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 Use the wild scene for scene shooting skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Spring rain is rich, the CANON PowerShot SD970 IS Charger mountain is very easy to clouds and fog, fog has been my subjects like shooting.

Daming mountain in the fog is take a enjoy, which, of course, are not before, then no road up the hill, from a town walk a trip back and forth about a day, now a tourist level to the top of the mountain road, from I now live on the city, as one and a half hours to drive.

Cloud and shooting, shooting, you have to get up early. We usually days start light, the way in thick fog if walk,CANON PowerShot SD1400 IS Charger that nine out of ten of the trip is.

A mist basic stay in ShanJiao a place, very little change, want to take pictures of the touching, need you, in composition fluctuation kongfu.

In fact, solve the problem of shutter, as long as a neutral grey color or polarisers can, I now use the camera's GanGuangDu can low to ISO 50, to reduce the shutter speed also helped a lot of busy.

Of course, the wild scenery refers not only to the photography of the water photography, but change from the Pope, pat pat water, pat tree mountain PaiHua, photography technology is communicating and just watch what you CANON PowerShot SD3500 IS Charger specific to use.

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 Digital camera zoom lens application Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Lens of another canon digital ixus 30 charger important indicator is the focal length value, because the CCD area is lesser oh, nominal focal length value lesser also.

Zoom lens is an important index of digital cameras, use commonly 2 times, three times the zoom than, the masses with 35 mm camera general equivalent of the lens, if is three times to 100 mm zoom just above, can shooting distance canon digital ixus 100 is charger range, is more practical.

It is worth noting that, zoom range is refers to the optical zoom, some digital camera out more than two times of digital zoom, actually digital zoom is using digital processing method, the middle part of image sampling the amplifier, and then through the interpolation, increase in the images of the pixels, let a person look like increasing density of image, rough occurred. In fact this is just to give a person a kind of spiritual meet on image quality without substantial influence. Can say oh, digital zoom is just an attractive gimmicks. Is useless a spending decoration, just understand the computer image processing friends know that this function on the computer can be easily realized. So in canon digital ixus 200 is charger understanding should be only look at scenes parameters optical zoom range, need not consider digital zoom. In addition, general lens aperture control and automatic many with white balance control, makes the use of digital camera with the traditional automatic camera closer.

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 How to use the exposure compensation Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Exposure compensation is also a canon eos 550d charger kind of exposure control mode, general common in ± 2-3 EV or so, if ambient light slants dark, can increase exposure value (such as adjusting for + 1 EV, + 2 EV) to highlight the clarity of the picture.

Small digital camera mostly through the menu to adjust exposure compensation

Digital cameras canon eos 5d charger in the filming process, if they press the shutter, on the LCD panel will display and final rendering almost picture, focus, and exposure all start. The time exposure, it is ultimately the picture exposure. Picture if distinctness light or partial dark, explain the camera's automatic metering accuracy have great difference, to enforce exposure compensation, but some time, the shooting the show when brightness and actual shooting results have certain to come and go. Digital cameras can browse pictures taken in immediately after, at this time, and can be more accurate to see pictures of light and shade of shooting out degree, won't have access. If shooting results distinctness light or partial dark, should be taken back, to enforce exposure compensation.

Shooting the environment is dim, need to increase brightness, and flash can't work, can compensate for exposure, appropriately increase exposure. For exposure compensation, if a dark photos, to increase the EV value, EV value every increase by 1.0, which is equivalent to the intake of light double, and if a bright photos, to reduce the canon eos-d60 charger EV value, EV value each reduce 1.0, equal to the amount of light reduce intake a times. According to different camera compensation interval can with 1/2 (0.5) or a third (0.3) of the unit to adjust.

Be shot of the white objects in the picture looks a gray or not white enough, to increase the exposure, simply say to be "more white more", which seems to be the basic principle and exposure and habit is the exact opposite, actually otherwise, this is because the camera Canon EOS Kiss X2 Charger with the main body of the center for often for lay particular stress on, white body will make the camera is very bright mistake that environment, and inadequate exposure, this also is the common fault of the most beginners is apt to make.

Because the camera shutter time or aperture size is limited, so is not always can achieve 2 EV adjusting range, so exposure compensation also is not everything, in too dark environment may still be underexposed, at this time, want to Canon EOS Kiss X3 Charger consider the camera with flash or increase ISO sensitivity to improve picture photographic brightness.

In general, the smaller the scenery brightness contrast, the more accurate exposure, conversely deviation increase. The class of the camera Canon EOS Kiss X4 Charger have high low, high class, metering is more accurate, low also can increase the deviation. If is a traditional camera. The film's tolerance is larger, the deviation of the exposure in a certain range won't have a big problem, but digital camera of CCD tolerance is small, slight exposure deviation may affect the overall effect.

In short, exposure compensation of control is to experience and the color of the decision sharpness, the user must be much more different exposure compensation of image quality, clarity, reduction degree and the size of the pixels, to produce the Battery Charger best picture.

