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 Wireless broadband routers installation seven walk Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The full name of wireless router should call wireless broadband router compaq presario v6000 series laptop cpu fan, because wireless router connected to cable connection can be effective, so then we will introduce the wireless broadband routers installation of some operating process. A few simple steps can fully grasp.
Wireless broadband routers installation step one: hardware installation
A. first, will be connected to the power supply joint DI - 624 at the back of the power supply hole, and then the other side will be connected to the power supply socket please wait about 30 seconds, wait for DI - 624 after the activation, and then the next step connection movement operation is correct, the power LED indicator will light
B. please will link to the DSL/CableModem network line received DI - 624 WAN port (WAN) AN indicator goes on
Cristiano will and computer or device connected to the LAN link network line port 1-4 (LAN) any one of the port, and the other end into your computer in the etheric WangKou edible, the computer can be used to configuration causes DI - 624 connection is correct, the insert line LAN mouth goes on
D. will have installed wireless network compaq presario v6300 series laptop cpu fan card (support 802.11 b/g) computer take to DI - 624 near, wireless network card and DI - 624 wireless network set, please refer to the chapter that behind
Wireless broadband routers installation step 2: connect to other computer to DI - 624 wireless broadband router
Other Ethernet cable, will need through the DI - 624 wireless broadband router Internet Ethernet interface with other computer connected to the DI - 624 rear panel on the rest of the three LAN port; Can also will have installed wireless network card computer take to DI - 624, near through the DI - 624 wireless broadband router Internet
Wireless broadband routers installation step 3: correct configuration of your cable computer network Settings
A. you are using computer desktop, with the right mouse button click online neighbors, select "properties"
B. in then open window, with the right mouse button click online neighbors, select "properties"
C. In then open window, first choose Internet protocol (TCP/IP), and then use the mouse and click "properties"
D. in then open window, select automatic get IP address, as well as the automatic gain DNS server address
E. Stay local connection display has connection, we come to check whether a router and your computer real connection up: in the start menu operation box input CMD, type the command that ping192.168.0.1 and return can get the map result, it shows that your above configuration correct and computers have and DI - 624 link appear either above interface, please you can refer to the common problems of document troubleshooting reference
Wireless broadband routers installation step 4: correct configuration DI - 624 wireless broadband router
1. Open the Web browser, in the compaq presario v6800 series laptop cpu fan address bar type in, and then press Enter key
2. In then open the login window, input user name: admin, by default password for blank; And then click "ok"
3. In the next open window, click the "RunWizard" (online setting elves)
A. select "Next" (Next)
B. set your new password, you can also do not set up the direct click next, by default password although seemingly have value, but it is only system to be on the safe side and display, practical management by default password is empty, does not exist
C. Set time zone, according to your place time zone to choose, this paper in China is in time of the setting, and then click "Next" (Next)
Wireless broadband routers installation step 5: DI - 624 wireless broadband router selection Internet connection type
In a dialog box, click on the next step after automatically detects WAN connection state you also can choose, in under the pop-up dialog box, it will list optional WAN connection type, please according to your actual network environment to choose respectively under the instructions of the main three connection type
A. if you choose to dynamic IP address, then according to the following steps complete click Next Next, click Next, then please refer to step 6 of the wireless set the wizard
B. if your ISP give you a fixed IP address, you can choose "StaticIPAddress" (fixed IP address) and then fill in the ISP to provide your IP address Sai mask chisel address and preferred DNS server address San Zhan after you click on the "Next" Next, Next, please reference step 6 of the wireless set the wizard
C. If you are to use the ADSLmodem get to the Internet, then choose "PPPOE" San Syria ISP to provide your account name and password, then click Next by your ISP to provide user name and password, click "Next" (Next), then you can reference step 6 of the wireless set the wizard
D. if you choose "other WAN type", can have the following several kinds of networking way, specific steps and front three steps similar
Wireless broadband routers installation step 6: DI - 624 wireless set
In choosing a good mouth WAN connection compaq presario c500 series laptop cpu fan and configuration is completed, below and then continue wireless configuration Settings wireless connections, the default state SSID for default, Channel Channel for 6, here you can change the SSID on its own, to determine the only able to mark your wireless network name; If you are in China, channel keep default values can then click "Next" (Next) into the WEP security mode Settings
By default the wireless encryption Disabled in (closed) did not start state, you can through the click Enabled his activated the next is the choice of the ways of encryption, WEP have two kinds of mode selection, one kind is 64 bit, one kind is 128 bit; For the 64 bit mode, must in the Key Key fill ten password, for 128 bit mode, must in the Key Key fill 26 A password, please fill password from 0-9 and the letters A - F combination set good after that, click "Next" (Next) you don't want to your wireless device for encryption, but also can keep the default state, click "Next" (Next) appeared in the interface display in the configuration has been completed, need to Restart the talent is configuration to take effect, then please click "Restart" (Restart) system will automatically Restart appear as follows when the interface click "Close" (Close) to automatically save Settings and Restart your device so far, DI - 624 basic configuration has been completed
Wireless broadband routers installation step 7: equipped with wireless network card computer Internet configuration steps
The following is a notebook bring wireless card, and install the Intel wireless management software for the operation example (how to use Windows own wireless management program connection DI - 624 instructions please see related FAQ) :
1. Make sure your notebook wireless function is open, one kind is hard to open,compaq presario cq50 series laptop cpu fan namely laptop keyboard above or its periphery have switch places will have wireless signal switch button, the other is the hardware manager check the wireless network card is already start you can in the lower right corner of the desktop Intel wireless card management program according to the left mouse button twice
2. Then click refresh, the wireless network card will search now all the wireless network environment what, after the completion of search, you will see such as interface can see a SSID is called test624 (just in the wireless configuration in the modified SSID) wireless network, if you do not modify SSID, then DI - 624 default wireless network name for default, namely DI - 624 wireless router!
3. If DI - 624 wireless set in encryption Settings, then click on the link pop up after need to add key dialog box, the key is in the DI - 624 set in, and then click ok
4. At this time will display has been connected to the compaq presario cq61 laptop cpu fan wireless network finally other Settings or information see "advanced set", "tool", "system state"


