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 Power use time Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Power use time namely digital camera CASIO Digital Camera Battery use original battery can photographs number. Digital camera often can use dry cell batteries, manganese base zinc, nickel cadmium battery, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium ion battery and lithium battery as its power. Use the battery as a power supply, not only replace simple, and make the camera and easy to carry, flexible operation, and the battery the scope of the choice is larger.

Just buy back of rechargeable batteries CASIO Battery Charger generally very low or no electricity power, should charge before use. For charging time, depends on the charger and battery, and whether the use of voltage stability, and other factors. If is the first use of the battery, the lithium battery charge must be more than six hours of time, the nimh batteries must be more than 14 hours, or future battery life will be short. General required to pass through several times the charging/discharging process can reach the best efficiency. And the battery and residual power, try not to repeat charging, to ensure the battery life. Full of electric charge was very hot, should stay after cooling then in camera.

Digital cameras Casio NP-L7 battery have electricity ability, if you use a do not match the battery or do not pay attention to save, then the battery in didn't you shoot a few picture fails. The following measures can save battery usage: first, try to avoid using unnecessary zoom operation; Second, avoid frequent use flash, flash is large power consumption, we try to avoid using; Third, in the adjustment of the picture composition of best use when the viewfinder, and do not use LCD. Because most of the digital camera will open for liquid crystal display (LCD) point that consume more power, will close it can make a battery spare time two or three times growth; Fourth, use less as far as possible even pat function. Digital camera even pat function of the most built-in cache to temporarily save digital photos. If often use these cache of words, the electric power very much. Therefore, to reduce the use even the beat and the dynamic image short films function, are of great help for power saving.

In order to avoid the loss of the power problem, battery Casio NP-130 Battery cleaning is very necessary. Keep the battery on both ends of the contact points and the battery cover internal clean and, when necessary, use soft, clean dry cloth graze, never can use clean sex or the chemical has the solubility things clean your digital camera, battery, or charger. If you intend to long time don't use a digital camera, must want the battery from a digital camera out, it will be completely after discharge (some charger with this function is not available, such as the small resistance short sub as far as possible the electricity off) stored in a dry, cool and environment, and don't batteries with general of the metal items stored in together. Storage already full of electric battery, must not guiltily, pocket, handbag or other contained metal items in the container to prevent short circuits.

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 Photography in the white balance of the automatic exposure compensation Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

White balance exposure compensation is CASIO Digital Camera Battery also in the filming process to correct exposure in the correct exposure, using this method can make you had taken of the whole picture brightness has been adjusted. White balance exposure compensation of the specific function also is white and black decreases. In a white environment filming, metering have low phenomenon. Then can increase exposure to get the correct exposure compensation, the effect of exposure. In contrast, in the more black case, the camera metering often on the high side, then the need to reduce exposure to get the correct exposure effect.

Shooting the snow, snow to light reflex camera Digital Camera Battery metering caused by strong deviation particularly big, at this time, to increase the exposure, or white snow will become gray.

During the filming the snow, use is exposure compensation increase exposure will get the Snow White and gray is not, in the snow or white gauze filming use + 1 f or + 2 f series is exposure compensation will get a good result.

Exposure compensation are used for still life, scenery of shooting occasions, the occasion for easy to parameter adjustment, with different compensation scheme more photo taken to choose. In the object of light area more casio np-100 battery underexposed scene, such as light, strong light snow, the surface of the water, sunrise sunset scene, and can use the + EV for exposure compensation, and in the area of objects dark more exposure excessive scene China, such as the thickets, and, by the shadow of perturbation body black objects such as a close-up of, can use-EV for exposure compensation.

A lot of photographic fans feel shooting night scenes, ability is poor, the important is one of the reasons is not correctly use camera casio np-20 battery white balance exposure compensation. In addition, use of white balance exposure compensation can take out some special effect picture, more aesthetic, such as high effect and the low-key effect.

