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 Use of precise metering ae lock screen Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The use of camera canon lp-e5 battery ae lock button, on the image on the local precise metering.

Ae lock button can lock you at that time when metering of aperture and shutter speed, and then you can reset the composition. Ae lock button can lock you at that time when metering of aperture and shutter speed, and then you can reset the composition.

In your digital SLRS behind, there is a marked with "*", or write AE-L button, and pressed it can lock exposure value. You can be in automatic mode using this button, more accurately control exposure.

This button is the full name of the ae Lock button (Auto exposure Lock). The camera canon lp-e6 battery in the area for center-weighted average metering or spot metering and metering, exposure value can be with the brightness of the different regions and change. Use this button, you can picture of any region of the film, and then the lock, then adjust composition, need not worry about the change of the values of the film.

In many scene, radial light and shade disparity, such as backlight circumstances, you shot of the object may very dark, and background is pure color of the sky. Or as this picture, you were filming the pervious to light objects, and a dark background. This function and other use, such as you need to view photos taken such a series of photos of consistent exposure, according to this button has been, it won't change the exposure.

You can be in fully automatic and semi-automatic exposure mode all use the ae lock button, such as aperture and shutter priority is preferred. This function in the central focus for center-weighted average metering or spot metering and the metering most widely used. Because you need to shot of the objects may not to focus on, you could start to an object, or a region precise metering, then lock exposure value composition again. So you can be in automatic mode, need not with exposure compensation function can also make exposure accurate picture.

The use of camera "*" or "AE-L" button, get exposure accurate picture.canon lp-e4 battery

1. Read the exposure

We will metering mode to the central focus on film, so can read the picture of the local area exposure value. Press the shutter release button then half, in focusing the camera canon lp-e8 battery at the same time, also can undertake to be automatic metering.

2. Lock exposure

When you have finished your film, press the ae lock button. You don't need to have been according to this button click exposure will lock. Some brands of camera in loosen button after period of time to metering.

3. The photo was taken

Ae lock after that, you can reset the composition that the photo was taken. According to the camera difference, if you want to a series of photos of the same photo exposure, you may need to keep the shutter half press, or have been according to lock button canon lc-e6 battery

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 Break photography rule 3 cases Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Photography is an encouraging people to break the rules of the field. You are visual militants? Like challenge limit? Took the camera Digital Camera Battery? But in a break with some basic photography rule before, you must first learn them. Sometimes you need to abide by the law, sometimes want bold abandoned. Practice more, experience will tell you how to choose.

The rule of thirds

Photography of the most basic composition of a law was called "three points law". Three points should be emphasized in law subject of JiuGongGe photos, and as such as canon eos 1d battery horizontal also should according to you want to express in the photo on the third place.

When you have a natural frame, can emphasize center main body, or have a strong line of sight guide to center position, can break the rule of thirds.

In photography, can consider to use at the same time two kinds of methods. Some of the pictures using three points law, at the same time there is 1 and 2, zhang intentionally break it. Through the canon eos kiss x4 battery contrast you can be sure which way is more suitable for the current environment.


Master the focus is the difference between canon digital ixus 750 battery experience with the most obvious photographer, the new one of the skills.

Focus can decide the level of photographer, the main reason is that, to use the camera AF system and automatic set accurate control of the focus is not easy. In automatic shooting mode, the opportunity for you in all things decision. Whether you like it or not, the camera will try to take all things clear.

To take pictures of the melt deliberately, you need to set off the automatic, including automatic focus. You must grasp the aperture of the camera canon digital ixus 850 is battery is preferred mode, usually in the "A" or "Av" said. Av mode allows you to set the aperture to get the most appropriate depth of field, let the camera decided to shutter speed.

Taken from behind

Many photographed during filming only pay attention to the front. They try to close to the object, and then shooting a close-up photos. This is photography tutorial said the right thing to do canon lp-e8 battery, but don't neglect turned 180 degrees of scenery-from behind after the shooting.

Keep taking your positive picture is not a bad thing, just finishing after positive, might as well see behind it. Go back, see if you can find a higher position, looking for different Angle.

Break photography rule, sometimes makes pictures of you look full of WeiHe feeling, but sometimes the canon lc-e6 battery best picture and you throw away in the textbook appears later.