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 Easily find computer display blank screen of the cause of the failure Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

After startup monitor blank screen, no shows, is that many computer gateway m460 laptop cpu fan users often encounter problems. In fact, as long as you to the work of a computer principle, to be more these non device damaged simple fault can yourself out.

1. When the display blank screen no image display (but at present on market display in the host no signal sent, on the screen display "no signal wire connection"), first check the power supply of main whether plug is good, the power of the fan can turn? Host panel power light, hard disk lamp is flash no bright? Because if the power supply of main doesn't work or motherboard without power supply, display without receiving signal, of course, will not have the image display.

2. Then check the display of power supply is plug good? If you monitor the power switch is light touch switch, when you give display power up, should be heard slight "monarch pa" sound, the judgment of the monitor switch power supply circuit is good. To display the power switch is open? Display of power gateway m465-e laptop cpu fan light is bright? When hand close to the display screen and moving slowly if there is "hissing" voice, and at the same time, the hands of fine hair has been operating feeling, this in the check display high voltage circuit is normal work.

3. If it is determined that the display has power up, and there is high pressure to produce, to continue to check the monitor data cable joint and graphics signal output interface is good contacts? If there's any loose? Then pulled out plug check, D type interface have bending or broken needle or have a lot of dirt. This is many users often encounter problems, in the connection D type socket, forcibly not uniform, or forget to tighten the interface of fixed screw, make the interface loose cause bad contact, or for installation in a wrong way or force is too large, make D type interface has broken needle or curved needle, so that cause bad contact.

Note: the monitor data plug 15 needle may have a lack of needle, such as 4,9,11 needle, then the normal, don't human with other metal wire to complement the lack of needle position, lest cause other malfunction.

More than a bit: 1, 2, 3 needle for red, green, blue three gun signal input, if which needle contact is bad, the screen will have the lack of corresponding color.

If 12 needle, have a problem, gateway m500b laptop cpu fan the host can't find corresponding display, but this does not affect use.

