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 In the application of polarization lens photography skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In photography has two kinds of filter:PDA Battery technology filter and creative filter, creative filters can make the monotony of the foreground subject present a interesting change.
Some filters can spin in front of the lens, some with filter clip in fixed. In front of the cameras have threaded, just can use the batter type filter, portable digital camera is usually no thread. Filter group is HP iPAQ hx2000 Battery through the filter clip fixed on camera or installed in the tripod on the support. This filter the benefits of the group can apply to all lens, and use the batter type filter, must adapt to lens front diameter, or otherwise it will need to buy a adaptation of special caliber filter.
A polarizer this filter will enter lens light distinction between:
1. Remove unwanted nonmetal reflective surface, such as the water, glass, etc.
2. The deepen of blue sky, white clouds make HP iPAQ hx2100 Battery more outstanding
3. Can be used for shooting the plant, the effect is good. Leaves not reflected the polarization of light, especially wet leaves.
4. Can strengthen and bright and clean the surface color,HP iPAQ hx2110 Battery than the glazed pottery, reflective plastic, etc.
Line a polarizer (PL) and circular polarization mirror (CPL) to radial action principles, just linear polarization will affect camera lens of automatic exposure (AE) with automatic focus (AF) function. Through the lens in the film and autofocus, use circular polarization.the mirror.
A polarizer different locations, reduce the amount of HP iPAQ hx2190 Battery light entering the lens is different also, so need exposure compensation.
Using filter exposure, suggested the surround type exposure.
For portable digital camera, installation and using HP iPAQ hx2400 Battery gradient density in the orientation of grey lens is very strict. By LCD panels can be to evaluate where filter installation, the position and be taken the position of the light source and the body of related position.

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 The cause of the laptop computer screen color Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Two possible is a video card BGA encapsulation chip overheating in virtual welding damage,Toshiba laptop battery through professional BGA encapsulation welding equipment and technology reset or change a video card good two is screen line is bad in the flower of screen move screen to see flowers screen have change you have change is screen problem solving it repaired line.
Similar phenomena of the other explanation:
Click view a larger version
Basically cause laptop toshiba satellite a135-s2286 battery screen above the reason is spent this situation, of course, also have the following some circumstance, the proposal or simple after judge, to after-sales and see it. Usually, as long as there was in the notebook is free of maintenance, 08 notebook agreed under the condition of the still in the now.
The other kind of lead to spend the cause of the laptop screen:
A driver problems,
As laptop computers toshiba pa3383u-1bas battery of the driver is not graphics chip company write, chip companies offer chip, drive of the problem is to the notebook computer manufacturers to write, so there may be some compatibility problems. At the same time laptop drive degree very slowly release time, generally for six months or a year YiGengXin. When we can solve first try to see run other 3 D whether the program also present flowers screen, you phenomenon, if the problem disappear can be considered compatibility problems. Meanwhile, the driver file is damaged or missing, may lead to video card occurs when the crash, running off flowers screen, you wait for a phenomenon, solve this problem just unload the original driver after, to install the driver can.
Second, third party software
Overclocking open software, if the video memory frequency more than a head, the picture map errors, take screen phenomenon just fine, serious when still can lead to crash. Because the video memory work in abnormal frequency, higher frequency only makes the work become unstable, especially in reading and writing data can easily occur when mistakes. At this point, we just need to reduce or reply to the default frequency can.
Of course, the above claim we spent in laptop computers toshiba pa3285u-3brs battery take screen of the most basic method of fault, if after commissioning fault is still, we should turn from aspects of the hardware. Is my personal experience, the emergence of laptop computers take screen phenomenon are generally hardware problems, the software problem is in more compatibility.
Three, LCD line contact undesirable
This is the first step we check the hardware. Take screen, you appear irregular phenomenon, or in the pat and, on the surface of the keyboard after fault disappear, this is often due to signal to interface with the contact LCD caused by poor results. We only need to put tight corresponding interface problems can be removed.
Four, the oxidation reaction
Generally this is as laptop computers toshiba pa3356u-1bas battery in the bad environment or use for a long time after the results of the easy appeared, processing, we will first LCD line interface, take it out of the joints with eraser gold finger, and is used with a small amount of the interface with no water alcohol clean cotton, the purpose is to remove the oxidation reaction or dirt produce because of the contact undesirable phenomena. After treatment, again will line to connect well, check whether put tight can.
Five, the video memory problems
Because part of the laptop computer toshiba satellite a110-st1111 battery graphics with Dynamic Video Memory Memory Technology (i.e. DVMT, Dynamic Video Memory Technology), USES part of the Memory capacity allocate Memory for Video card. In the actual operation process, may be due to memory the internal structure damage, when selecting this part as to the video memory, and the video memory chip in exchange data are often go wrong, which led to the screen, you spend, even crash phenomenon. In that case, we can use the replacement method, and replace the same specifications of memory for inspection. Of course, if the video memory is the integration of on the mainboard, we can only be repaired.
Six, capacity problems
RAMDAC (Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter) toshiba pa3357u-3brl battery and filter capacitor is to decide the picture quality stand or fall of video card two important factors. And the whole filter circuit work quality and capacitance quality is the value of each other, when using inferior capacitance or because the capacitance itself characteristic ability falls, spend screen, you appear phenomenon is inured to the weird. In the solution, we could start using a multimeter to check that there was a problem the capacitance, then use the same specification replacement, this problem will be solved.

