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 Using digital cameras and application effect of special setting pattern Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the digital camera hitachi dz-bp07s battery shooting scene mode, there are some special shooting model, these patterns although not often use, but if you can master, will be for us to take to bring convenience, increase to take the result.


Panorama mode, some lack of 28 mm wide Angle phase opportunity equipped with panoramic mode, with panoramic shooting mode over wide range hitachi dz-bp14r battery picture (such as mountains and rivers, the sea), phase in each photo opportunity to set aside extra after position, to help more than one continuous shooting, photographer, the synthesis of a scenery after photos.


Underwater shooting model, it can be taken from hitachi dz-bp28 battery the water swimming flow sense, water supply, clear visual effects, capturing the water with the main body of the harmonious move feeling, but the model should be professional photographers shooting, taken when the attention and water the relationship between the external light, harmonious sex and the curve flow sense.


Digital camera special scene is a new field, in a different environment conditions by different shooting model income picture also has a different effect, use all sorts of special effects taken out of the picture mode, the picture show the effect will be better.


The chart in photography is not difficult  15


In the process of photography, hitachi dz-bp7sj battery so that the way is directly influence the automatic exposure camera exposure the main factors of performance, in the use of the camera before the metering, we must first understand its metering range is how much, this will be more conducive to our metering.


The wrong way for the parameters given to be shot taken excessive picture exposure, light areas lost some this level.


Speaking of shooting night scenes, some people may think that as long as there is a tripod, an appropriate exposure can be completed, metering is a extra steps, shown in the hitachi dz-bp7sw battery picture black dominant, metering error serious cause picture exposure is insufficient, the darker level lost, suggested that the metering points in the minor on the picture for filming.


To use the same key center for automatic exposure metering and way, because the metering table "gray level of" design principle for the sake of the picture content is shown slightly excessive exposure.


Filming for some direct exposure will get good body right of artistic effect and visual effects, some but not, in this shooting case, some moment needs intentional change the exposure, in art photography is especially important, so long as can be taken from the perfect photo. Art photography in the hitachi dz-mv270a battery process, often can exist photographers your personal feelings, with the picture to reflect his own feeling, such feelings may not affect his exposure to the control, photography exposure is a complex problem, it includes not only technical standard also covers the artistic feeling.



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 In the light of the photography than the understanding of concepts Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Light is defined as than light and vice light than, in the HITACHI Camcorder Battery artificial lighting conditions, light than is may change, by measuring the adjustment than get the proportion of light scheduled relationship. Light than can also be adjusted by measuring the body and the intensity of illumination by smooth backlighting and get, but note that measuring intensity of illumination and measurement of the brightness of light get than in numerical will may not.

The light of the size of the weather than with terms and conditions, the Camcorder Battery fine weather strong sunshine than light, a cloud in the sky, the clouds the sun after the scattering and become soft, light than decreases, and so has "false cloudy" portrait photography for the claim.

If be taken body is the portrait or small objects, can also be used in photography of gauze shade pervious to light material direct sunlight, produce a similar "false cloudy" the effect. A cloudy day without direct sunshine, make the sky light scattering uniform lighting, so there is no light than or light are small, and with top light effect, the size of the light and be than taken environment reflective characteristics related, reflective strong Digital Camera Battery environment can increase was taken body dark parts of the lighting level, so the light than decreases, and conversely, the light is larger.

Scattering light shooting portrait, can soft change the character image, light than small, visual effect is soft comfortable.

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 Filming in the corner of the main body of the forgotten photography skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

We often focus on bright beautiful objects,Camcorder Battery also have dilapidated things, but these things have in common that it is attractive, will be compared to the strong things in our QuJingKuang is very natural. Once the photos taken out can see it is deliberately but is, then you want to take some life things? And let your picture looks like side occasionally casual jump out to a corner of the same interesting and fancy.

Making this photos need you to pay attention to those who is often overlooked things, for example, the bin, a telephone booth, a door to the shutters, fire hydrant, shop signs, and so on.canon camera batteries The unexpected objects more interesting, the audience will see pictures said "oh! This thing also can shoot!" Would you think of pictures are very rare is very interesting, so you will success will show pictures of you out.

However, in this kind of pictures taken also want to notice, more details of the shooting some thing, let your picture rich not drab, because the pictures of you may be just one Canon BP-2L14 Battery of the main body of the little horn, so be about to have a more attractive the details of the audience, let the audience looking at you'll notice, there are other things that could be observed, such pictures of you, it is not only about life with took, you give it meaning.

We often focus on things that we may not be taken things, such as road signs, and we can see it every day, but not everyone raise camera to film it. And a lot of the things that we didn't pay attention, there are Canon BP-2L12 Battery very interesting, such as dustbin, actually it can also reflect a lot of information, if can of words, special take a set of photos of garbage will also have a powerful special photography skills.



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 Use the application of macro mode shooting skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Macro model aperture is larger.Camcorder Battery GanGuangDu also higher. Large aperture use shallow dof highlighted, the background falsified can better highlight subject content. Macro mode GanGuangDu set is on the high side, was to prevent the phenomenon of the hands shook. Macro photography is widely used in flowers and plants, insects and side small objects of production.
Flowers in the green background of the foil below, particularly prominent in the macro mode that automatically adjustable big digital opportunity aperture, focusing accurately, make whole body emerges. In the use of macro mode when must pay attention to master and be subject to the distance, use the full performance was taken body image.
In light of the museum is generally dim, macro mode in digital photograph SHARP Camcorder Battery automatically adjustable large aperture chance to shoot, thus prominent main body throw the background.
Use less when shooting mode should pay attention to the following:

1. Use telephoto shooting, spin the focal length, becomes shallow depth of field, can better outstanding theme.

2. Try to cut short the perturbation distance, of the macro mode in from sharp vl-h860h battery the subject more close, and the more accurate focus. The picture is more clear.

3. Strengthen the subject and background of contrast, color contrast, the contrast of light and shade nakedness or contrast.

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 Pictures taken of the distance and depth of field skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Shooting distance, can form Camcorder Battery deep depth of field, the shooting distance close, make the shallow depth of field. That is shooting time circle size unchanged, using the focal length of the lens is unchanged, the distance is taken body more far, before and after pictures of the clear range, forming deep depth of field effect; Conversely, taken from the body more close, and the scope of clear before and after the smaller, form the shallow depth of field effect.

If shooting distance beyond the focus distance, the shooting range and depth of field proportional to the rule was set up. In this case, the shooting the canon bp-511a battery farther the distance, the shallow depth of field. Properly narrow shooting distance, can form the shallow depth of field effect, but too much to narrow the shooting distance, can cause was taken body deformation, distortion.

Depth of field and aperture, the focal length, the photography distance relationship between:

Deep preview: small aperture, focal length short, the shooting of distance.

Shallow depth of field: aperture of, the focal length long, shooting distance near.

Because of the photographer and be taken at close range, canon eos 40d battery plus use large aperture, a long-focal-length, make the whole picture form the shallow depth of field effect. Prospects and background were falsified, main body got outstanding.

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