If 13, 14 needle has a problem, display will appear blank screen, display the lamp in the boot after a while from green to orange. Also appeared one of the blank screen.

4. Open the case check display card installation is correct? And the motherboard slot is good contacts? Video card or slot is due to the use of time is too long and dust too much, that cause bad contact? Graphics chips on whether there is burnt, the trace of the cracking. When for graphics cause blank screen, computer power on self test time is to have a short four long "talking" voice prompt. Installation VGA card, want to use hand holding the VGA card first half part, even force inserting the card slot, make graphics fixed screw mouth and chassis screws anastomosis. Not plug timing don't forced fixed, cause graphics distortion. If confirmed installed correctly,gateway m505 laptop cpu fan can take down graphics with alcohol sponge to wipe the pins of the gold finger or in a slot (only for PCI card) installation. If not yet, only in a good display card under a try.

If not yet, in determining the graphics in good condition, but must consider video card and main board of compatibility. You'd better consult the relevant information or ask net friend.

5. Check other interface card (including sound card, decompression card, video capture card) and motherboard slot contact is good or not? Check hard disk data and hard drive power line connection is correct? Replace the other interface card slots, cleaning pin. This many people tend to neglect. Generally, computer gateway m505b2 laptop cpu fan blank screen is a display and graphics problems, and other equipment has nothing to do. In fact, because of the sound card, and other equipment not installed correctly, cause the system initial make change difficult to complete, especially the hard disk data and hard disk power cord plug wrong, easy to cause the show no fault.

6. Check the memory bank and motherboard contact is good or not? The memory bank to plug a or a slot try, or to replace the new memory bank. If memory bank appear problem, the computer at startup time, there will be continuous rapid "talking" sound. Warning tone will be different and different main board.

7. Check the CPU and on the mainboard CPU seat contact is good or not? Because of the move or other factors, make the CPU and SLOT1 socket or SOCKE370 socket bad contact. Had better use hand press the CPU or take down CPU reinstall again once.

8. Check the CPU by, double frequency, the frequency of the gateway m6012 laptop cpu fan memory of the jump line or CMOS set correctly. Contrast motherboard manual, examine relevant jumpers, sequence for "CPU by jump line - CPU frequency doubling jump line - memory frequency jump line".

9. Check the CPU voltage is set up properly. Set CPU voltage jump line to be careful, be sure to and CPU working voltage consistent. Eight and nine this two step for some kludge or like overclocking user appeared in the blank screen to check carefully.

10. Check the CMOS parameters set correctly. If your computer is equipped with two graphics, you in CMOS setup is the first initialization PCI graphics, and your only display joint in the AGP display card, and of course the display is not bright.

11. Check the gateway m6012c laptop cpu fan host and display required working environment in compliance with? Working voltage is normal or not, the environment temperature is high. In addition to the above steps to inspect outside, can also according to the working conditions of computer to rapid positioning, such as in open host power supply, can hear "di" of a sound said computer self-checking completed, if the hard disk lamp flickered continuously, it should be in the second step to step 4 examination.

12. If display in computer in the process of start have content show, only on loading WIN98 picture appears after the blank screen, it just WIN98 system software problems,

The inspection method is based on the display itself no electrical failure, namely open after the gateway ma1 laptop cpu fan power supply of main display of power light by green turn yellow but display blank screen no image display. If you use the above steps display is still no display, should ask professional maintenance.


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 Household CPU correct maintenance and use Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

One, to do decompression and suspension work

For heat dissipation at the same time, but also work well to CPU apple laptop cpu cooling fan processor decompression and suspension work. CPU died in a cooling fan buckle pressure pertaining to tragedy, which is mainly manifested in the CPU core was crushing.
So in installation radiator, attention should be paid to forcibly even, buckle pressure also should be moderate, concrete can be adjusted according to actual needs careful buckle.

Also now fan speed up to 6000 RPM, it created a resonance problem, so for a long time.
Will cause between CPU and radiator can't combine closely, CPU asus laptop cpu cooling fan and socket bad contact, the solution is to choose normal manufacturer of produce cooling fan, the rotating speed is appropriate, fastener installation must be correct.