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 News photography on the detail of the photography skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

News photography, is a CANON Battery Charger fact based visual art. And the details of visual art, is lit the fuse of human emotions. Vivid details, can infect the hearts, resonate, cause lenovo. A good news has details photography, for the impact of the readers can direct heart through the eyes. Detail is able to ignite the emotions of their readers, because it specifically vivid; For news photography works for, and because it becomes to notice the distinctness visible.

Details are a catalyst, it can accelerate the feelings of person produce "chemistry", raise people's emotional temperature, and thereby to attract readers, infection, strengthens the news reader the purpose of communication effect.canon nb-4l charger

Details, can vivid interpretation of the truth, can ignite the reader emotion, can promote the aesthetic value. Wonderful detail, is a kind of strength, is a kind of touched, is also a kind of profound. But, of the detail of the capture is not easy, and it's quality is closely related with reporters.

Also a scene, a news fact,canon nb-2lh charger different reporter filming of the works, will have a different effect. Some just simple field records, but it was some thoughtful. This is not only technical problems, but personal accomplishment. As a photographer, and most people for control of the photographic equipment had become adept, but why use the same equipment will have different results? This is because the author sees things differently, the understanding of things different.

If we also from details, believe that the following their own news to reporters cultivation of concern is good.

1. Cultivate sensitive

The news reporter must be sensitive, a canon nb-1lh charger slow hard to become a journalist. Although some people from their own personality sensitive, but the day after tomorrow efforts can also develop sensitive. A reporter to make their own sense of touch sensitive up, one to broaden the knowledge, two to develop broad interests, third, we need to have "special skills". These three are the basic skills, to broaden the knowledge base and extensive interest need no further elaboration, alleged to have "special skills" is to be run by line of experts, is at least half an expert, only for his "jurisdiction" familiar to a certain degree, is it possible to talk up sensitive, because journalists face a strange field, is can't feel mysterious among them.

Training sensitive, and a way is very important, that is to increase the social experience. The older, the person's experience natural deepens, but we are not in the young, consciously many participate in each kind of practice, and all kinds of people contacts, thus increasing the social experience? A reporter with the social experience rich, the person's perception of the degree and perceptive will increase. And a sensitive reporter, more good at in the CANON PowerShot S410 Charger interview found what he needs the details.

2. Learn to probe

News of the value is big is small, generally speaking, the news is not to pursue forever, but in fact there is some news after time become history, with eternal meaning. As news, although not must have special profound, but have the profound news must be reporters through the surface phenomenon, the probe. In it, ask why, often can give reporters to bring the results that expect is less than.canon powershot sd630 charger

3. Abandon lazy

Diligence, is to do all the work of the premise, especially journalists. Old news worker, the news as "run news", is very accurately indicate the journalists professional feature, the news is out of the running. A lazy, to depend on the time series (news, it will not have the out of the manuscript,canon powershot s40 charger wonderful details, nature also does not affect the reader. To the photography journalists is, if people at the scene, just do "going on it" type of shooting, it will seek to wonderful details. Only abandon lazy, run more, make, can be a success.

The details in the news photography, the importance of the beyond doubt, details usually not spectacular, even fleeting, but is often a painting the key to success. As long as caught the details of the people's livelihood, social details, details of the picture, can explain the truth, and the infection vivid readers mind, produce historical value and aesthetic value of ascension. Details, the importance of this is. Study found that details, capture the details, sublimation detail, every news reporter is compulsory.Canon EOS 1100D Charger

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 How to make the picture photography get innovation Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Peach blossom gorgeous colour, modelling concise, to shoot in the Olympus E-PL2 charger spring of peach blossom, almost every photographer required course, if do not pay attention to shooting method, also be a problem.

Picked up his camera Olympus BLS-5 charger, don't try so hard immediately shooting, careful observation, choose the right Angle, try try all kinds of perspective, you will reap many new fun.

No use the tripod, and exposure speed too slow, press the shutter release did not hold the camera steadily, the picture is fuzzy. Too much of the depth of field, the picture is mixed and disorderly, not simple.

Aperture is too large, decrease of the depth of field, falsified background, use a tripod to reduce the vibration on the influence of the quality.

Poor weather, bad light, light color the flowers and the white background color similar, the outstanding. The use of light scattering, makes the picture lighting effects appear more common.

Use dark background, can adjust the camera Angle to avoid the sky, also can bring their own dark props to the background and choose the right light shooting again.

New shooting Angle, Yang took the form of a prominent branches beauty. With a blue sky in the background, the picture is natural and foil a pink flowers. The light beautiful, color reduction accurate.

1. Before filming idea, first in mind for the precorrection "shooting," don't rush laid hands on him

2. To have active the consciousness of composition, principle of the Olympus BLM-5 charger main body of the shooting is outstanding and let shooting into the background of the subject, make a harmonious picture, actually composition principle and no invariable formulary, its purpose is harmonious.

3. Want to know how to run out, run out for photography is vital to the photography is actually run out of art.

4. In filming activities objects, try to choose to ensure the Olympus E-5 charger shutter speed pictures clear, high ISO to avoid as far as possible, in case the increase rashness points.

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