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 The streets of the cultural and artistic performance proxy photography Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the streets like festival, you sometimes see wonderful folk performing arts, as photographic lovers, must want to olympus li-42b battery record cultural and artistic performance through the lens of the wonderful moment.

If the performance of the shooting street fixed, can use manual focus method. If the film is not fixed field performance street, had better use the continuous autofocus camera or intelligent automatic focus, also is tracking ranging method, with the main body mobile adjust the focal length, so that the main body keep clear.

Such as shooting of three people the following performances, best to enter the game field inside, with low Angle and use the wide Angle lens, of target track shoot, focus and grab the performers during the height of the dynamic picture moment. Wide Angle lens focal olympus li-50b battery length short, depth of field, as long as set in the F8 aperture can obtain clear picture of. If photographs group performance, standing in the show's best positive, high Angle of use telephoto lenses opportunists capture performers collective modelling action.

Choose as far as possible concise background, in order to highlight the main body. Filming a little ducks, the camera up, make the main body part is the sky background, close to the main body as far as possible, make the main body image filled with most of the picture, use telephoto lenses large aperture throw the background, attention should be paid to avoid brightly colored background.

The use of different shutter speed, can get the effect of different picture.

(1) clear picture of the whole. More than 1/250 of a second with the olympus li-60b battery shutter speed, solidification subject picture.

(2) dynamic fuzzy, clear picture of static. 1/15 seconds with the shutter speed, can make the part falsified, let picture form dynamic fuzzy, static clear effect.

(3) subject clear, accompany body fuzzy pictures. With 1/30 SEC or 1/60 SEC shutter speed, moving subjects to follow shooting, to create a clear picture main body, the effect of the fuzzy accompany body present.Digital Camera Battery

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 Photography in the life of the deduction of on the stage Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Photography Digital Camera Battery art activities is a dynamic process. The order has been established by the radical factors tend to stand out. "The old order" is often violently suppressed rebelled, but also often will collapse, make newcomers may build a "new order". Long dispute usually reflects the conflict between the world outlook of the tense struggle. At one time seems a radical, novel, challenge, the social thing, often will become the next period conservative standards, or in many years later became the darling of the nostalgic.

Simple review the history and some examples of photography. Will help to understand the present and future trend. By using some kind of specific way, represent a kind of inner authenticity is one of the basic elements of the art activities.canon powershot sd990 is battery In some time people thought that can be as accurate as possible performance to subject, is the basic function of art; In other times, explain theme become more important. In all cases, the artists have explain theme become more important. In a variety of situations, artists have in represents a personal point of view, this view often profoundly, however is indirectly by this culture's popular trend influence. When photography has just created, people's attention mainly concentrated in a faithful record those with other art forms can't write down the details. In people the photography admiration began to fade accuracy later, instead of those who represent exciting to watch the pictures of the scene. These exciting of the photos are made by people who ambitious traveler to all over the world, in the place where the shooting known. What follows is a photographer who made the painting works make person infatuation, photography theme often are some biblical stories or moral fable. Later, the photographer finally no longer see themselves bound to other art created in standard. So far, the photographer finally no longer see themselves bound to other art created in standard. So far, the photographer to be an artist. Since then, the heart and eyes behind the camera to focus on performance unique personal point of view, and through the photography in the picture of the technology to materialize. The art of photography schools, many ideas, limited to the theme of the book, we emphatically introduced the technology.

Since the photography technology in August 1839 and was published by the world, since its initial stage because the camera and various types of matching the high cost and operation appliance heavy and complicated, in quite a long period of time, only professionals might have. Early photography is only painting masters the auxiliary means work, along with the development of society, and the camera make technology improve, the optical imaging performance, operating performance and carry with improving performance, film photographic properties and imaging technology continues to mature and operation is convenient, make more and more people have, use a camera. In the daily camera. In daily life, photography canon powershot sd890 is battery of the charm of record characteristics are getting more and more serious. People use camera to record the social life and family all aspects of life are so common. Through pictures of their income from photography, is not only a kind of means of dissemination of information, is also a kind of exchange emotions carrier; Make people love the nature of truth through photographs to reflect, give people rich and colorful life leave unforgettable memory.

