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 Digital camera exposure compensation effect Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Exposure compensation function mainly used canon eos rebel t1i charger to change the standard of camera Settings, can make photo exposure value change bright or dark. The exposure function is refers to the camera surrounded by automatically change shutter speed or aperture value, continuous shooting three photos for three different brightness photos. Reasonable use exposure compensation and surrounded the exposure function can help photographer easy access to exposure accurate, the effect is much better photos.

Exposure compensation is to point to to shoot with a camera according to automatic test out exposure parameters adjustment, the more subtle let the pictures bright or dim a canon eos rebel t2i charger set of more. Photographers can according to their intention to adjust shooting pictures of light and shade degree, create more rich visual effect.

Digital SLRS allow photographer in A, P, S mode for the camera automatically set exposure value adjustment, generally speaking, change the value or the opportunity in aperture shutter speed to adjust exposure value. Increase the EV1, screen brightness, equivalent to will increase a shutter speed slow increase a or a, aperture ISO improve a.Canon BP-809 Charger

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 The choice of the scene self-time photography Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In photography,CANON bp-819 Charger the shooting environment self-time, shooting themes and characters need are related with each other and occurrence function. The same person in different shooting environment, produce picture may be totally different, one of the best work, should make clear, then according to shoot theme to choose corresponding shooting environment, to lay a good foundation for work. If the shooting scene seems to be particularly and harmonious, the picture will be more attractive.

Decorate a refined coffee shop, the style of the changeable bar or high-grade western restaurant, all is the CANON bp-511 Charger location of good choice. In this low-key environment, lamplight is complex and diverse, the picture will be beautiful lighting. At the same time, comfortable and full of artistic breath to the environmental performance figures grace, languid is lazy temperament and various complex mood. In this shooting scene photos of the complete style is changeable, but overall the present warm, let a person feel the warmth.

The park is the place will choose self-time lovers, pure and fresh and natural environment, will make you look more pure and lovely. Throughout the carpet of garden green grass and bright flowers, use them as shooting environment, can show the temperament of CANON bp-512 Charger the lively characters sweet. However, will park as a filming a scene lacks personality and characteristics, and photographs easy to fall into the convention, so want to spend bit of idea, to take out their own style.

Environment plays a foil characters, create the role of artistic conception, can figure for the center, the prominent character of figures. Record himself the most taboo is to photography of the layout of the picture and composition, causing a picture of careless grasp the environment too outstanding character, and become the ornament of the picture. In a word, the environment is to CANON bp-535 Charger foil characters and pictures and exist 10 million atmosphere, the leading role, the shooting time don't want to pay attention to arrange his and the surrounding environment the proportion between the own proportion will makes the picture look more crowded, let a person feel not breathe freely, ratio is too small, and that is not good for characters look like be environment "eat".

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 The shooting party like photography skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the shooting Panasonic Lumix DMC FS7 Charger when the party should pay attention to, because the Den light is not prepared for photography, also don't like light source for indoor lighting source of light that stability and to foil the scene atmosphere, the light change is also very frequent. So, want to accurate very difficult, even for high level of photographer also hard to do. Use D300 key metering, can solve this problem well. The focus of the D300 metering default to the central 8 mm picture circle as the main basis of metering, accounting for 75%, can be in the proportion of the users set 8 mm to 10 mm or 6 mm, 13 mm, this function can be used to this kind of light is complex and main body changes of the main theme of a picture.

Filming the scene atmosphere of the portrait mainly embodies in dynamic is given priority to, the static than less. And do not be photographed empty box, so we should know some of the rules, use D300 filming the function, let the camera shutter priority according to the use of automatic shutter set the PANASONIC LUMIX DMC-ZS3 Charger aperture of the corresponding to the exposure, such as in slow shutter to reflect the dance move feeling, or use high-speed shutter capture the beautiful moments.

The light of the complex, needed to quickly change aperture to control the exposure and depth of field. In filming, we hold the D300 and performance have certain space, plus the performance of their own space, use small aperture to clap out before and after images can also clear, no false or true change. In the shooting of large-scale activities, the huge because still, background simpler also, the background to eat a clear picture, it may affect the overall effect of the picture. Use D300 depth of field prediction button we can promptly master depth of field, according to the needs of the shooting, adjust aperture. When the largest open aperture, press the button of the depth of field prediction in the viewfinder, don't think there is any change, only by a maximum aperture to see depth of field effect, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1 Charger smaller the more obvious effect aperture

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 The classification of the focal length of the lens Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

According to the different visual Angle, we used to put the focal length is divided into three big CANON PowerShot S410 Charger categories.

Wide Angle, sheng and telephoto

Through the focal length of the focal length lens see the world, will feel very broad grand (perhaps also because a wider viewing angles), so called the wide Angle, the focal length longer. Because you can clearly see distant objects, like telescope that and it is called telephoto, do not grow not short, between them, of course, is called needed. This is a very straightforward named method.

Generally speaking, from 50 mm focal length of the lens saw the eye of the world's most close to the visual effect, we will based on 50 mm for boundary. 50 mm lens, because of the following will look more broad, we called 50 mm wide-angle lens, known as needed, more than 90 mm telephoto can be called.canon powershot sd630 charger

This is the division of the people, in the use of actual among them, there is no apparent boundaries. Some people will put more than 300 mm telephoto, called the the focal length of the 24 mm wide-angle focal length below called the, in fact, do not have what relation, is probably mean that good, carefully divided them and is not necessary.canon powershot s40 charger

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 Center-weighted average metering or spot metering Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Center-weighted average Nikon D7000 charger metering or spot metering is another a practical manual for technology, it using image region of a tiny point check exposure. The real center-weighted average metering or spot metering is of "point" of the ability, and the metering "point" is just a small part of the shooting scene. This camera is not very common in in. Most of the digital SLR cameras use part, so that the metering area in the viewfinder (often for 8% ~ 10%) of a range. If you use telephoto lenses, this becomes a real center-weighted average metering or spot metering.

When the foreground subject area around changes of the light is, you get from the foreground subject correct exposure may encounter problems reading, in this case center-weighted average metering or spot metering is ideal method (with filming in theatre, use manual exposure is especially useful). To the Nikon EN-EL19 charger shooting scene for metering, it will have the light of dark area near excessively affected, and get a not correct exposure value. Using the method of center-weighted average metering or spot metering, will be adjusted in the scene to shoot some important part of the metering. Because the area is restricted, metering so effectively use center-weighted average metering or spot metering need some practice.

Use a little center-weighted average metering or spot metering, must remember, so the design of the table is to get in on the filming site can see all with neuter color temperature to exposure. This is a may give beginners with trouble. Due to the area is very small, so the metering camera just read the numerical, not making any changes. So if metering points, so that the dark may or table will try to turn it into a medium grey, causing the exposure too little or too much. If you measure object is medium grey is tonal, like one of the grey CARDS, or you learned how to explain for bright or dark object reading, metering center-weighted average metering or spot metering can be used effectively.Nikon EN-EL15 charger

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