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 SONY move or will be 3 to 4 into intelligent mobile phone outsource to ODM manufacturer Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

On November 7,), according to Taiwan media reports,sony Vaio VGN-CR508ER laptop cpu fan according to the personage inside course of study says, Sony Mobile communication (Sony Mobile Communications) program in 2013 to produce 50 million department intelligent Mobile phone, 30% to 40% of the yield may be outsourced to Taiwan's ODM manufacturer, including foxconn international, crown communication and warburg communication, etc.
SONY is expected to move 2012 smartphone will be shipped to 35 million department, increase by 50% over last year. But according to the personage inside course of study says, SONY sony Vaio VGN-CR590EBL laptop cpu fan this year may not be able to move around.
Foxconn international from in the third quarter of 2012 began to SONY mobile send cheap Xperial mobile phone, is expected to crown communication have to wait until the end of this year or early next year when I could start to SONY mobile delivery, warburg communication delivery time is more a little bit late, probably have to wait until the second quarter of next year to start delivery.
At present, foxconn international is SONY mobile's largest ODM partners, followed by sony Vaio VGN-cr353/B laptop cpu fan crown communication and warburg communication. People familiar with the expected, the three ODM manufacturer in 2013 May be received from SONY moving 20 million department intelligent mobile phone orders.
In addition, foxconn international, crown communication, warburg communication and rev. Base technology HeJia world reach will also from including association, huawei and zte, mainland China manufacturers sony Vaio VGN-cr120e laptop cpu fan there received more intelligent mobile phone orders.



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 CPU cache damage cause computer crash fault Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

CPU dell studio 1737 laptop cpu cooling fan cache is solve the CPU speed and memory, speaking, reading and writing speed does not match the contradiction Bridges, if CPU cache damage will hinder between CPU and memory data transmission speed, speaking, reading and writing, so that the computer running speed will seriously hindered so as to cause the computer to crash in the fault. Below are together due to the CPU cache damage cause computer crash fault.
What is the CPU buffer?
Cache means for high-speed data exchange of memory, it before the memory and CPU exchange data, so quickly.
L1Cache (level cache) is CPU first layer cache. The built-in L1 cache of the capacity and structure of CPU performance influence is bigger, but cache memory all by static RAM composition, the structure is complex, the CPU dell vostro 1000 series laptop cpu cooling fan tube core area cannot too big, L1 level cache capacity might not do too big.
L2Cache (level 2 cache) is CPU l2 cache, points internal and external two chip. Internal chip level 2 cache operation speed and main frequency is same, and the external level 2 cache is only half the result. L2 cache capacity will also affect the performance of the CPU, the principle is the bigger the better.
CPU cache damage lead to crash case
Fault phenomenon: a laptop computer after startup, appear WindowsXP splash screen will give you a file system errors, then crash.
Troubleshooting: just began to think is WindowsXP system files is destroyed, therefore,dell vostro 1015 series laptop cpu cooling fan reinstall the operating system. When WindowsXP installation interface appeared and announce disk error, speaking, reading and writing.
(1) run ScanDisk, find file distribution list error and missing file fragments. After the repair, again running WindowsXP installation program, or installation interface on newspaper disk error, speaking, reading and writing.
(2) enter the safe mode, with the antivirus software inspection, found no virus. To the hard disk drive back to division, formatting all did not find any problem.
(3) the notebook computer not overclocking use, does not exist for overclocking and cause the system is unstable, will replace parts are replaced the again, failure is still.
(4) to find another piece of CPU dell vostro 1400 series laptop cpu cooling fan , replacement, smooth installation WindowsXP, installed, replace the original CPU, WindowsXP and report disk error, sure it is CPU problem, change new CPU fault after solution. After the test, it is CPU internal cache damage.
CPU cache damage cause the system at boot time will take a long time to read system files, computer stop response time is long, there's a computer crash fault. So in order to prevent CPU cache appear problem, we should clear the cache regularly, ensure CPU dell vostro 1700 laptop cpu cooling fan


http://laptopaccessories.tamilblogs.com/2012/11/02/how-to-make-your-computer-hardware-equipment-longer/ cache circulation.

