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 Increase the computer fonts and icon method Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Now a lot of eyesight bad friends, if the computer SONY Vaio VPC-EB11FD Laptop cpu fan font is too small to see up always feel uncomfortable, especially to old people get to the Internet, they usually look at news, to play the game, such as the stock market, I met several old man asked me to help him take the computer font get bigger, or see not too clear.

Generally speaking to adjust computer font, the computer resolution down point line, also can adjust the proportion of web scale.

1, say first adjustment computer Toshiba Satellite A10 Laptop cpu fan resolution right, this is a set up good long-term use, easy usage.

Right click desktop computer - attributes - Settings - - - screen resolution - general Settings for 1024 * 768 good, if you still feel font is too small, he set for 800 * 600 it.

2, in the browser Settings, web page scaling. The default is 100% if a page font is too small can set amplification or 125%, 150% or 200%. As long as you see fit, but this setting a close the browser didn't, temporary.

Open the browser: IE6: view - text size - - - a larger or maximum

IE7, 8 setting method: web scale Toshiba Satellite a100 Laptop cpu fan- choice of 125% or 150% display line, web page font will become big.


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 Shooting performance wind patterns application skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Because the CANON NB-2L Charger wind has no fixed form, so in photography to want to show the feeling of wind, that is about to pass through other things to express, such as elegant long hair, the swinging leaves, although it's easy to say, but the real show the wind or the artistic conception is difficult. So when shooting from the table to form the consideration on the forms and techniques.
The so-called "landscape", the wind and landscape, it may be said of the general. If there is no wind, scene is more onefold boring. If the feeling of can take in, so the whole picture is more rich life breath. So in shooting CANON NB-6L Charger the wind, to use some skills, in general, according to the different wind levels, shutter set up different, such as the grade 1 wind, fishing boats slightly shaken, the wind blows smoke tilt, see the leaves of the light wave. 1 ~ 2 levels of the wind speed is 0.2 ~ 3 m/s, at this time is taken from the wind is difficult to move feeling, if to photograph such feeling, be about to shutter in 1/2 seconds to adjust between 1/5 seconds, so that the leaves have certain swinging.
In the shadow of shooting a breeze as the prospect of reed, the light of the sun as foreground foil, the whole picture showed the wind of the beauty of the dynamic reed.
And the point of view of the shoot of grass to shoot, because the whole piece of green become the main body of the picture, so prospect is clear, the foreground fuzzy,CANON NB-3L Charger can build an administrative levels feeling and outspread feeling, also let a person have "the wind blow grass low" feeling.
In fact, the effect of the wind from pat on look, 5 ~ 6 levels of the most vulnerable wind effect, but also to the photographer, the request is not high, at this level of wind speed, the leaves have started to wobble, and the water also can have the feeling of the wind. This time can be 1/30 SEC or faster shutter speed to shoot, can take out the feeling of the wind. If is 7 ~ 8 class winds, usually, don't suggest shooting, this is because such wind brings a lot of dust, and the camera CANON NB-5L Charger to the photographer to hurt. If going to take some photos of the kind of life, can be in ready again dustproof equipment related of shooting, at this point in the camera shutter can at 1/60 SEC even faster.
The wind is with branches, smoke, flags, such as a foil with wind that come out of, can use the corresponding shutter speed make its "solidification" or make its produce emotion. To make the "solidification",CANON NB-4L Charger it is high speed, such as 1/200 SEC or 1/150 seconds to make its have move feeling, use slow speed, general use a 1/5 SEC can take pictures of the JinYing move feeling. If the level 4 wind speed of 5.5 ~ 7.9 m/s, can use 1/15 SEC, level 5 wind speed 8 ~ 10.7 m/s, can use 1/20 SEC, 6 levels of wind speed of 10.8 ~ 13.8 m/s, can use 1/30 SEC and so on.

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 Digital camera aperture shutter decide how to exposure Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Aperture English name Nikon Coolpix 2500 charger is Aperture, it is to control the light passes through the lens in the amount of light in the device, located in lens internal, composed by many leaves, leaf of opening and closing rate decided the Aperture size.
Aperture size by Nikon Coolpix 3500 charger English letters F add after aperture value says, aperture value is divided into several files to standardization, standard aperture F1.4, F2, have F2.8, F4, F5.6, F8, F11 us F16, F22, F36, etc, here need of special note is, the smaller aperture value, the actual aperture, the bigger the quantity of the lens in the light, and the adjacent every two gears aperture comparison, into the amount of light by one times are. The numerical aperture to the photography creation influence is very big, the author suggest the video friends take time to standard file aperture numerical memory down, in the future the writing can send large on use.
Compared with the traditional camera Nikon Coolpix 3700 charger, digital camera aperture setting more human, can choose when shooting in two gears between among the aperture to block, such as the F4 and F5.6 F4.5 between, F5, convenient accurate exposure control.
In addition to control the amount of light into the camera outside, aperture and an important Nikon Coolpix 4200 charger role, this is the control of the picture of the depth of field, the greater the aperture, the smaller the picture of the depth of field.

