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 Each characteristic! Panasonic handheld hd DVDS released new product Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Each characteristic! Panasonic handheld hd DVDS released new product

Panasonic panasonic vw-vbd140 battery on Friday released three paragraphs handheld portable hd camera products. They were waterproof model HX - WA10, built-in large capacity storage space 16G DC15, and - HX simplified version of HX - DC1 three basic models it is different. Panasonic the company decided in June 25 will put these three section type in the market, but the price is not disclosed.

Panasonic HX - WA10 handheld hd DV new products

Many people may feel them with similar products before sanyo brand, actually it is very close to the panasonic vw-vbd22 battery takeover sanyo DC product business of panasonic after the first batch of new products. These three section type are adopting similar type design, razor high portability. From the aspects, three section type can shoot video, with full hd 16 million pixels of the photos were taken function (HX - DC1 has 14 million pixels). Equipped with optical zoom lens, five times and video compression adopted MPEG4 AVC/h.264 video compression technology of, can be directly to MP4 format shooting video. Specific to see:

Panasonic HX - WA10 is a section three proofing DV product, its have Japan JIS protection grade IPX8 - waterproof equivalent of protection grade 3 meters, equipped with unique "underwater shooting model" help users in the water better capture scenery. Its fuselage 92.0 x 123.7 x size for 41.2 mm, weight for 250 grams (including battery and SD card). Battery life ability can take about 60 minutes video (1920 x 1080 size), about 30 minutes of photos (1920 x 1080 size) black and orange fuselage color, blue. But its still carrying a 23 million pixels widescreen LCD screen of 2.6 inches, storage medium can support SD, SDHC and SDXC card.

Panasonic HX - DC15 handheld hd DV new products

Panasonic panasonic vw-vbc5e battery HX - DC15 is in a built-in memory products, large capacity reached 16GB. It 120.8 86.2 x for fuselage size, weight for 38 mm x 180 grams (including battery and SD card), configure a 230k 3.0 inch widescreen LCD screen, have a variety of setting pattern function. Battery life ability can take about 60 minutes video (1920 x 1080 size), about 30 minutes of photos (1920 x 1080 size) only black a fuselage color.

Panasonic HX - DC1 handheld hd DV new products

The last paragraph before DC1 apparently HX - a product, the upgrade version of the fuselage 86.2 x 120.8 x size for measuring 38.1 mm, weight for 181 grams (including battery and SD card), the fuselage provide three choose color black, white, pink 3 kinds. Its profile is equipped with a 230k widescreen LCD screen 3 inches, and built-in capacity only 80M, storage medium for SD, SDHC and SDXC card. It is sailing, battery panasonic vw-vbd40 battery life of about 50 minutes ability to shoot video (1920 x 1080 size), the ability for still photos, 1920 x 1080 30 minutes. Size

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 Why do we love photography Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The so-called photography, painting is light, so when photography first came to China, once photography was also translated as "light painting." True both because of its record of all the impressive things the objective world, but also can reproduce the most creative human imagination, so it is widely used in news media, artistic creation, scientific research and daily life in various fields.

Why do we love photography? Laptop Battery Because the French invented by Daguerre in 1835, officially released in 1839 this technology, as we perceive the world provides a new weapon. With this technology, we see the usual neglected or the naked eye can not see the macro world of microscopic world, thus enhancing our ability to explore the mysteries of the world.

Why do we love photography? Because we love the beautiful mountains, the burning glow of love, love the gorgeous flowers, beautiful birds love, love beauty, shy, love the elderly kind ... ... In short, the love of all good things. This is all good and move us to bear exclusive, would like to share with everyone through photography.

Why do we love photography? Because the photo is a language through which visual, silent unique language, we convey to the world of our mouths and words can not express thoughts and feelings, we also understand the unique language through which ideas and feelings of others , thereby enhancing the interpersonal communication, enhance the human harmony.

Why do we love photography? Because photography can retain fleeting moment, which not only allows us to repeatedly relive, memorable moments are gone, and gave people to understand, taste those moments. History, photography by shortening the distance.

Why do we love photography? Because photography to create a better satisfy our instincts. By shooting, post, etc. means, we will re-mediocre or even the ugly reality of the ideal kingdom of heaven, which further strengthened our belief in pursuit of good and the beautiful.

Why do we love photography? Perhaps this is no solution of the equation. Love is love, love is without reason.

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 Stage performances and sport shooting flash game Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Shooting stage performances or sporting events, use the flash, easy to interfere with performance or competition, the use of available light is not the existence of such a problem.

The unique beauty of available light shooting also brings some difficulties, mainly due to relatively weak light field, while shooting to move the Battery Charger capture, capture the best moments, and often hand-held camera to shoot, and this will need some special skills, otherwise susceptible to the shutter speed is too low, causing instability in hand-held camera shot failed.

Use of available light as much as possible keep only the shape of the high light effect, would rather shadow detail loss in order to obtain enough shutter speed the camera steady. When conditions permit, as far as possible use of high speed digital camera (although it may lose some color levels and noise will interfere with the screen), in order to increase the shutter speed. Yi Zhu shooting the wall or chair to keep me hungry as the body screw, pressing the shutter release, breathe, and the relative stability of the object to capture the moment. In general, small integrated digital camera sensor size is relatively small, prone to noise. Therefore, the general increase sensitivity to ISO400 is appropriate, too high, the interference of noise on the screen. Larger sensor digital SLR cameras, but also to ISO800 as well, unless a last resort. Do not put too high.

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 The details of using the macro flower show Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Can be expressed using the macro more details. When shooting flowers will blossom as a key to describe the shooting, can lead the viewer into a different kind of flower world.
Macro flower shape and focus the white flowers of the flower parts, the whole screen is filled with large petals of flowers. Look full and rich, yellow stamens and white petals contrast with the green background color is more intense, giving fresh and natural feeling. Depicts a more detailed image of a flower display, but also more prominent flowers soft, delicate funny side.
Compared with the actual situation of the combination of light and shade to highlight the flower, use a dark background when shooting, so the main stalks of white flowers and green is more prominent. At the same time using the method of combining the actual situation, sharpen the focus flower parts, other parts of the flower show blur effects, hazy and clear contrast to better highlight the gentle flower bending posture.
Flower with white background highlights the true color, bright red from the side shooting flowers, the shape of the flower will be placed in center of the screen, but also highlight its uniqueness. As a white background, simple and generous, more realistic picture of flower color.[url=http://www.powerlinebattery.com/]Digital Camera Battery[/url]


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