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 Portrait and the characters photography-face modelling performance Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

From the general sense, portrait photography canon bp-608a battery is mainly refers to compare standard characters photography, and with the modelling of static majority; But the character photography is mainly refers to characters activities (including characters environment in) of shooting, dynamic performance to give priority to. Both can collectively referred to as the portrait photography, the key is to face the filming of people should not simply performance figures appearance image, the more important is to show people deeply the character of the inner world, all the characteristics of its activities.

The fundamental basis of face, can be divided into the positive side, three quarters and positive side 3 kinds. Positive like easy to be inflexible. But the use of positive as easy to appear inflexible. But the use of positive as easy to describe those communication the eye of the mind. If the object was filmed a elliptic symmetrical face, like also can get satisfactory positive the modelling effect.

If let face to left or right to some, let's side of the ear just can't see so far, is the most common photography canon bp-412 battery three-quarters of the profile, then can more fully shows the person's image, and because of the size of the face changes and appear more vivid. Because of the hair style and other factors, left or right turn, the modelling effect also can produce change.

There is a dramatic image side effect, because people can't see myself at ordinary times the profile, so will the profile of feel novel, also easy to feel disappointed. Especially the profile of average person is not very beautiful, photographs when the choice should be more careful.

In addition, the face of the pitch Angle also is very exquisite, the head a little prone some lower, suitable for face more fat people, makes face become thin some are also prone to tender feelings and cautious modelling effect. Head upward slightly higher, suitable for face more thin person, make your face become fat some, also can show a sense of pride, or give a person with strong self-confidence impression. canon bp-308b battery

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 Star light and western the use effect of the mirror Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Star light is a can make pictures of the canon eos 7d battery every bright point light source has specific shapes of starlight, produce the effect of dazzles everyone.

Star light is made of transparent surface filter, etched with mesh or fine line uneven texture and make. Along with the fine line of trees and fine line of the different picture, produce the effect of starlight is different also, for canon eos 350d battery example a cross, six mans star, the m word. Now also appeared by rotation to change the pattern of starlight star light.

Star light effect of the main influence factors of the light source is light intensity, light source of light, the better the starlight produced the more obvious effect, such as street light, light, candlelight, the water reflective, etc. Star light effect is also influenced by the aperture influence, the smaller the aperture, use light effect is the obvious, on the contrary, the greater the aperture, the greater the effect is not apparent, stars have brought out the line also more short.

Use the star light should pay attention to, the use of star light does have foil atmosphere effect, but don't do wrong use, can increase the messy feeling picture.

Lambency mirror is made by transparent glass lenses, its surface is designed to uneven appearance.canon eos 450d battery So when the light rays pass through lambency mirror when hair constant scattering, thus make the object the outline of the outline of soft change, decrease the image contrast.

Lambency mirror is widely used in studio portrait photography, because the use of western mirror can to a certain extent fixed on the skin of a small defects, and can build a mysterious, romantic atmosphere.

Lambency mirror also can be used in the scenery photography, the scene of the shooting out such pictures is more mysterious breath, as in the world.

Use the dream like shooting lambency mirror, hazy.

Use mirror shoot the canon eos rebel t1i battery light with mysterious breath scenery photo,

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 Building tonal contrast-distinguish master-slave, good choice Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Building a strong contrast photos,FUJIFILM NP-50 Battery filmed in xinjiang, the sun, hana fast down the hill, from the mountains of the backlight will shoot grass and grazing sheep light, show the golden warm color is moved, background and prospect are already in the shadow, the cool color to move. So, will distinguish between subject and the background.

When the picture with two or more point shooting, can use large aperture will subject and accompany body from the rest. Filmed in the FUJIFILM NP-60 Battery model T form a performance. Prospects black, blue, forming a semicircle of character sketch cold cadence, around the center of the picture together, wearing a red dress subject-the model. Model appears very conspicuous, is not only because of its position, but also because of changes in temperature center caused by comparison.

As accompany body the foreground and background, in photography composition is often appear, generally speaking, shape appropriate Jane shoulds not be numerous, should not be shallow tonal appropriate deep. Them as picture of the organic part, can play the outstanding theme, increase dimensional feeling and the sense of depth of photos role. Therefore, the photographic composition, want to use well aperture in the role of the FUJIFILM NP-95 Battery accompany body and subject harmony, let works more abound artistic appeal, also want to avoid the foreground and background of the gild the lily. Accompany body, after all, only on the role of the foil, on the choice, arrangement of accompany body accompany body, must not the leading role.

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