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Portable laptop what all good, not only convenient place is samsung n145 laptop keyboard one thousand system collapse, do system more troublesome. This weekend, I studied the morning, and finally learned to use usb flash disk do startup disk to notebook new do system. I think this method than with cd-rom recovery simple a lot, so bring and the jar friends share.
First introduced two leading role it, JinShiDu 8 g U disk and malata 81005 notebook. My manata 81005 book is of years ago, in the new encountered a serious virus invasion, antivirus after the system has been not too smooth, but work busy, busy always new do system. Today is at leisure, so I am determined to put the old system gave off.
U disk startup disk production:
1, U disk formatting: suggest using 1 g capacity above the U disk (because will samsung n150 laptop keyboard copy system and U disk boot software, so want to have enough space), use first Flashboot will U disk formatted into USB - HDD or USB - ZIP one of these two kinds of modes, I choose is USB - ZIP this model, just this type of manata notebook can be a very good support.
2, U disk version WinPE: want to rise in the DOS below installation XP pain, so prepare to use usb flash disk version WinPE after start execution XP system installation, then test feasible. I am on the net download is winpe u disk version, in addition winpe there are all sorts of commonly used tools, unzip the files are kao into formatting good u disk in the.
Windows XP system installation:
1, set U disk Boot: after startup press F2 enter samsung nb30 laptop keyboard BIOS Settings, in the Boot menu will be the third item USB Boot options open, that is choice for Enabled, save and exit BIOS setup.
2, will be ready to good XP setup disk all kao into U disk, and then insert the usb flash disk and boot, directly into the U disk boot, the emergence of a boot menu, select the startup miniature WIN - PE (by old wild peach), they entered the WinPE system. Will XP SETUP disk from U disk kao into small C area outside of the partition, my are two partition, namely kao in D area, then direct run the SETUP disk folder SETUP. EXE file, appear familiar XP installation interface, according to clew step by step the complete.
I don't like to use online GHOST installation disc,samsung laptop keyboard feel the normal installation step by step more stable, all installed after further GOHST backup, restore for future use. If there are used to GHOST recovery mode to install system friend, direct will mirror image file kao into the usb flash disk and copied to the notebook C area outside of the partition, the use of the WinPE own NORTON GHOST32 will system directly back to the C area is ok.



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