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 Notebook how to upgrade SSD + HDD Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In recent years, computer hardware hp g61-104tu laptop keyboard development speed quickly, one not careful it may be often pay attention to hardware friend BS: you OUT! INTEL CPU architecture update soon, performance improvements soon, AMD CPU are also no improvement under the background of CPU architecture, through go high performance-to-price ratio and low power consumption for supporting. DDR3 memory price is already cabbage price, 07 years notebook a lot with standard is 512 m DDR2, now are 2 g DDR3 many even 4 g memory, there WIN7 and VISTA triumphant to wei, although VISTA is user scold the dog, but now it seems, for the arrival of the era of mass storage or played a very positive role, big companies and we urban petty bourgeois, their strategic vision is I can't imagine. It is a hardware and software, and mutual cooperation to dip light common people's purse is inevitable, not complaining.

But tough CPU and large capacity memory plus hundreds of G hard didn't let us feel the computer real fast many, only can WIN7 just normal operation. And speed powerful SSD hard disk of a large number of shop goods indicates that it is likely to replace HHD, become system partition's pet. The speed of SSD hard disk relative to the mechanical hard disk is spotless, and, of course, other N many advantages, such as small white I also know: speed is much faster than mechanical drive, which is the boot speed; Mute. Of course, now SSD hard disk capacity is still too small, and the price is hp g61-110ea laptop keyboard relatively expensive, if only to buy a piece of SSD hard disk to install system and store data of words, may be luxury some.

I think from the current market opinion, notebook stored a trend should be: take off cd-rom, instead of SSD and HDD double hard disk, high performance as the SSD system partition, and large capacity of HDD as data access partition. Memory keep now of 2 g - 4 g, family normal use is no problem. Notebook drive now very chicken ribs, its action was:

(1) installation system. But cd-rom installation system is a big noise, and read data slow, gradually has been mature WIIN PE installation system to replace.

(2) the burn data. Burn data performance-to-price ratio is not high, I also have a desktop, desktop also installed the CD writer, but always feel are not useful at all, my experimental data is hp g61-110sa laptop keyboard also a few G, notebook and desktop inside each backup a, then U disk backup a copy of all three parts, has no risk at all. Love action movie is everybody must storage, buy a 500 g mobile hard disk is enough, or not timing update, more bang for the buck. So burn data I think also pretty of chicken ribs.

(3) read CD data. This may be the only really difficult to replace, but I would like to say can use desktop cd-rom to copy, and then directly through the router direct transmission to the notebook hard disk well inside. So read CD hp g61-201tu laptop keyboard data can be well solved.







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 Speed rivalry: the United States department of energy super computer Titan official on-line Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

