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1. LCD liquid crystal display (LCD) is the maintenance of notebook computer dell inspiron 630m laptop cpu cooling fan is the most delicate components, interest is accounted for about 30% of the total cost of the laptop, so the notebook computer maintenance of course should be put in the first LCD collision, avoid by all means is never in the screen picture of time, also can't use finger pointing fingers on it. Screen had better have protective film, at least to ensure the display screen can be far away from dust, fingerprints and mark. One thousand screen some dirty thing, we can try to use dry cloth to wipe, if not, can use soft cloth with some industrial alcohol or glass cleaner (not too much, as soon as the liquid into the screen inside miserably to wipe gently. Beijing IT outsourcing service network hint, had better use special design for its special screen cleaning fluid, so that we can achieve the best results. In the end to pay attention to is not on the screen, now a lot of heavy pressure of notebook computer roof use the strength of a lot of magnesium alloy and titanium alloy, but is the notebook computer after all is not used as a "sharedzilla"

2. Battery maintenance now notebook computer batteries generally has two kinds: nimh battery and lithium ion battery (due to nickel chrome battery had knocked out, here is not to say the two batteries have memory effect dell inspiron 640m laptop cpu cooling fan(only the former memory effect obviously while the latter is not obvious just and charging and discharging frequency limit. Beijing IT outsourcing service network tip first to the battery, the need for a long time of charging, the general should be continuous charging eight hours, and then every time before charging as far as possible the electricity use up (but not a little left) lithium ion battery although memory effect is not apparent, can at any time charge and discharge, but optional charge and discharge will also affect its life, should try to avoid using AC external power. When will be the best battery pulled out, or battery long time in febrile state, the life be affected. If the battery is not for a long time, please at least two months charge and discharge time, to ensure that IT is active.

3. Hard disk maintenance whether desktop or notebook computer dell inspiron 8000 series laptop cpu cooling fan hard disk is a very delicate thing. Although now hard disk has been do super earthquake, but should prevent unnecessary vibration. Because of considering the notebook computer hard disk movement problem, its seismic performance is very good, but should pay attention to mobile don't risen wildly, more can't knock fell, of course, had better not in the boot state mobile notebook computer.

4. Drive, floppy drive maintenance laptop computer dell inspiron 9200 series laptop cpu cooling fan cd-rom for volume consideration, do very thin. And CD are generally card in the axis's so try not to use inferior or irregular CD, which is very easy to damage the bald. After a period of using, want to use special CD cleaning piece cleaning bald. The floppy drive take care of oneself and desktop, do not use inferior even moldy blanks, regularly with special cleaning disk cleaning.

5. The mouse, keyboard maintenance notebook mouse generally has three kinds: trackpoint, track ball and touch panel. The track ball is very rare in the equivalent mechanical mouse ball, dirty dismounting cleaning can the trackpoint the most simple, when necessary, as long as the replacement of a special mouse cap can the touchpad is trouble replacement and maintenance are not you can do so when use must pay attention to not greasy hands to operate, more can't use sharp things above characterization, if the surface is dirty things, can use soft cloth to wipe clean with water. For notebook water this accident case, the first thing to do is to use a notebook battery off, natural dry, and then sent to the professional after-sale service center for repairs. Notebook computers dell inspiron b130 series laptop cpu cooling fan take care of oneself is (in the usual dribs and drabs of such as switch LCD to light open light off, lest cause connecting wire damage; Carry out when it is best to use special laptop bag, and remember to bag zipper buckle all button; At ordinary times and put it in a more clean place, not too cold, and not too hot. The best in the situation of power plug the notebook computer peripherals, etc. If you can in the usual use to yourself love machine, then it will prolong life


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