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 In bed use notebook note? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Small convenient for notebook of notebook computer HP Pavilion dv9000 Series Battery friends, it sure like to lie on the bed to use notebook carefree playing games or see the movie, and listen to music. But on you so the use of computers, your notebook also slowly in the suffering from loss. Small make up in here to introduce some in bed of using notebook attention, help you to relieve worries.

First, in bed use of laptop computers don't hard pull or extrusion the power cord

The bed used laptops often easy to drag, or it's very HP Pavilion dv8000 Series Battery easy to body pinned the power cord, together with the surface of bed is soft, a long time caused the power cord to transition to bend, pulling, finally has caused the power cord to failure. When found power contact undesirable, and the screen flashing, or plug and body often when a hot, be about to consider the power cord happened power supply fault.

Second, laptops HP Pavilion dv6000 Series Battery often use side comes loose hot mouth cooling, and when it is placed in the soft bed surface heat will be blocked when the mouth, which can reduce the heat capacity. For this reason, the bed use laptops often find the computer overheating, cooling fan uninterrupted job, fault significantly increased, accumulate over a long period will reduce laptop computers using life. We should put on bed surface in a hard mat or small table, let the notebook in its work, let its radiator work more unobstructed.

Third, the notebook hard drive protection

Hard disk is one of the key components of notebook computer,hp pavilion dv5000 series battery it in the reading of the data and the data blanks head when only a few microns distance, vibration is caused by the head of the damage of the data blanks, thus the lost data or make hard disk completely damage. We in the soft bed activities often unintentionally to hard disk bring vibration, the hard drive was prone to damage. Suggest you in bed when using a laptop computer to reduce body movements frequency and reduce action range, gently fluctuation bed.

Warm prompt: between in bed of using notebook "harm" is bigger, so I suggest you do not often use a laptop in bed.

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 How to solve the problem of large computer host noise? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Often have a computer Laptop Battery enthusiasts to the author feedback, the main computer noise, but don't know how to solve. For most used longer computer may produce host noise. If you find the main computer noise is very big, might as well the author recommended for its way to rule out. Notebook fever cause exploration
First we first say the main computer noise from what place. We know that the main computer HP Pavilion DV1000 Series Battery main components include: processor, memory, and video CARDS (video card set to ignore, motherboard, hard drive, power supply, computer hardware, easy to produce noise accessories mainly has: the processor (mainly a cooling fan), video card (mainly refers to the independent video card), hard disk last may also is the memory. Memory this actually out noise is less, even if there is also associated with the computer of failure, so strict said memory can also ruled out.
The main computer noise what happened-the noise source
The main computer noise what happened-the noise source
We know that the main noise source of computer host, next, we will need to find the source of the noise host, if your computer HP Pavilion dv2000 Series Battery host appears more noise, so first open computer case, then open the computer, observation and listen carefully to the noise source area.
A: if only buzzing sound, the most is the sound of a fan, because use the fan too long, internal drying, natural meeting has some small buzzing noise, these belong to attribute normal phenomenon. If need to solve this fault can CPU fan will come down and the comprehensive clean up the dust, and on some fan lubricating oil of what effect will be immediate.
2: obvious kaka noise
Significant kaka noise, and many times is the power cord or CPU fan the power hp pavilion dv2000t battery cord and disk fan line against the CPU fan or video card to the cooling fan.
Solution: off the computer,hp pavilion dv4000 series battery a closer look at the line and didn't meet fan site, this just when listening to the general direction can be judged, rearrange the line can be solved generally.
3: noise source position hard disk
Hard drive internal disk damage is easy to produce noise, mainly is the head and hp pavilion dv5000 series battery avoid friction makes noise, appear this kind of circumstance noise general is obvious, with the hand to touch hard disk will feel as strong. Has this kind of situation that hard disk has been in a is damaged. Now suggest that we do data backup, recommend replacing hard disk, in order to solve the noise and data security.
4: noise source power supply
Computer power supply is also easier to produce noise accessories, general noise source power source and a cooling fan computer's HP Pavilion dv6000 Series Battery internal circuit. The most common noise source power supply cooling fans, we look at and listen to is easy to judge to the site, solution: if power supply in guarantee period, the proposal to take to the warranty, in addition the warranty has been old power, can try to clear dirt. Additional power supply circuit inside a small issues will also produce all sorts of strange noise, such as internal transformer faults easy to produce the harsh can't express noise, suggested that replace the power supply or repair.
The main computer HP Pavilion dv8000 Series Battery noise of the causes and solutions is these, some independent video card can also produce noise, everyone according to above methods to judge solve. There is no detailed introduction, for the main computer noise what happened, believe you already know a probably.



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 The African first independent research and development 7 "tablet computer exposure Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Today VMK Congo corp., a toshiba satellite a135-s4407 battery flat exposure, and it will be in the African continent first a domestic company developed the tablet computer.

Although this kind of flat pictures of exposure, but just the back of the product pictures. According to a toshiba satellite a135-s2286 battery person familiar with the family, so if in order to prevent product appearance is copying, and at the same time VMK company also is positive for this type of flat registered trademarks.

, the message said, VMK company produce this kind of flat, will run Android 2.3.3 version 1.2 GHz processor system, carry, with 512 MB RAM and ROM 4 GB memory storage space. But from the current exposure figure to see, this kind of flat panel will not equipped with cameras.

The African first independent research and development 7 "flat will to Taiwan fabs production, is expected to launch in September this year, it mainly to developing countries, price is not very high market.toshiba satellite a105-s2236 battery

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