10 month 30 news, a new type of global "arms race" is the curtain,hp pavilion dv7t 4000-cto laptop cpu fan but this time the competition is one quadrillion times (petaflop) as the calculating unit.
The department of energy's super computer "titans" (Titan) Monday officially online, the ministry of this computer was developed, are likely to make its become the planet's fastest supercomputer. "The Titan" have 20 quadrillion times per second calculation ability, than the department of energy's another supercomputer "Sequoia" (Sequoia) more than 4 quadrillion times, the latter has been since June this year in global super computer list occupies the first place. Formal the world's fastest supercomputers "fortune 500" list will be released next month.
In the past three years, the United States in the calculation of the world of the "territory" has been in Japan, China and Germany carve up, but now the United States is to get back a leading position. This is not just a kind of "medal of honor", and at the same time, for national security and economic viability of the United States is also very important.hp pavilion dv7t 3300-cto laptop cpu fan The Titan will help scientists in the United States in the climate change, biofuels, nuclear energy, new materials and other key areas occupy the research pioneer status, this will help them to create a new wave of car battery, switchgrass ethanol and the improved weather forecast tools and other products.
In the United States department of energy affiliate Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), by the global leading enterprise in the super computer Cray company produces "Titan" has made a major upgrade, a super computer formerly known as "the Jaguar" (Jaguar).
Compared with "the jaguar", "the Titan" with AMD hp pavilion dv7t 3100-cto laptop cpu fan the production of 299008 a faster the central processing unit (CPU) to replace the former 224256 CPU, also equipped with the production of 18688 by the Nvidia graphics processor as the central processor accelerator, this is why "Titan" equipped with central processor number only a third more than "jaguar", and computational nodes and cabinet quantity and "jaguar" the same, but the computing power is equivalent to the former ten times the reason.
More important is, "Titan" processor than the United States department of energy after the use of super computer energy conservation to five times higher.
To maximize the operation speed of the competition, "Power bound" (Power constraint) is one of the biggest challenges. "The jaguar" computing power is only 2.3 quadrillion times per second, but its power consumption is as high as 7 mw, equivalent to 7000 families of the electricity consumption. Last year, "the jaguar" single power consumption is a cost to reach 7 million dollars. If the "Titan" and "the jaguar" is only increased compared to the number of the central processor, but not equipped with graphics processors, then this table every seconds computing capacity of 20 quadrillion time of super computer hp pavilion dv7t 3000-cto laptop cpu fan power consumption will reach 60 mw, every year sheet is electricity use the cost would be up to us $60 million, and the original will mean Cray cannot with the United States energy department to complete the production the supercomputer agreement.
Oak ridge national laboratory says, "the Titan" electric power cost only slightly higher than the jaguar "some. The laboratory for calculation and computer science laboratory deputy director Jeff Nichols (Jeff Nichols) says, "the Titan" design is "toward lower we" carbon footprint "and take the responsible a steps".
"The Titan" use of the graphic processor is not special, actually these graphics processor and high-end personal computer hardware used in general no two, a computer game "fever" favorite. This is not the first time the game help supercomputing made development - in Los Alamos National Laboratory (Los Alamos National Laboratory), IBM RoadRunner hp pavilion dv7t 2200-cto laptop cpu fan super computer operation of the processor and with the SONY PlayStation 3 use processor is the same.
"The development of high performance computing processor will cost billions of dollars of money, and can't recover." Nvidia chief technical officer Steve Scott (Steve Scott) said. "If there is no individual consumer business as a support, so we are unable to do now is doing."
So, in developed has new operation speed and power "Titan" later, the United States energy department plans to use the new super computer do what? Oak ridge national laboratory plan is, to continue to focus on the new super computer currently used in the 40 projects, but each project received CPU time no longer to do for the unit of measurement, but with hundred million for the unit, this will help the researchers to speed up its process of a breakthrough. However, the researchers want to get faster speed it is just a matter of time. By 2016, the U.S. department of energy will upgrade Titan, hoping to its inheritor operation speed increased to 200 quadrillion hp pavilion dv7t 2000-cto laptop cpu fan times per second, namely is equivalent to the "Titan" ten times.
"Demand is eternity. Scott said. "Once we are ten billion times (exaflop) edge, then scientists will begin to discuss their to ten trillion times (zettaflop) needs."



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 Laptop keyboard maintenance small skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Because we use most frequently keyboard samsung np-n150-jp01 laptop keyboard is one of the components, although a lot of manufacturer are both considered its durability, especially in the structure are fully optimization, but constant dripping wears away stone, time grew to the problem. Either is a key bad to use, either letters grinding didn't. The small make up just like everybody simple introduce maintenance keyboard little skill.

First, try not to eat in the notebook computer samsung np-n150-jp02 laptop keyboard, smoking or drinking water, keep keyboard clean. Especially too much liquid into the keyboard, is likely to make short circuit, resulting in the loss of hardware. To develop a good habit, eat or drink in the time away from the notebook computer, and then to minimize risk, to protect the purpose of notebook computer.

In clean keyboard, should first vacuum with the most soft brush with minimum of suction nozzle, each key gap between dust suction net, then use a little dip the soft cloth to wipe key cap, wipe out a immediately after with a dry cloth is wiped dry, remember, don't let the rushing water, and your laptop computer too close. According to the manufacturer's test conclusion: sprinkle water to the keyboard is the most dangerous killer notebook computer samsung np-n150-jp03 laptop keyboard, it caused by the loss will be irreparable. Fortunately there are some notebook computer equipped with waterproof keyboard, it makes some careless users can a little relieved.

Avoid by all means use the keyboard to play games, laptop keyboard samsung np-n150-jp04 laptop keyboard a desktop to small, key process short, feel than desktop keyboard is will send a lot of. There are many play the game friends and a trouble, play to rise like strong stroke, especially in the return key, is the most vulnerable to "vandalize" place, this causes laptop keyboard early retirement. Meet this kind of circumstance, the proposal can use external keyboard.


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