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 Show the aesthetic feeling of arts and crafts of the background of the application skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Handicraft is used JVC Camcorder Battery to watch the still life. In the handicraft photography, in order to enable the while admiring the at the same time enjoy the aesthetic feeling, need to pay attention to adjust the position of the light, and connecting with the background, better show details of the arts and crafts.
In addition, performance handicraft, the background of the choice is JVC GY-HM100U Battery more important, in general, should be adjusted according to the concrete circumstances of the main body, mainly in material and the choice of colour. First of all, the background material can't too smooth and reflective, should have the ability to absorb the light. Cotton or paper background is better, the reflective soft, do not affect the foreground subject material performance. Secondly, in the background on the choice of colour, need to be adjusted according to the characteristics of the body and the photographer, the purpose of writing, the use of comparative color or coordinate color undertake collocation.
Usually, in show handicraft, background to jvc bn-v812u battery simple and clear, such ability outstanding theme. For example, will be black as background, and then the top illumination, the main body, the body of the illuminated with black background contrast sharply, the viewer can be vision on the subject, a focus of function, make body more conspicuous.
Shooting handicraft must show the jvc bn-v712u battery characteristic of handicraft. Usually the top light, so it does not appear extra projection, the influence of the line of sight of the viewer.
When shooting jvc bn-v400b battery some handicraft but can't use black background, or more handicraft of orderly arrangement, can throw the background through the obvious way subject. This can not only reflect its surroundings, and can make subject in many objects to the fore. In addition, the shooting a rough surface of handicraft, suitable for the direct light, shooting a smoother surface of handicraft, suitable for the scattering the light.

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 Highlight the different characteristics of the four seasons landscape application skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Sunlight as a natural light, in the illuminate of different season it will be any different. So the JVC GZ-MG50U Charger landscape should be flexible to be taken by the light, through the four seasons the characteristics of light to show different season scenery features.

Spring scenery photography to pay attention to use spring downy light to show the characteristics of spring. Spring light although cannot reach the bright light summer degree, but very suitable for performance of the soft visual effect.JVC GZ-MG57E Charger Generally, the spring radial light and shade contrast medium, the shooting out of the picture and lively and relaxed.

Summer light is very strong, so the picture taken from light and shade contrast is very large and very easy to produce the phenomenon of excessive exposure. Filming to dodge the point-blank light, can choose the reflected light,JVC GR-DVL9000 Charger or in the early morning, in the evening time to shoot. In relative to the hot before more can the lush green in summer, when the frame, might as well into the green scenery.

Autumn light with similar characteristics of the spring, for the scattering,JVC GR-DVX4 Charger light quality is downy, the light and shade contrast smaller picture. But the fall has its unique poetic flavour, cold, fresh air, the golden color bring harvest of joy. At the same time, late autumn when everything dies, and let people are almost unlimited, so different frame, can show a different theme and artistic conception picture.

Winter scenery of the main material is taken snow, white snow can produce romantic,jvc gz-mg155 charger beautiful feeling. During the filming the snow, can increase exposure compensation to performance of Snow White, show the simple sense of accurate Snow White. Can also through the details of the white balance, and the performance of cold tone picture. In addition, because the snow glance easily, so when photography to avoid the reflection of the light cause excessive exposure.

