive, professional term called registration code, the actual is a password, but the password and ordinary password different is that it can only be read through dish to input acer aspire 5741 laptop keyboard and not from the keyboard input, even if others know also not line, general online banking need to use it to ensure the safety of the customer information.
Simple said CD key is software registration code
Installation of the software on a compact disc password or serial number.
Such as system installation CD in the installation acer aspire 5741g laptop keyboard system is a long box will you input number is.
According to the general name you should know a little bit. CD is dish. KEY is the KEY point, according to the surface translation: is the KEY to open the dish. In popular answer is registration code or serial number!
Professional term called registration code, is acer aspire 5741z laptop keyboard software registration code, key.


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 Broadband connection slow cause the system to start slowly Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In WindowsXP hp g56-128ca laptop keyboard start into the desktop system temporarily stagnant period of time, then start any program will have no reaction, this is because of WindowsXP DHCPClient service is for the network card distribution IP address, the system will temporarily stagnant period of time, this is broadband connection slow cause the system to start slowly.

How to solve the problem of low broadband connection?

To solve this problem, as long as in the "control panel - network connection", with the right mouse button click "local connection" icon, and then hp g56-129wm laptop keyboard select attributes, in springs in the properties window (see chart) "conventional" TAB in the list of select "Internet protocol (TCP/IP)" a, and then click "properties" button. In springs in the properties window, select "use the IP address" option, and in the "IP address" and "subnet mask" respectively in the input "" and "", and finally click OK exit Settings window.

There are a lot of la carte users will want to a problem, when the computer have connection network trouble? Have can automatically boot connection method? Of course, we only need to set the simple can be met. First of all right click online hp g56-130sa laptop keyboard neighbor choice attributes, or right-click broadband connection select the option attribute, can see broadband connection properties dialog box, choose options TAB, the prompt name, password, and certificate of cancellation check box. Of course, you should first of all the dial-up connection set to save the password. Finally in the broadband connection to the start menu shortcuts drag startup item can!

According to the hp g56-141us laptop keyboard above method set up after the guarantee you boot after dialing and fast and convenient!



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 Increase the computer fonts and icon method Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Now a lot of eyesight bad friends, if the computer SONY Vaio VPC-EB11FD Laptop cpu fan font is too small to see up always feel uncomfortable, especially to old people get to the Internet, they usually look at news, to play the game, such as the stock market, I met several old man asked me to help him take the computer font get bigger, or see not too clear.

Generally speaking to adjust computer font, the computer resolution down point line, also can adjust the proportion of web scale.

1, say first adjustment computer Toshiba Satellite A10 Laptop cpu fan resolution right, this is a set up good long-term use, easy usage.

Right click desktop computer - attributes - Settings - - - screen resolution - general Settings for 1024 * 768 good, if you still feel font is too small, he set for 800 * 600 it.

2, in the browser Settings, web page scaling. The default is 100% if a page font is too small can set amplification or 125%, 150% or 200%. As long as you see fit, but this setting a close the browser didn't, temporary.

Open the browser: IE6: view - text size - - - a larger or maximum

IE7, 8 setting method: web scale Toshiba Satellite a100 Laptop cpu fan- choice of 125% or 150% display line, web page font will become big.


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