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 How beautiful sky shot Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The night sky is a jvc bn-vf823 charger beautiful picture scroll. When I look at the stars in the night sky compose full, filled with fear. I want to know how the universe, heaven exactly how many stars, they are far from us. Capture the heaven of the stars screen is a very difficult thing, but hope that this technique can help you.

A, ready to work

First, you need to find the right conditions to find a suitable place, thus increasing shooting photos of opportunities. Generally live in prosperous, light pollution in the city of the basically see compose full of stars the night sky.jvc bn-vf823u charger You need to go to a remote place, away from the light pollution. Choose a clear night also will be helpful. Prior to check the weather forecast, you definitely don't want to be thick clouds of the sky light.

In the long time exposure processes, ensure that camera JVC BN-V514U Charger is still is important, therefore you must use a stable on a tripod. In order to avoid exposure period in touch cameras, a piece of the shutter release is also useful. Any small tremor will affect the effect of exposure. When you begin to press the shutter, a skill is a dark thick cardboard cover on camera, once the camera stable, and put it out completely.

Second, clear pictures

As the earth in the rotation, photographed a clear sky photo is difficult, unless you have a professional telescope in equipment. In no apparent vibrant cases, the longest time to limit exposure in 15 seconds. To take to clear the jvc bn-vf714u charger screen, you need to choose a clear night. Choose as far as possible big aperture, such as f / 2.8, and the shutter speed setting in 15 to 20 seconds between. You'll also need to set up GanGuangDu, out of control pixels purpose, ISO100 or 200 more ideal; But you may be in order to accurately exposure and will have to GanGuangDu revalued.

Three, star trail

Shooting stars must first understand is that the earth in turn, this means that when you finish after point, the stars will move. This is called the "star trail" effect, as you see in case diagram of such. In order to capture the jvc gr-d796 charger star trail screen, will the set to the largest aperture as far as possible, from the f / 1.8 to f / 4, and put the focus Settings to infinity, and then the camera at the pole star-north star will remain at rest, and of other stars will be turning around it.

The same, also need to set up GanGuangDu. When to start GanGuangDu ISO100. In order to improve the exposure, sometimes you need to pixels concessions. The exposure time according to the moon cast down changes of the light. If is the new moon,jvc gr-d370u charger the exposure time roughly 1 hour; For half moon, will control the exposure time of 20 minutes. This is the attempt to use available light. But remember, the longer the time exposure, the existence of a star trail and also more long.

Four, equipment

Remember that bring some basic items, it will make you the whole shooting more smooth. First of all, a flashlight will help you set up cameras, find a tripod to provide convenient place flat. Just don't press shutter in your time to let it on. Second, if long time to shoot, take a piece or two spare batteries. Again, in not touch the camera's jvc gr-hd1 charger case, can use a stopwatch to view or timer exposure time. Finally, if you feel tired or tired, a chair or bench is quite useful.

Five, go out at night to practice

Shooting stars is a very energetic, especially for a jvc gz-mg21u charger exposure need to wait for a long time. But, when you made to want pictures, that it's very worthwhile. You can also go out at night in filming the moon. This is a very good opportunity to practice exercises, can help you live learn some basic principles.

With the naked eye the starry sky camera jvc gz-mg20u charger see picture of the night sky is difficult, but once you've learned some basic exposure setting skills, you will feel that is not so difficult. You need to do is to practice, use of composition, looking for the right conditions. In a two attempted after, you will make good photos.

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 What is the lens distortion Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Lens is by jvc bn-v20u battery group composed of optical lenses, light through the lens can cause the distortion of the image. Here we'll tell you about lens distortion of knowledge.

Appear lens distortion, isn't about our camera quality is bad?

It is not. Due to the limitation of the focal length and lens structure, all the lens can be adjusted one hundred percent reduction of the jvc bn-v712u battery objects. All camera factory in lube optical glass and coating materials and keep improving on the structure, striving to lens distortion to a minimum, but all lens will have some degree of distortion.