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 Filming the various flowers contrast outstanding flowers photography skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Some friends of the film photography flower,jvc gr-d93us charger flower itself form and color is pretty good, but it or excessive into context, or get bad the prospects of the interference, cause the body of the photos don't outstanding. How to such as a flower subject is a problem to be solved. Shot of the subject and the background picture of color and brightness difference is not large, but the role of the picture but particularly outstanding, it is to use the actual very prominent main body of the method is the best explanation.
The actual contrast spoken parts in an opera is small jvc gr-dv3 charger of the depth of field, and the relationship between the focal length of the size of the depth of field is longer, the depth of field is smaller, the closer the shooting, the smaller of the depth of field, the greater the aperture, the smaller of the depth of field, as long as the master these rules, strong contrast of our land effect is very easy to implement.
The contrast of light and shade and exposure control are closely related, as long as the grasp of the picture exposure, can accurate control of the light and shade relations. The contrast of light and shade pictures taken, the first to find itself to have the contrast of light and shade conditions subjects, these conditions generally exist in irregular the JVC GR-DVY Charger shadow of the flowers and the evening the sun is low and the direction Angle of the strong. At this time, the friends of an exact measurement subject the needed exposure, avoid excessive exposure main body, the loss of level. As far as possible when metering don't let background on main metering effect, use at this time for center-weighted average metering or spot metering is a good choice. Note that the contrast of light and shade in the photos of main body is very outstanding, so be sure to pick itself form sense very good subject as subjects, or thed loss outweights the gain.
Color contrast with the contrast of light and shade general not treated, the contrast of light and shade, colour nature could change.
In fact, the colors of nature jvc gr-d30u charger have very rich, the colour of different plants in flower is more rapid change. At this time, the shadow the friends can choose green leaves as the background picture, as the saying goes, "red flowers with green leaves", this kind of collocation let the pictures of the watch will produce strong visual experience, so as to effectively outstanding want the visual center of the performance and the picture theme of flowers.

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 How to choose suitable for their own use of photography of the lens Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Optical properties of lens is to determine the quality of image of one of the JVC Camcorder Battery most important factors. From the focal length of have a fixed camera to has the very high rate of zoom lens, on the market, everything.

The JVC GY-HM100U Battery best of the compact lens have true af function. (not simply have wide Angle and smaller maximum aperture lenses, the lens itself to have greater depth of field, so focus looks like "automatic" gain.)

Fixed focal length lens (also called fixed-focus camera) optical performance usually than zoom lens is good, but zoom lens more flexibility.

The camera jvc bn-v812u battery with a zoom lens, zoom control function allows users to adjust the focal length of the lens (magnification), can usually from wide Angle end (used for filming scenery photo) to telephoto end (for shooting wildlife or sports) adjustment.

Choose the suitable for camera lens, the performance of the lens to meet the needs of the shooting. In the shooting wild animals, and sports of photography,jvc bn-v712u battery often use 3 times the zoom lens, shooting distance was taken in the body, it is 10 be zoom lens.

If you want to have a zoom lens with the camera,jvc bn-v400b battery the proposal is chosen optical zoom (completely different from digital zoom). Digital zoom through the interpolation in the "digital" increase in the central area of the outline, so as to achieve the purpose of the zoom, but the process will be significantly reduced quality, therefore can only as a final a method.

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 Exposure compensation can beautification like skin effect Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Exposure don't JVC Camcorder Battery often used to adjust the camera to be automatic metering get standard exposure, can make the picture looks more bright (adding exposure) the latter more dark (reduce exposure). Exposure compensation units are EV, it ± 2 levels in between third level units to adjust. EV value every increase or decrease 1/3 level (1 file), the incident light equivalent to double the amount or reduce half.
Half the shot metering, the exposure marks in the middle position,JVC GY-HM100U Battery said the current set to standard the exposure, before exposure compensation. Will the exposure marks left adjust, can reduce exposure compensation, will mark the exposure to the right to adjust, can increase exposure compensation.
Adding exposure can makes the picture looks more bright, use the exposure compensation jvc bn-v812u battery characteristics, we can also use it to beautify the color of skin of characters. For example, in portrait photography, directly to people's facial metering shooting, can well performance figures the details of the facial features, but slightly dark skin, increase exposure compensation, though the details somewhat loss, but, the skin appears more white, beautiful, can effectively to beautify skin color.
Exposure compensation is by changing the shutter jvc bn-v712u battery speed to realize the control of exposure, the determination of the aperture, each increase 1 file exposure compensation, the shutter slows 1 times, and in turn, every reduce 1 file exposure compensation, and a shutter speed is of The Times.

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