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 What are the portrait photography shooting skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The CANON ixus 105 Charger portrait photography many aspects of design, the light, the background, posture, make up and props, looks very complex, however, master some of the commonly used portrait photography skills, can help you effectively produced a better portrait photo.

The first step in portrait photography is to be taken the CANON ixus 210 Charger "box" to a viewfinder, and arranged in the box the position of the characters, a lot of people automatically in models with too much space of overhead. So, figure on the picture is relatively small. Bold cutting head space, can let more full screen, more outstanding character, this is a lot of fashion, beauty and portrait of the mainstream of the shooting style.

Portrait photo taken, be sure to arrange a few pieces of close-up pictures, the CANON ixus 130 Charger most common is outstanding performance eyes and lips. The image is very attractive, compact facial details of the composition of incisively and vividly demonstrated, can let a person find meticulous aesthetic feeling, and at the same time, the character expression and inner depict also more profound, has the strong visual impact.

Many people like the shooting like low Angle. This is CANON IXUS 300 HS Charger the most basic, most natural shooting Angle. Want to make work more outstanding, can try to look down at from mild or look up shooting Angle. Transform Angle will make composition change greatly, the commonly used method is diagonal with low Angle or diagonal composition composition and slightly down pat. The unique perspective often can enhance picture of the expressive force, get different styles of photography.

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 8 a practical skills make portrait photography become art Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

1, lighting

Light is photography top priority.
To stop.CANON PowerShot SD1200 IS Charger Go back and read the words above, until it deeply embedded in the brain. After all, the essence of art photography is through capture a scene light to create a kind of art deduction. Essentially, it is run out of painting.
In photography and flash before the invention for a long time, classical artists will know that the painting in big subject arrangements near the window. Large Windows like great light box, create the right light, let the painter to catch them want to canon powershot sd800 is charger emotions. No good light at don't go to press the shutter, or pictures of you and those rookie take ShaGuaJi blind to clap out of there will not be any different
2, the theme
You must have light to be able to take pictures, so light listed in article 1, it absolutely is the cornerstone of photography. But the subject is also important. A good theme than a good model to useful.CANON PowerShot SD1300 IS Charger Scene, clothing, support, adorn article, posture and emotional expression, they combine tells a story. And to ensure that this is a photographer worth tells the story.
3, focusing
Focus is not only to consider in there, consider this picture like to how to express the depth of field. You want to what extent throw the background/prospects? How many parts subject CANON PowerShot SD790 IS Charger to $coke? Through the lens of the appropriate tie-in, you in this aspect can have considerable flexibility, and this can work for you the enormous influence effect.
In addition, don't ignore the possibility of conversion focus. In general and coke is good in the eyes, but I often and coke on lips, sometimes in order to create a dramatic tension, and I'll take off the focal and shooting subject focus on in canon powershot sd850 is charger other places, such as hand, or models with a piece of goods. In my favorite a work, I focused on the board to, in very shallow depth of field, and the subject's face as very bright specular place that severe aeration.
4, background
The background of the general principle is keep it simple. Take good environment like it (I would take a lot), but is easy to transfer the background picture concerns. For beginners need attention to avoid the point is "fusion". This means that in the picture background and foreground in looks to have a merging with the trend. Such as to be careful not to let the canon powershot sd880 is charger background of the tree looked like from the main body head long to come out.
5, composition
Amateur and professional work of a key difference works is composition. A great portrait photographers consider shape, composition, frame, Angle, and negative space, and where can set the focus of obtaining maximum visual impact, and so on.
6, colour
If you are to color and screening,canon powershot sd890 is charger that should ensure that color coordination between each other. If color is not harmonious, can change clothes, scene, etc... So until the coordination. The painter won't grabbing a random color painting, why photographer in color respect let mercy?
7, exposure
Exposure is not only get proper exposure to record the scene so simple. For example in the light and dark in the scene of the strong contrast special you have to make a choice. You can for the darker get CANON PowerShot SD950 IS Charger proper exposure, or for the light areas get proper exposure, but you usually can't cake and eat it. This can be a good thing, because you can choose high-profile shooting or low-key shooting, with exposure to emphasize some part of the other parts and weakens.
8, texture
Photo is 2 d, so it is difficult to show good texture feeling. The best way is to use strong shape, composition and radial Angle to foil in the scene of the texture.

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