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 Mid-range and high-grade model of digital portrait photography camera Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Intermediate model digital SLRS Camcorder Battery is suitable for a certain economic strength of the lovers or a professional photographer, this level of the camera's manipulating and reliability have certain across, this mainly embodies in some specific across the function, such as: even faster than the economy took a digital SLR cameras fast, metering mode more accurate, focusing accuracy also have greatly improved, etc.

More important, intermediate model digital SLRS clap a photo in the quality than economical digital SLRS high, but also can take out the more big images and higher resolution of the photo. Now in the market the mainstream of intermediate model digital portrait photography camera has a: Canon 5 D Mark Ⅱ, nikon D700, etc.

High-grade model digital SLR cameras canon bp-511a battery is the highest-level digital SLR, this type of digital SLR cameras have a durable all the metal shell, the shutter life also is as high as hundreds of thousands of times, and it had taken out of the picture is that all digital SLRS of the best quality.

High-grade model digital SLR cameras in many function parameter also is far higher than other two levels of camera, for example: the fastest shutter speed, the highest degree of specular highlights, take photos even speed, etc. The grades of digital camera by professional photographer's favorite, and have it in even more stringent conditions can be taken.

This level of digital SLRS canon eos 40d battery common are: Canon 1 DS Mark of production Ⅲ, nikon D3X production, etc. High-end digital SLR cameras though has incomparable advantage, but the price is far above the other two level camera, when buying, need to photographers have a economic strength.

High-end digital camera Canon BP-819 Battery is the pinnacle of the pyramid, with incomparable quality and operating performance, in many bad shooting environment also can take a very good picture, but its price is much higher than the other two types of camera.

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 Commonly used photography composition skill Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Vertical composition: can fully display the scenery and the sharp vl-z3u battery depth of the tall. Often used to show the thick forest, towering trees, FeiXie waterfall, skyscrapers, etc.

Symmetrical type composition: have balanced, stable, photograph echo characteristics. Faults: picture easy is dull, lack of change. But sometimes in the portrait photography adopt symmetrical type composition, if properly handled, can produce unexpected visual effect.

Balanced composition, : give a sharp vl-h860h battery person with contented feeling, the picture is complete structure, clever arrangement, can produce unexpected results.

Slash type composition: FenLiShi slash peace type two slash and often present movement, flow, the tilt, instability, unbalanced, stress, some pictures use slash create dynamic atmosphere.

Radiation type composition: subject for the center, the scenery around to spread, the composition of hair can make the person attention to main body, then can produce the spread of stretch, visual effect.Camcorder Battery

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 How to shoot family pet photography Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Shooting family pet,Canon BP-514 Battery must first understand their life habit, on their special expression to shoot, and matches by the appropriate props, arrange more elegant, clean environment, waiting patiently, let it be, to produce interesting picture.

Brunet pet in bright background easy to produce the exposure is insufficient, shadow detail lost, especially shooting sports pet is not easy to grasp.

Safety mobile speed, and a shutter speed as far as possible in Canon BP-819 Battery safety shutter above, make clear pictures of sharp, change exposure combination, increase exposure value, the central focusing metering, make more accurate metering value, can clearly express theme, make the shadow detail to manifest.

Although than in the exposure of the problems were solved, but still some short composition, point range is too big, the cat's expression didn't ability deep to characterize the out.

With large aperture falsified prospects or background. Pat pet like photographed Canon BP-2L12 Battery people same principle, the focus to fall in the eyes, and make full use of metering, make the main body enhanced stereo feeling, distinct level.

The composition is simple, clear, asparagus well in order to frame, the subject is prominent. Color contrast is gorgeous, background and main body on color, make the whole picture color fundamental key is stable. Use Canon BP-2L14 Battery to solve than too much light metering, that a subject more stereo, distinct. Focusing accurately, pet eyes sparkle, the picture of quietly elegant, the cats appeared quiet moments.

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 Lightweight portable digital camera Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

For the love of friends, it ready to record himself a sharp bt-h22 battery portable digital camera the most convenient. This camera is equipped with the built-in flash and basic viewfinder and LCD screen, but lens is not replaced. In selecting the portable camera, don't blind pursue high pixel, but to the comprehensive consideration of the camera performance. Had better choose optical zoom range of larger lens, avoid buying only digital zoom camera, because the so-called "digital zoom" is intercepted the sensor of the actual local amplification, and has a built-in flash and the red eye function. With these basic function of the portable digital cameras can facilitate our future use.

In the us the choose and buy a digital camera sharp bt-71 battery at the same time, still should buy a memory card, if your camera's already got a memory card, best buy another 1 G or 2 G card to replace. If the journey take full card, or card out the problems, and the other a can play its role. The photos will be important in a few scattered, many professional photographer card the safety measures, avoid a king-size memory card is lost or damaged to cannot make up for a regret.

You have chosen in a portable digital camera sharp bt-70 battery, we can make some small knowledge to let you to use it better, daily filming, inevitable hands shaking is. In you press the shutter when inadvertently to move, it may make the image blurring or is not clear enough, especially the dark light, then the best way is to use a tripod. At the same time, also want to make sure your finger can not blocked shots, also don't block the flashing light, it could lead to lens can not work normally, flash can't normal exposure.

Most portable camera sharp bt-80 battery with a zoom lens and digital zoom function, but in fact the so-called digital zoom just cutting the image after the sensor in the small piece of image. When possible, can put the digital zoom function shut down to only use optical zoom, because in the later you can use a computer cutting pictures.

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 City building the composition of skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Line in the form of DuoZhong diversity,panasonic cga-du12 battery such as linear (including horizontal line, vertical line, slash), line, wave line, arc line, and so on, and is repeated maze like the shape of the square, triangle, the circular, etc., and building can get the full embodiment. When taken to observe carefully building building the contour line and shape and posture, and master the words of thermoelectric emfs lines, seek and find expressive all sorts of line.

Generally speaking, vertical picture to the panasonic vw-vbd140 battery tall buildings shooting performance, or the grand street depth to feel; Banners taken picture can better the performance of buildings with momentum. But the different shooting Angle can take a different effect; Positive shooting-show the grave and serious; building Filming the performance side-building stereo feeling and its surrounding environment, Yang pat--the magnificent showing architecture and; Take--show building overlooking the group feeling. We should according to the requirements of different subject to neatly, can proper showing the architectural style and the lasting appeal.

We usually is more the idea photography has the artistic building modelling, therefore, we can use the unique photography Angle, design a interesting images; Use wide Angle or super wide Angle lens to show the impact of the vision, also can yet be regarded as a panasonic vw-vbd22 battery kind of shooting style.

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