Then I spent more money, can buy less distortion lens?

Cost and quality may not become direct ratio, lens distortion mostly depends on the structure and types. Price has some effect, but more important is the focal length of the lens. Such as wide Angle lens,jvc bn-v812u battery can appear the bucket distortion, this is because the optical properties of the wide Angle of the decision. Each focal length has different distortion effect. And zoom range, the greater the lens distortion of would also more serious.

I never think of my lens with distortion problem.

We in the browse photos, generally not too concerned about this. And the design of the lens are jvc bn-v400b battery improving, film camera lens through a long time development, have become increasingly perfect, and now, digital camera photographic imaging of components of the principle and the film is different, the structure of the lens and coating and so on all need to be redesigned. Advanced digital camera and photographic component design specifically for the lens, can be reduced to the minimum lens distortion.

So now the lens of the production already perfect?

Now a lot of high-end camera has very good, but also of less than perfect. Some distortion still can't avoid, such as lens dark corner. In the beginning of photography, photographer was beset by dark corner, until now, we are not completely solve the problem. When we in the JVC BN-VF815 Battery computer through photos, can find pictures than the middle part of the edge of dark (some would in Photoshop deliberately aggravating dark corner, to add photos atmosphere). Now we can only through the camera setting, and within the computer software to eliminate dark corner.

How many kinds of optical distortion?

Optical distortion of the sort very much. Such as dispersion, color and sharpness low and so on, but of which only two or three deserves attention.

That first about the most common lens distortion type it.

The most common distortion is curve distortion, of which the most obvious bucket distortion, and easy to be perceived. When you use a wide Angle lens, and find the edge of the object has a photo to the JVC BN-VF823U Battery expansion of the deformation, and the most sublime is fisheye lens. The general wide Angle lens will through the lens of the group structure design, to reduce the distortion, and fisheye lens is in order to show the distortion, create the naked eye cannot see picture.

Some lenses mean to show the bucket distortion, to create strong visual impact in your photos, such as fisheye lens, it distorted and clairvoyant feeling play on top of the world.JVC Camcorder Battery

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 Digital camera or--18% of gray Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Digital SLRS jvc bn-vf707u battery is digital photography hardware foundation, know the basic terms and use a method, know about its various accessories to use, the rational use of the hands of digital SLRS engaged in photography creation is very interested. The thought of sun zi bing fa the enemy, we said. To master the basis for future accumulate experience, is the most solid foundation laid.

In the use of digital cameras jvc bn-v408u battery, choose various shooting model, need to understand a few commonly used terms, so that it can be taken in when mastered the digital camera application of various parameters, so that the shooting more handy.

We are able to see objects, or jvc bn-v507u battery because the object itself can glance, either because the object surface can reflect light. Most objects are able to to reflect light, the reflection of the light, the more he seemed more bright object. If the object is completely black, it is not reflected a little light, that is, its reflectance is zero. Another kind of extreme case is object is the whole white, it will reflect all of the light, that is, it has 100% of the reflection. The above two kinds of circumstances is the theory of two limit, all objects are in between two limit, 18% of the light is reflected that produces after building the gray is 18% gray, this is so after the value of the watch to read.jvc bn-v11u battery

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 The classification and performance. DSLR Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

According to the scope and price DSLR jvc gr-d70u battery can be divided into entry level, professional level, professional level must have several different types, from the Angle of the natural scenery photography suitable for various types compare the performance of the digital SLRS.

Body weight

Because level, price, the JVC GR-DVF21U Battery difference of function, different levels of DSLR have different size and weight. Professional level models are the biggest, the most heavy weight, because it will install more functional parts, and materials used are more sophisticated.

