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Motherboard jumper hp g42-101xx laptop keyboard Settings is onboard maintenance must grasp foundation. A, knowing the jumper wire type so far, jump line has been the development of the three generations, respectively is key cap type jumper, DIp type jumper, soft jumper. 1. Key cap type jumper key cap type jump line is composed of two parts: the base part and key cap part. The former is upright two root or three root disconnected needle, the adjacent two needle decided to a switch function.
To jump line operation only sub and off two. When using a jumper, namely sub a jump line, it will be a can make two needle connected key cap to it, so that both take two needle is connected to the function of the jump line should have. Otherwise, can will key cap only with a needle, key cap another root canal was empty. In this way, because the two needle not connected, the corresponding function have been banned, and key cap is not lost.
Because take key cap said only on, so there is no plug inverse problem. Key cap type jump line is divided into two needle and three needle, two needle use more convenient, more widely application, sub means has a certain function, disconnect hp g42-154ca laptop keyboard means that prohibit a function; The comparison of the three needle complex some, for instance a needle 1, 2, 3, then sub needle 1, 2 shows a kind of function, and sub 2, 3 said another function. 2. DIp type jumper DIp type jump line is also called DIp combination switch, DIp switch can not only separate the use of a push button switch said a function, more can mix several DIp switch to show more state, more features.
A DIp switch can be ON both sides of the button to open the two switch state, one side says open (ON), other side said shut (OFF). For the use of combination state, how many DIp switch can say 2 how many times the state of power, there are many numerical can choose, therefore, into a DIp switch control instructions must be in the form set value, otherwise you don't know so many state.
3. Soft jumper wire soft jumper wire and no substantial jump line, is also related to CpU set no longer use hardware jumper, but through the CMOS Setup program set up, don't need to open the case, very convenient. In computer accessories, main board, hard disk, and cd-rom, sound card in jump line, to facilitate the most complicated jump line, hard times. Second, the motherboard jumper Settings on the hp g42 laptop keyboard mainboard jump line generally includes CPU setting jumpers, CMOS clear jumpers, BIOS banned write jumper wire, etc.
Among them, the CPU to set jumpers most complicated, if the motherboard is old, it is necessary to set up on the mainboard kernel voltage, the frequency, frequency doubling jumpers. According to the motherboard manual and CPU frequency, set the corresponding jump line. Usually, on the mainboard corresponding CPU voltage is a set of jumper, each jump line are corresponds to a voltage value, find the right voltage value, plug in a key cap sub it, chose the voltage value.
Similarly, find the frequency jump line and double frequency jump line, respectively hp g56-100sa laptop keyboard set up the appropriate external frequency and frequency doubling. Note that each group jump line can only choose a jumper wire sub. The new main board more users consider comprehensive, almost all use similar soft jumper, only on the mainboard CMOS jumper still use the most primitive keycap jump line, it is more than three needle jump line. Usually, the sub needle 1, 2, said normal use motherboard CMOS, and sub 2, 3, said clear CMOS content.
Ban write BIOS function and not every motherboard have, generally for two needle jump line, and the concrete is short circuit to be able to write the BIOS or off to be able to write the BIOS to see motherboard manual. Some main board will let the user choose soft jumper or DIP jump line, such as asustek's P4T, if the motherboard 10 DIP switch full set OFF, it means the use of BIOS soft jumper Settings, otherwise, the choice of the DIP jump line, which switch 6 ~ 10 said external clock Settings, motherboard hp g56-100xx laptop keyboard manual there is a big table, need to control form operation, choose appropriate external clock, DIP switch 1 ~ 4 said frequency doubling, it have two of the four power of state, that is, 16 kinds of state, most can let the user choose 16 kinds of voltage value. The manual provides 14 times frequency selection, the rest of the two states in the future, not keep extended function, is the manufacturer has not publicly jump line or parameters. .



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