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 Some of the circular composition techniques of expression skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In fact many of the life are all round the Camcorder Battery observed, such as a dime of obvious object did not say, and some little water photography, afar ferris wheel, taken from above ChaHuGai, etc. This kind of round object in life are common, but we not necessarily will notice it, so as long as good at finding, in the life of a lot of something is very interesting and unexpected.

The photographer of the most should be taken round the sun, and the sun is the nature of the most obvious feature of the scenery with round, and so many will use the sun as a photographer, round body photography, described it of different CANON Battery Charger time charm. In the sun, in addition to morning and evening the two prime time, the scenery around it is also a way to show different atmosphere of the important expression content, for example, the clouds, trees, buildings and so on, needs to consider their position.

The water is the reflection of the scenery in particular when taken to be there, a lot of buildings and scenery does not have a circular composition Battery Charger conditions, but also have a lot to a circular composition, for example, the arch bridge, in calm water of the formation of the composition is perfect, jiangnan lasting appeal are shown to come out.

In addition, the shooting when the water ripple must be aware of light reflection, choose as far as possible light plenty of time, so that the surface of the formation of the ripple stereo feeling will be highlighted some, if it's canon eos 40d battery cloudy words may produced a ripple is not obvious, the picture is the form sense is not strong.

Arch bridge and the reflection of the water formed a circle, the picture of the reflection of the picture showed the jiangnan breath out.

The water falls to calm waters also form a canon bp-511a battery circle, the picture form very quiet feeling, and fully explain life there many circular framing.

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 The picture of geometrical body composition performance skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In photography in the Casio NP-L7 charger photos of the performance of the show to face, can make the picture elements show, through the suspension or flat and other means. But each element of the face can be concluded to geometrical form. Display of meal, it can be a book or magazine in a page, also can be a hang full display wall, the picture can be all kinds of elements, full of geometric shapes. That is, the most important is geometrical form in the picture to the shape of the effect and the shape of the application in composition.
Shooting Casio NP-130 Charger when building, is the most easy to build irregular or rules of geometric shapes. But want to structure into beautiful geometrical form will through the different ways created, different shape can also create a different atmosphere.
Use, form Casio XV-3 charger and color segmentation picture can produce lively result, but the different proportion of segmentation but can build a completely different feeling. For example, in the segmentation percentage, emphasizes the main body of the picture below, it gives people a strong feeling of massiness, asing if is in gravity down in the role, the opposite is bright open cry feeling.
Try to make use of the scenery around shooting, such as the door Casio QV3000-PROPACK charger, window, box or have a curve eaves, such building picture will be very lively and interesting.

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 Away form with tonal changes in temperature is tonal contrast skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Tonal, the color is CANON PowerShot SD770 IS Charger turned away? Away refers to the use color is black, white, ash three basic color. Mixed in the picture and contrast of changes colour. Color photography from black and white photography of transition, with black and white darkroom primary in color, with the picture in black, white, gray moves, can reduce the contrast of changes in strong contrast, thus makes the picture more harmonious.
During the filming of the scenery, can consider the use of light and shade contrast reflects black, white, ash three color contrast effect, this shooting out of the scenery photo will be more natural, more harmonious. Such tonal tonal changes in temperature and the extinction of fusion, suitable for performance gentle frame, build a kind of halcyon CANON PowerShot SD790 IS Charger atmosphere. This and the effect of the middle somewhat similar, but the tone and away the fusion of tonal changes in temperature, and the performance of the broader picture some, can contain more color elements, with more brilliant of color to display the gentle frame.
The contrast of changes in temperature and color to achieve a very harmonious state, because the middle to join part of the black and white tonal, the relative weakening the strong contrast between color. CANON PowerShot SD870 IS Charger
If you want to express the prominent main body, and don't want to destroy picture the atmosphere, the use of the black and white ash away tonal is a good skill, it can help you express graphics, outstanding theme,CANON PowerShot SD940 IS Charger a harmonious picture.

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 Shooting desalination processing characters photography skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

We often are vulnerable to the mood of the mercy of the SONY Battery Charger weather, the sun is shining weather, people's mood is especially good, think from inside to outside is so warm and haze of the weather, less light, the luminosity low, easy to let a person feel oppressed, the sullen, like shrouded in sense of sorrow, in the shadows. In the film, like, and how can use light to create pictures atmosphere.
Please note that this is not bad, "waste of the shoot, but deliberately of: beat out a result. If you want to make a particular item of the portrait photography to be focused, fade processing the characters in the Battery Charger picture is a good idea. More classic example is photography, wedding is prospects, the bride is as the background. Can also be the bride of the crown as the prospect, the hand of the bride as background. Subtly, despite this, be weakened the characters also particularly noticeable, sweet colourful and clinking, have a little" continued rejection of the "means.
To create the effect, can put the figure from the lens for a far place, simultaneously occupy the smaller space. Another way is to focus on other position, not the focus on the man's face photography skills.
Use sony np-bg1 charger large aperture shooting, and focus on the hands of the characters on the crown, and the character's weakened. 

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 Shooting white mist exposure photography skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

And all the CANON PowerShot G11 Charger scenery photography, morning and evening is the most suitable shooting city buildings, general before sunrise to 10 o 'clock in the morning, afternoon 4 to sunset half an hour is shooting city scenery during prime time.

Photographs the scenery, most photographer will ignore the CANON PowerShot G10 Charger nature in the tiny beauty, just like to pay attention to those of mountains and rivers, you agree with magnificent scenery. In fact, face dry up your thinking, might as well look for some inspiration in macro scenery.

The first time I to this place, when parking a white feet beam. The CANON NB-2L Charger wizard tell us when the place such as the fog dispersed is very beautiful, and then we wait for peace of mind.

The fog change soon, I found a wide place, avoid highway side of the CANON NB-4L Charger trees, and kept shooting in change of fog scene. Not and in a short while, a beam of sunlight to reach the villages, I quickly took this picture.

I know press provide exposure shall prevail exposure, can make the white mist into the dark grey, in order to keep the fog of simple sense, but also can exposure is CANON NB-5L Charger insufficient, I did increase 1 to block of exposure compensation.

Shooting white mist, need keeps the level of the simple sense, also cannot excessive exposure or insufficient, at this time you can at the scene at the CANON NB-6L Charger scene is equivalent to 18% of the ash parts for center-weighted average metering or spot metering, also can be in average metering basis increase 1 ~ 1.5 against the exposure.

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