Easy to handle

And entry-level digital SLRS jvc gy-hd110u battery operation feel better, this is a camera size and appearance of the difference of the decision material. Professional digital SLRS's bigger, hold the even more full. Contact with the skin part of the materials used more leather friction coefficient of the material, feel better high, absorb sweat, not easy also move. Some top digital SLRS used the fuselage and handle the design of unifinication, easier to operate, it also strengthens the integrity of the camera.


Different levels of digital camera equipped with different capacity of the battery systems, professional level DSLR battery jvc gr-dvm70 battery life ability, stronger, and more reliable.

Loading batteries have the digital SLRS handles

Waterproof properties

Professional level DSLR JVC GR-D370 Battery of dustproof, waterproof properties entry level model than a clear advantage, the function in the wild in the bad environment work can play a tremendous role.

LCD size

The more senior other DSLR, its LCD screen size is larger, at the same time as the more effective, colour and the more outstanding reductive ability, for this photo playback preview has certain significance. Some brands of DSLR JVC Camcorder Battery LED display can even flip, this is helpful to blind pat operation.

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 Improve the success rate of tapes Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Good photography JVC BN-VF714U Battery works are nearly all the methods to gain by paparazzi, abandon pendulum clap and change the video friends non-intervening will be more and more. But the paparazzi also is not easy, who was once saw you taken at the scene of him, they will avoid or lose attitude makes shooting failure. And hastily exposure blunders, focus not real, hand earthquake, horizontal skewed etc, also will be sorry. Improve the success rate of paparazzi, should notice the following respects.

Equipment selection and familiar

The camera JVC BN-VF714 Battery in hand with lens, regardless of price, will have its height of strengths and weaknesses, in use should foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, as far as possible to go to play to their advantage. For instance the telephoto lenses in depth is lesser, can throw the background, outstanding theme, have a bit inadvertent may also be because no reality and shoot virtual focus. Another lens longer, shaking the more powerful on handheld threats, filming. Has the aperture priority in the camera or speed automatic exposure filming, may produce exposure inaccurate, namely environmental exposure to the subject brightness dark excessive; Environmental brightness bright in main body, under exposed. In filming again lift machine, it'll be too late to correction in shooting of subject need before the brightness with environment estimate that exposure to increase or decrease. Usethe zoom lens, such as the larger 28-200mmF1:3.5 to 5.6 lens, with actual aperture focal length of the lens changed. If you do not understand very, it is possible to change the focal length and produce filming for mistakes. The right way is in the use of variable aperture zoom lens, namely considering actual aperture value change, and the influence which produces, and makes the corresponding fixed.

Equipment without expression known. Tao is "practice makes perfect", even with popularization grades of MF equipment, but the performance of his hand, can also "diligent fool doubles", in order to achieve fast shooting purpose.

Each cameramen's JVC BN-VF823U Battery economic condition and subject matter of hobby each have differences, equipment configuration can differ. Based on the author's experience, "standard small zoom", namely 70mm 28 - the most suitable scope zoom lens, if deserve to have shot in the camera aperture priority exposure mode, the more handy.

Good at shelters

Common some video friends out filming, wearing printed with "x photographers association" photography vest, carrying, tripod and a few only go with the camera lens, the length is armed and results recruit people eyes. Master tapes loose buller ninja "is worth using for reference -" dressed in general, mixed in with only one crowd awaits shooting, desirable satisfiedly a surprising effects.

The JVC BN-VF815 Battery author also deeply realize dressed in general, equipment simple advantage. Filming never wear out back only vests, photography machine can be installed on the ends of the small, go with a tripod, black and white color, or filming decide beforehand, once you've made the decision, she no longer change, be peaceable, forced himself with good devotedly on equipment.

Ning nearly not far

Enter into the kingdom of heaven is mine blast the battlefield to photographer Robert capa a famous adage: "if you feel your photo is bad, it is again near point pat". This is worth using for reference. Nearly holes implies the use of short lens focus, thus obtain larger preview and clarity, photographed vivid and touching scene. JVC Camcorder Battery

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