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 At night the appeal of the photography of artistic conception photography skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The night scenery of the canon powershot sd890 is battery gorgeous, after the sunset, using the moon, stars and natural light or artificial light to shoot all is the night the category of photography. Shooting night scenes, the most striking features of light is not enough, so the shutter speed will be lower, so when photography should try to use the tripod and the shutter release to avoid camera shaking, so that produced a clear image.
The night than during the day, sometimes photography taken more convenient, can use the night environment photographer who don't want to cover up the performance of the things, to purify the picture, show during the day and different appeal and artistic conception. If use the light shooting night light, using low shutter shooting the headlight track, etc.
Star light,canon powershot sd990 is battery simply say a mirror have Nick filter, suitable for performance and precious stones lights, causes it to have the star the glory of the shape of mans. In the night scene photography by using star can make the night light more bright, will the night sky is more colorful and wonderful ornament.
In the dim light building in the set off of can appear very beautiful, and presented the unique characteristics of the building outline, be lit the important part of the city at night. In the film, should according to specific environment is used for center-weighted average metering or spot metering or local metering mode to express the glare. And in the performance of the night when the traffic, can choose on an overpass down pat, and the camera on the tripod fixed, use long exposure to catch the road traffic on the track, the shutter speed set to 15 s. Or so. In addition, can use the aperture of the intermediate, exposure compensation to diminish a, in order to avoid excessive exposure lamp.
During the filming at night, the camera af function will show weak side, the whole coke very difficult, so should be used in the manual focus at this time. To get traffic lights from the drag effect, the exposure time should not below 10 s. The buildings in the night and lighting of the light from the digital camera canon digital ixus 750 battery will show more gorgeous effect. Can use not too can white balance, in order to get the photo present different tonal, express different artistic conception.

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 Beauty positive a close-up of facial photography skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Shooting SAMSUNG Digital Camera Battery portrait photo, different angles show character traits, so when the Angle to see first before the shooting Angle characteristics. Generally speaking, positive shooting performance figures against the beauty, it is difficult to grasp the action of the characters, both neither can let action is too stiff, also cannot too casual. So in shooting the beauty of the facial features front, they should be controlled to some extent.
In the positive features, character expression is important, because the observers of the characters facial all the details of the be clear at a glance. So in Samsung BP85A Battery filming, to mobilize the direct the sentiment, make the screen don't seem so dull. Can't let expression too contrived, or to choose those inflexible. Stiff expression. Positive shooting easy to be blunt, so should be chosen appropriately shooting Angle, break positive Angle of square bring feeling.
Shooting the beauty of the positive features, the choice of the light is very important also, choose a few great light than or weak light of extreme than light, can avoid the positive photography many faults. Great light Billy to SAMSUNG SLB-0837 Battery reflect emotional, weak light than high-profile as might be sweet.
The beauty of the high-profile shooting close-up, reflect character outline and facial expression.

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 The portrait photography form the filming of foot points Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Just a pair of white, slender legs sometimes appear expression is not enough, canon digital ixus 850 is battery it doesn't matter, we have props are available. If beautiful leg match on high-heeled shoes and socks, female sexy side will get perfect performance. Most of the time, the female models can through the tie-in high-heeled shoes and socks to show sex appeal. Filar socks can let his legs line more fluent, quality of a material is more perfect, high-heeled shoes can make feet become more delicate, send out a more sexy elements.

In the filar socks and high heels collocation, the key should fall in the canon eos rebel t3 battery stockings, filar socks there are many. Such as transparent filar socks, socks, black socks, natural fishing nets socks, different filar socks can show different sex appeal. On the choice of high-heeled shoes for not so, can express sexy this one theme. If the foot model is better, can't wear shoes shooting, the image is very attractive.

Women's feet is often the most charming place, but no matter how beautiful feet, would have some different defects. Shooting feet, first to pay attention to the feet of the shape control, with his legs, from the front feet on a foot line is a good choice. Because the relationship between the perennial walk, the bottom of the feet are often can have comparatively thick the cocoon, shooting out of the picture not so pretty, usually won't filming the bottom of feet.

The feet of all is a fall gourd form, if taken from canon eos kiss x4 battery the bottom, such a shape can appear very obvious, the sole of the foot even will look very big.

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