Second, the key to solve the cooling problem

To ensure the stable operation of the computer, first of all to solve the cooling problem. High temperature is not only the important killer CPU fujitsu laptop cpu cooling fan, for all electronic products, it generates high temperature if cannot quickly melted away, it will directly affect the service life.
We know, CPU in work time heat generation is quite dreadful, especially some high basic frequency processor, the quantity of heat of generation is high amazing.
Therefore, to make CPU better for our service, cooling time cannot little. CPU normal operating temperature for 35 to 65 ℃, and the concrete according to different CPU and different main frequency and decide.
So we need to choose a good radiator processor. Requires more than a cooling fan quality to good enough, and should choose fin material good product.

Three, frequently in addition to dust, make good use of silicone grease and other

Dust will often clear, can't let its accumulation in CPU gateway laptop cpu cooling fan on the surface, lest cause short circuit burned CPU.
Silicone grease when use to apply the CPU surface kernel, a thin layer can, too much will likely infiltration to the surface and slot, the damage caused by.
Silicone grease in use after period of time will be dry, then can cleanse again after coated with silicone grease. Modified silicone grease more should be used with care, for improved silicone grease is usually add carbon powder (such as pencil cartridge powder) and metal powder.
The silicone grease a conductive ability, in the computer runtime infiltration to the CPU surface capacitance and slot consequence is unimaginable.
At ordinary times when in tinkering with attention should be paid to physical electrostatic, especially in autumn winter season, eliminate method can be prior wash hand or hands contact for nec laptop cpu cooling fan a while the metal pipe and so on conductor, in order to protect security.



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 Blank screen fault how to deal with Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Display failure cause computer ibm lenovo ideapad z560a series laptop cpu cooling fan blank screen failure to how to solve? Below is the specific analysis:

First of all, for the main computer fault caused by the display blank screen fault we can from the following train of thought to solution:

1. Check parts installation quality

When you in the assembly computer or replacement parts occurs when blank screen failure, you should first check your installation quality accessories. For example memory-chip installation is correct if motherboard slot good contacts, graphics card and card is installed in place, BIOS setup and the related on the mainboard jump line choice is correct, but carefully see related interface card set instructions, and inspection of key ibm lenovo ideapad z560g series laptop cpu cooling fan board their own quality problems on the mainboard and relevant slots and card "golden finger" whether there is a foreign body parts and the dirt that pollution is also very necessary.

2. Listening view color distinguishes the fault

Computer appear blank screen fault more time on performance after host panel light, built-in fan normal rotation, but appears the PC speaker alarm sound; Or chassis internal such as hard disk and other related equipment normal self, but display no display. Then according to the above method in addition to repair, but the more important thing is to learn to distinguish PC speaker error rule to distinguish fault, in addition to observe malfunction host or display various indicator to judge the situation or fault is also very good.

For example, the host normal self, but display appear "blank screen" fault, for this kind of trouble we will focus on the motherboard - VGA card - display connecting display this approach up consideration. First can check the display power light is light, such as normal, but key adjust brightness, contrast button, eliminate "common" this kind of false blank screen fault. If no problem, then you can focus check the main VGA card to display the connecting cables have problems and cable plug inside pointer whether there is inclined fracture and whether and VGA card compact ibm lenovo ideapad z565 series laptop cpu cooling fan connection xp system download also can connect the cable joint take down, see display can normal show bright or will display even to other host try, so as to judge the fault location is from host or display own cause.

Be like again, to display blank screen and host in a loud speaker long, two or three short bumming or continuous bumming that VGA card and onboard the connections between have questions or graphics card and display the connection between has a problem, you can check the key slots contact is good groove if there is a foreign body and replaceable graphics to try, if no better, but preliminary showed that problem on the mainboard, can get other card on the mainboard try. Be like again, consecutive long sound chirping, it mostly show that memory bank have a problem, can the inspection of key memory and memory slot installation contact conditions. If machines talking a continuous short sound, the machine has slight short circuit ibm lenovo ideapad e42 series laptop cpu cooling fan phenomenon, usable minimum system method and exclusive method to solve the problem, until find short circuit parts. In addition, if you hear two sound short bumming, the mainboard or graphics card or display the likelihood has a problem, not connect display if or so sing, the VGA card parts existing problems, such as a sound... long-short-long-short...), the display end has a problem.