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 Travel photography will kill technology-photography books Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Travel photography will kill skills

The travel photography skills will kill of the photography CANON NB-4L Battery foundation for slight travel photography enthusiasts written by the author for more than ten years to go to Europe and China shot of the wonderful pictures, including Spain, Portugal and France also teeth of medieval town, historic site, the world heritage and festivals (fiesta). The biggest characteristic is to travel as the core planning content, especially focused on the key techniques, design intent and travel photo stories.

First of all, the travel photography will kill skill "provide for travel and the essential skills of photography. In filming of the bull-running bullfighting performance as an example, I in addition to hand over to treat equipment is ready to and camera Settings, but also provides food and clothing lives row photography CANON NB-5L Battery festival is the most important details, including buying cattle tickets and chooses seat and matters needing attention; Because looking for the ideal position is shooting performance activities most key of skills, or have a first-class photography skills and expensive equipment also of no help.

Moreover, this book on more difficult photographs in-depth analysis. Take < flow feast: Paris moulin rouge > speaking, I in the article stated the preparation before starting work, take the idea and the idea of the picture processes and provide travel photography fans outside the conception of the aperture shutter intentions and photography experience.

Finally, I adopted the form of travel photo stories, photography, photography Digital Camera Battery and scenic spots features design intention fusion into a prose. With < world heritage: Anthony, the first and the high home don >, for example, includes the architecture photography skills, high the first life, holy family hall features and photography tips. My intention is to write an essay give consideration to tourism and photography reports, provide depth and complete photography scenic spot introduction to add depth of content and reading fun.

In short, the travel photography will kill skill "has high quality photos CANON NB-6L Battery, plenty of subjects and the view of the travel photography enthusiasts design solid content, not only can improve photography skills and ideas as a reference, but also a to know the world scenery of the travel guide.

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 Play Australian, look at all the Australian landscape Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Australia and the spectacular view of the upcoming 2012 grand slam tournament attracting tourists major features,canon camera batteries however, to grasp the essence of part of the scenery, you have to play that game.

The Great Barrier Reef fleet start

If you are only going to travel to the CANON NB-2L Battery Great Barrier Reef once, then you should be to choose: the Great Barrier Reef off Australia's most outstanding with silver hooks fleet-no, take you from Douglas port of the most primitive nature of the supreme to the Great Barrier Reef-JinKao, o. This way has been many international celebrity, the head of state of the great love.

Super JinKao o heads, the world's largest CANON NB-3L Battery coral reef islands will never let you down--more than 2000 kilometer, breathtaking, and the most wonderful most worth view parts in the water, just simple procedure, you can rent to a diving equipment to a "sea walking" : splendid coral of dazzling tropical fish, sea turtles, leisurely seemingly lazy giant sea clams, blue sea stars...... Finding nemo as if in front of you and perform a lifelike.

Sit tractor pure feeling; valley

Only 50 minutes drive from Melbourne in the arabah valley, is famous for its natural beauty, there was the thick forest, rolling vineyards and vines winding corridor, all kinds of plants with four seasons changes more different color. Here to visit, drive is the best choice. Local farms in order to let visitors orchard; really CANON NB-4L Battery feel the essence of the valley, more specifically prepared a special kind of reward garden transportation-tractor. Sitting on the tyres than people with slow the car, tourists as if change as the Lord of the vineyard, breathing sweet air, carefree and small drunk, that kind of natural enjoyment, words can't describe.

Three big cable car see blue as the landscape

Hill, the British queen Elizabeth ii as "the most beautiful places in the world", gets its name from the full of mountain eucalyptus. Because of eucalyptus leaves always send out a full-bodied fragrance, reflected in the sun, the volatile steam has shrouded in blue blue Yun Yin, not only on the hillside was a layer of faint blue smoke, even the air blue red transpiration kind identity, and therefore and won a with it as beautiful scenery of the name.

In most rich of appeal is blue take the cable to look at the scenery, and three cable also each has his strong point, first is very modern large cable car, can accommodate 84 tourists, with countries with friends to come to look at the scenery let people enjoy; And another of the southern hemisphere the only cable level, can let visitors from the side window ornamental airing blue, you can also watch at the bottom of the glass car interior view canyon. Due to the cable car is moving horizontally, visitors will have a walk change scene feeling, also because of the speed and unhappy, ok and easy to videotape. And finally a cable is called "mountain the devil", the ShengJiangChe by coal mine evolved, Angle of 53 degrees, CANON NB-5L Battery top-down through a cave to dive down, very exciting.

