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 Manfrotto DuoGe launched a new portal frame. Feet photography Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

With the popularity of photography casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z150 charger culture, with home for auxiliary equipment for the photography to also gradually diversity. Care for beginning level photography users and the photographer (Social), Social Recorders to Manfrotto specially to hold "happiness was" conference, announced the release of 390 perturbation of feet frame series, Compact and lightweight frame series feet Pocket mini feet frame series, with DuoGe bring home to have professional quality, comprehensive functions of high quality entry-level photography feet frame equipment.

As a Manfrotto "Imagine being" brand planning its newest member, the three new feet frame series of photographic design inspiration all come from "was lighted up to teachers; to; Connect was" was to three subjects, for the majority of introductory photography fans photography skills ascension of ideal equipment, help they will infinite originality sublimate, pursue excellent image.Casio NP-130 Charger

New Manfrotto 390 feet frame series with photography designed for photography and video clips of two different USES of a tilt system for a suit, the introduction to bring home with comprehensive functions photography auxiliary equipment, and at the same time with the filming of rich abundant family fun. Compact and lightweight feet frame series is for now with home for portability to need to ask, using a lightweight, close and stretches the design of high, with easy to carry and home to collect, simple easy to use ideal photography feet frame plan. Like with the home, then took with can't miss the thin body easily, fold the $flexible Pocket mini feet frame, this kind of bag type series of mini rack is your feet with the most ideal photography partner. In addition, Compact light feet frame series and Pocket mini feet frame series this year have won more in "design world Oscar," said the international reddot design award 2011, verified the award would innovation design and excellent quality, will bring the best home for use of photography experience.Casio NP-L7 charger

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 Photography movement patterns Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The Nikon D7000 charger sports model suitable for high speed movement of objects, shooting chance at high speed is set the shutter (1/500 s or higher), to ensure that can live objects in motion wonderful solidification action moment. Opportunity set in even take in. Phase in shooting, even opportunity set on automatic tracking the SERVO AL, moving subject, and continuously focus to shoot.

In this mode, the camera Nikon EN-EL19 charger moving object shooting the default setting is the shutter, actually taken a way of moving object and: use slow shutter. Slow shutter can make the objects in motion is much more "dynamic".

Trap shooting objects in motion: focus way sometimes objects in motion too fast and may not be able to put it to you just into a picture of a good design. At this time, can use "trap" autofocus method, clap a high quality of the photo. Advance observation, judge moving objects (such as car) traveling direction, and selecting the front area of composition, and will focus on it will be set position near the focus, then the camera's focus, focus will set way composition in it will be the position near the focus, and then the camera's focus knob dial way to the "M:" position, half the shutter, waiting for the moving objects; When it appears in the default position, press the shutter, can complete taking pictures.Nikon EN-EL15 charger

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 Environment portrait Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Some have specific focus lens are usually referred to as "portrait lens". Camera sony np-fh50 charger makers said the "standard" portrait lens usually refers to telephoto lenses in, for example, digital SLRS 135 mm lens. Use to shoot the scene from beginning to shoulder portrait, doesn't make the face produce distortion. But, if the photographer from shooting in a little further subject place with a short focal length lens to shoot, also no deformation problems. Want to use the telephoto lens photography environment, photographer must stand in the portrait taken far away from the main body of the position, and according to the need to keep a distance from the main body as far as possible and shooting. Standard lens and wide Angle lens are suitable for shooting environment portrait.

In a portrait of the environment a picture of shape of two or DuoGe characters required considerable technology. Shooting sony cyber-shot dsc-n2 charger subject and shooting between subjects like shooting between subject and environment interconnected. Filming the physical space between us to understand the way work plays an important role. For a close-up of the two characters, the characters of the distance between the became not the harmonious design element. The shooting Angle carefully chosen and take the orientation of the subject must be in close integration with, thus to best way to use of the image space.

The most common scene is two people sitting or standing side by side. If two people face, then look from the front, the distance between the two characters can appear more far. However, this can be taken by from the side or people in front of the lens crisscross to overcome. If a portrait in shape, then more character design to consider when factors will be different.sony cyber-shot dsc-w50 charger

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