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Manufacturing process, manufacturing process of the display card and hp g56-106sa laptop keyboard CPU, is to use a micron to measure the machining accuracy of. Graphics manufacturing process in 1995 years, from 0.5 micron, 0.35 micron, 0.25 micron, 0.18 micron, 0.15 micron, 0.13 micron, 0.11 micron has been developed to present the latest and nano.
The core frequency, refers to show the core work frequency, a bit like CPU work main frequency. Here needs to point out that is not the core frequency work on behalf of the graphics performance is strong. Such as 9600 pro core frequency up to 400 MHZ, more than 9800 pro 380 MHZ is high, but the performance is stronger than 9800 pro absolute 9600 pro. In the same level of chip, the core of high frequency is better hp g56-107sa laptop keyboard , and improve the performance of some core frequency is one of the ways card overclocking.
Memory usage frequency, memory card in the work frequency, with MHz (MHz) as the unit. Video memory frequency to a certain extent reflects the speed of the memory. Video memory frequency with the type of memory, performance different and different, DDR3 memory is the most widely used high-end graphics memory type. In addition, different memory can provide the memory usage frequency also difference is very big, basically have 400 MHZ, 500 MHZ, 600 MHZ, 650 MHZ, high-end products and 800 MHZ, 1200 MHZ, 1600 MHZ, or even higher. Nvidia GeForce 8700 m GT and above type of memory usage frequency has reached 800 MHZ.
Render pipeline, also known as the rendering pipeline, it is display chip hp g56-108sa laptop keyboard internal graphics processing signal independent parallel processing unit. The number of rendering pipeline is decided to display chip performance and grades of one of the most important parameters in the same graphics core frequency, more rendering pipeline means greater pixel fill rate and grain filling rate, from graphics rendering line number can be roughly tell graphics performance high and low class. The number of rendering pipeline is generally "pixel rendering pipeline × the number of each line texture unit quantity" to show. For example, GeForce 6800 rendering pipeline is 12 multiply one, he says it has 12 a pixel rendering pipeline, each contains 1 grain filling pipe.
RAMDAC, decided to refresh the discretion of the frequency, MHz for hp g56-110sl laptop keyboard unit, and display "bandwidth" meaning approximate. Its operating speed is high, the more wide frequency band, high resolution of the picture quality is better. This value determines the enough memory, graphics in support of the highest resolution and refresh rate. Such as: if you want to in the resolution of 1024 x 768 to 85 hz resolution, RAMDAC rate is at least 1024 x 768 x 85 x 1.344 ÷ 1.06 ≈ 90 MHZ. At present the mainstream graphics RAMDAC can reach 350 MHZ and 400 MHZ.
DirectX by Microsoft development USES a wide range of API, include Direct Graphics (Direct 3 d + Direct Draw), Direct Input, Direct Play, Direct Sound, Direct Show, Direct Setup, Direct Media Objects, and other components hp g56-113sa laptop keyboard , and is a complete set of multimedia interface scheme. It should be said that the public begin to pay close attention to mobile video card products its corresponding part DirectX has basic is the DirectX 7.0 began to dive. On the market now DirectX 7.0 related products have already out of season. The latest DirectX10, can provide a new dynamic program flow control, displacement mapping and render target, times of surface scattering, soft shadows, environment and ground shadow, global illumination and other new technical characteristics, showing a sense of reality, compared to the first all version if use "qualitative leap" to describe it too much.




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