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 Photos of the fuzzy reasons Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Beginning with a Digital Camera Battery of photographic lovers, often will meet the image taken from fuzzy FaXu problem, caused by this situation for many reasons, one of the main focus, the camera is not control is unstable, the exposure of the combination of improper selection problem.

If you take with the negative to shooting or slides wash out photos fujifilm finepix s100fs battery, shall be immediately to negative or slides for examination, to see if it is clear. People tend to think that the photo blur is printing member of the fault, his the machine broke down, and the results from the perfect negative or slides making the fuzzy photo.

The second will need to examine, is a lens of the lens. We usually before the lens of lens very seriously, this is right. But sometimes in exchange lenses, but the slight fingerprints or carelessly WuHen stay in the perceived not easily after the lens.

If keep cameras FUJIFILM FinePix F480 Battery and lenses in good condition and fuzzy phenomenon still exists, that he will come to an unfortunate conclusion: sure is photographed of itself. Anyway, if the problem in yourself, then the problem where exactly is? There are several methods to easy and rapid screening method, it will help you to find out the cause of this problem.

Photo blur itself can provide clues. You need to the determination of the cause of the phenomenon is fuzzy reasons-a sometimes through--and only good magnifying glass analysis of fuzzy species can do this.

Focus error

If the camera FUJIFILM FinePix F100fd Battery focus is not appropriate, will make you shot of the scenery fuzzy, strong light around the area FaXu. In addition, if you have taken a certain depth of objects (such as the head of) a photograph, you may put the focus on a plane (such as two eyes), found that it is not clear. So to other parts of the image (like the nose or ears) whether more clearly? If the answer is yes, then your focus is right or wrong. If for camera focus * * dislocation, so must repair camera. If the focuser * * in good condition, that may be your focus is too careless, otherwise, you should be using some optical instruments to your glasses or viewfinder JieMuJing corrected. Don't flatter your eyesight is very good, can see the fleas. The-inch screen placed in three feet away from you or a little close watch place can clear, if you have astigmatism or other visual problems, you have to close to will not see point screen. If so, you need to see an eye doctor, don't find optician's. Optician's glasses is sold, an eye doctor will give you eyes do to comprehensive examination.

Sports lead to fuzzy

The photograph, if part of the scenery fuzzy, especially some form of certain Angle position seems more obvious, so, the focus is not the main reason, but caused by movement. If only is main body fuzzy, and main body is some living, shaking (such as the wild swings of trees or flowers) or movement of objects (such as airplanes, cars), so, this kind of fuzzy phenomena is caused by the body movement. Don't think you used 1/125 seconds of speed can like some form of show that can hold enough to move the body, unless you use high speed flash light, otherwise, can't move like shooting body still life clear. The use of 1/1000 of a second shooting sports football player, magnified the photo fujifilm finepix f700 battery, its definition and not the player stand of photograph. Later you as possible the fast shutter speed shooting body will obtain the dynamic results (you can also switch to a faster pace film).

If the whole picture of the photos are the same fuzzy, is that your own caused by the movement, or at least the camera is mobile. If you use the tripod, that could be a tripod pin for car or too thin. If you hand-held camera, had better be empty machine practice start the shutter. Standard lens camera, even use 1/125 SEC, strictly steady of camera FUJIFILM FinePix F810 Battery is not much, but most people through hand-held cameras can practice but to 1/30 seconds; A few people can even in a quarter seconds flat camera. This ability is sometimes a few days may than other strong/and clear pictures when the number of the need according to calculate percentage.

In the fuzzy photograph, if there two or more reason, identify up obviously you are likely to encounter many difficulties. You put the camera on the tripod locked in, to shoot a few a still photograph to see if the camera and was taken to eliminate body movement, and then watch the pictures with image.

With the improvement of the quality of photographic equipment, clarity has become the photographer must deal with their part of the problem. If you have this problem, you could go to solve it.FUJIFILM NP-50 Battery

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