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 Slow shutter photography the night scene effect Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Photos to ensure that night, have enough into the amount of light, at the OLYMPUS Digital Camera Battery aperture in, still have to use slow shutter. This allows us to make full use of the advantage of slow shutter, conception created in the sunlight, taken to special effects, have unexpected surprise.

At night to watch the creation, filming the scene around, as long as they are olympus stylus 770 sw battery in the moving objects. We can use it to get up, is slow shutter, the function of seemingly insipid picture, can produce interesting results. Note to animates wicker, at the same time there is old tree branches in foil, slow shutter formed under the contrast of the actual, the picture thus become vivid, poetic.

Night light is low, so that we must use lower speed to filming the scene. Filming to note the following points:

(1) using solid on a tripod. Due to the slow speed of filming, press the shutter release must be very careful, especially the long time exposure, any slight shaking will affect the quality of the images.olympus stylus 500 battery

(2) will try to focus on the in bright scenery, then lock on the approximate composition. Sometimes the light fades, focus distance never to accurately determine, can use visual manual focus, and reduce aperture to increase of the depth of field range.

(3) when shooting can use digital camera playback function, to grasp the photo exposure is correct or not. If the light is too big, can't than in a photograph, it can be used both DuoCi different exposure to the same scene in the late shooting, computer processing, so the PS can effectively control the contrast of images, improve the performance of the details.olympus fe-350 battery

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 The city the night scene shooting skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The content of the shooting casio np-20 battery night, can also is very rich, the city traffic, people, the streets, the road and buildings, and the stars, the lighting fireworks, etc. If after the rain of the night, the ground inverted image, the more will render the city the night scene colorful. Carry your tripod, make full use of the light color temperature, fluorescent lamp cold tone, the common bulb neon colour change warm color is moved, and the dynamic object, and use their camera, a comprehensive use of various functions all aspects of shooting elements, smoothly to represent object move feeling, the flow of the light.

The night of the light, so that we can reduce the speed of the shooting to use reduce the flow of vehicles or pedestrians, leaving the actual alternate with,casio np-40 battery color colorful pictures. Shooting night than during the day has a more lasting appeal.

And when the dark night comes, even met the rainy day, also 10 million don't miss, go out to try,casio np-60 battery there must be a gain.

The night of the shooting, the first is the dynamic object choice to determine the speed, the extent of the throw objects, and then set the size of the aperture. Exposure of the most bright picture attention with the darkest part of the middle level between, long time exposure to note down easy law failure problem. Although the shutter speed and exposure is in proportion, but the exposure time of extreme extension, the relationship is lost to proportion, into the light source, underexposed night very complex, to get the accurate exposure, difficulty bigger, then digital camera casio np-100 battery shows the advantage of it, through the observation of the digital camera screen or playback in front of the photos to adjust, but use digital cameras, will be affected by night, the effects of the noise from the long time exposure and ISO mode is high is especially remarkable.

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 The light of landscape photography of choice Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In nature with qiao varied "light",canon lp-e10 battery is the most basic request landscape photography, landscape photography is also one of the greatest challenges to us. Because when we go out, carrying a camera we can't change the nature of the illumination Angle, this is where the difficulty of the landscape photography. But we can wait and look for the optimal light moment, let the light of different for our scenery modeling services.

Although the canon eos 7d battery light doesn't often adopted, but also have exception for performance, such as the water in the natural landscape colour, the light may be right choice, can obtain the biggest who buy saturation in colour. Because the light into the surface of the lens to glance at least.

45 ° side before the most with light people daily visual habit, scenery has some of the light and shade contrast, can show the stereo feeling and relatively rich scenery of the shadow, to the color level of grain reduction is ideal, just air perspective feeling of depth was not strong enough. The 90 ° is side light of light and shade the building scenery that half of the scenery, most obvious contrast and stereo feeling, especially on a surface structures are coarse or uneven scenery, such as buildings, such as rock, anaglyph, have special expression. Just because of light and shade contrast big and against the color reduction. Especially the cheap Digital Camera Battery, using in the light side need to be careful about the picture composition, and avoid excessive contrast, causing an overflow of light, lose picture highlights details or dark parts level.

Backlight landscape photography canon eos 350d battery is the most individual character of light, the most suitable for performance level scenery before and after more, in every scene behind the outline of the outline of the outline of a beautiful light, make scenery generates a strong between before and after the space distance and good perspective effect. Of course, in the face of such contrasting light scenery, generally choose according to the site, let highlights exposure dark parts loss some also just as well. Because once dark parts according to expose that, as far as possible shadow detail retained, but highlights level must be lost, the impact of the mystery, and light works for cheap digital camera for tolerance, also is bad choice.

Anyhow, want to get a personality scenery photography canon eos 450d battery, side light and backlight is the most favorable, as long as appropriate exposure, it can make pictures become more intriguing. Of course, not all of the landscape are suitable to use light to show, especially some need in a positive light, the details of the scenery next will appear too dark.

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 Backlight build simple beauty Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Light is to point to the SONY Cyber-shot DSC-W310 Battery light projection direction and lens axis direction and direct relative from body of the rear of the light. But the backlight can be taken, the effect of the contracted, that is unique, when shown in silhouette of the main body of the outline form as the main purpose, to shoot of light exposure standard, make bright for detail perfect appear, and lose most of the dark parts level. And half are silhouetted against the effect of the silhouette. This mixed and disorderly redundant line, hidden in the shadows, details of more outstanding theme background concise object. Although the use of light shooting, consideration should be given to both the appropriate auxiliary light, shady positive levels and details to get performance, auxiliary light should be appropriate, even, be not too bright.

Backlight and thus performance perspective and stereo feeling,SONY Cyber-shot DSC-W350 Battery express air space depth and environment, especially in the morning and evening atmosphere shot can show far levels. Under the backlight of transparent or translucent object, show simple sense and texture levels, the shooting picture, color clear, glittering and translucent and bright light of opaque, there will be beautiful contour light, be able to with background separation. The choice of the points and exposure metering grasp, is to use the same key, light shooting is difficult to master.

Backlight, leaves for shooting and appear glittering and translucent and bright backlight, the picture light contrast is very strong.SONY Cyber-shot DSC-W330 Battery

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 Shooting Angle Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In order to get the most ideal picture, must consider the shooting Angle. The FUJIFILM NP-50 Battery choice of the shooting Angle in photography has the balance of power. The point of view of the shooting in the direction of the shooting and involve the height of two forms. Different shooting Angle would be the image and the attitude taken body produce different effect, can achieve different modelling effect and visual experience. Below we introduce the commonly used shooting Angle and its characteristics.

Flat when the FUJIFILM NP-60 Battery position and take the camera was taken body at the same height, lens toward the horizontal shooting. The shooting results and eye observation of the scenery, the characteristic is similar to the feeling, scenery difficult deformation, composition more smoothly, the effect true nature. Defect is the lack of new, slightly dull.

Take the camera position when prone than be taken body level height, lens down to the shooting. Take pictures and deformation, be helpful for performance of the ground scenery level, quantity, give a person with profound, and the vast experience, suitable for filming the scene, broad performance grand sweeping, etc. But when shooting to FUJIFILM NP-95 Battery pay attention, overcome height is insufficient, avoid shooting when one character ratio imbalance.

Yang took place when the camera is less than the level of body height, taken the lens as shooting upward. Can be adjusted upward clap a body height, be helpful for performance, the TengYue up tall image such as imposing manner. When shooting too much exaggeration to bring attention to the distortion, because more than take up to the sky as the background, so must pay attention to the problem, avoid exposure metering shortage.FUJIFILM NP-120 Battery

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