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The author recently for computer packed Windows7, but found that can not use IE login any web page the. Check wireless router connection state, found a strong signal have been dell xps 15 l502x laptop keyboard unable to connect to the success. Think oneself set WPA wireless password is changed, then reran Settings, still can't successful connection. Then cancelled wireless encryption, but the results are still unable to connect.

Wireless router failure? The author use line connection wireless router and computer, but found that the computer can get online normally. Obviously, wireless router Internet connection without any problems.

Don't wireless router wireless function failure? The author attempt dell xps m1330 laptop keyboard to WindowsVista system connected to a wireless network, found that the wireless connection is very smooth. There is no way, the author had to find the same installed Windows7 friend, with his computer wireless connection the author wireless router, but found that also exists the problem of unable to connect. Therefore, the author judgment wireless router may and Windows7 wireless network system has a conflict. The author replaced a huawei 3 comwbr204g wireless router on test and found Windows7 system smooth connection wireless router and on the Internet. It seems, the author wireless router has a problem really.

Now that wireless router can't compatible Windows7 wireless network system, so does that mean must be replaced? In order to save money, the author decided to find the wireless router related material, so as to further debugging. In the wireless router management page, I find it firmware version is 4.2.0 Build081225, should be released in December 2008, quite obsolete, and Windows7 was launched in October 2009, it seems probable that wireless router firmware does not support Windows7. The author in wireless router's web site, download the July 30, 2009 update dell xps m140 laptop keyboard relevant firmware. To upgrade the firmware, the author found that wireless router firmware version has been updated to 4.2.0 Build090730.

Update the firmware whether can solve the problem? Set up network parameters, the author's Windows7 no longer refuse to wireless router, finally can Windows7 in under the surf the Internet.

The problem
Wireless router in addition to have the hardware system, and also has directing the hardware working software system - the firmware. User with simple web model management wireless router, may not be able to realize web page is actually wireless router software system shell. When do not have access to the Internet, users in the Settings and correct circumstances, can through the wireless router management page check the dell xps m1530 laptop keyboard working condition. If the wireless router normal work but can not in Windows7 next, connected to a wireless network, then, is likely to be wireless router software system and Windows7 wireless connection function is not compatible. A lot of older wireless router in the design of firmware, without considering the application under Windows7 system, therefore, the emergence of a Windows7 refused to wireless router's situation.

Dr. Known:
Microsoft says Windows7 can and more than 90% of the hardware perfect compatible, in other words, Windows7 there are still part of the hardware conflict problem. At present, the wireless router Settings have been ShaGuaHua, upgrade firmware is a piece of cake, ready to use Windows7 users the best wireless dell xps m1710 laptop keyboard router timely update the firmware.


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