To display their own cause blank screen fault is concerned, we mainly from the following to provide you with more specific maintenance train of thought

1. Display blank screen quick maintenance

If the display device without any display, eliminate the host of reasons, then can check whether because the voltage is too high or too low cause display protection circuit work, you can check the accelerate polar voltage is normal or not. In addition, the key is to check the following problems parts, such as look at whether the fuse blown fuse, rectifier bridge switch tube whether the breakdown, current limiting protection resistance is burn out, etc., these parts sometimes from the outside can see its burned black and fault phenomenon. Then key ibm lenovo ideapad g430 series laptop cpu cooling fan inspection line output tube, transformer, low-frequency rectifier tube, high frequency rectifier for key parts such as whether there are damaged or performance decline or virtual welding, etc, general display blank screen fault you as long as it can quickly to the instant solutions.

Tube and power supply circuit fault judgment

Tube and power supply circuit is not normal also can cause display power up no grating blank screen fault. Then we can check whether the tube filament light, with meter to measure the filament power supply circuit see its filament voltage is normal or not. In addition if the filament current blocking the need to change the good filament current limiting resistor can be, if found tube filament broken, then the need to change the ibm lenovo ideapad g510 series laptop cpu cooling fan picture tube. If above normal, we can be key to check tube accelerate polar voltage is normal or not, especially accelerate polar voltage attachment fault is a cause of this kind of failure of the primary, replace the can. If there is high pressure, we may consider mainly change line output transformer (ignition coil) try ghost xp sp3, this part of the damage was caused by the fault of one of the main display blank screen. In addition to the above in repair at the same time we also can check the cathode voltage and apparent put voltage is normal or not, if apparent put voltage didn't add or its voltage doesn't normal also causes display power up no grating and one of the important reasons for blank screen.



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 Windows XP system or use to what time? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In 2020, Windows 7 itself technical support termination time limit for 2020 years, laptop cpu fan (and Windows XP SP2 version technical support already July 14, 2010, in the end, another SP3 version will also be in April 2014 end support).

And those who buy installed Windows 7 pro or Ultimate edition computer acer laptop cpu cooling fan(OEM version), still can choose downgraded to "Windows XP professional edition, but provide the service degradation period only so far OEM version termination sales date (official statement for Windows 7 operating system the next version launched after 24 months).

Even Microsoft operating system has been spread to Windows 7, about the next generation of Windows and there are also some rumours spread, but have so far, Windows XP is still the most people use Microsoft's operating systems compaq laptop cpu cooling fan. Although Microsoft had to stop selling box edition XP, this year October 22, will also cease to notebook computers installed XP, but the present policies can still make XP continue to live to about 2015 years!

Microsoft Windows XP is in on October 25, 2001 release, thereafter, released in 2007 Windows Vista, and released in 2009 Windows 7. Windows XP has been so far are all Microsoft corp. 's most people use operating system, at least 74% of the enterprise computer or install Windows XP (and these computers for an average of 4.4 years old "old", almost impossible to upgrade to Windows 7 or Vista), but also because of so, Microsoft's Windows 7 dell laptop cpu cooling fan although sell well, but still cannot attract a comprehensive enterprise to adopt new system (on the other hand also enterprise itself with the use of working software is fully compatible Windows 7 environment about).

On October 22, 2010 after, laptop computers will no longer carry Windows XP, and at the same time will also cease to provide Windows 7 downgraded to "Windows XP services (but users are still available degradation). But in October 2011 after 22, also will stop selling installed Windows Vista computer.

However, in the future can choose downgraded to "Windows XP or Vista computer hp laptop cpu cooling fan, is limited to install OEM version Windows 7 computer. Microsoft the practice, it seems that should be able to reduce the cost of upgrading of address, at the same time also does not affect its operating system sales or push the new version. (seems to 2014 is completely stop technical support update, unless there are SP4 version)



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