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The full name of wireless router should call wireless broadband router compaq presario v6000 series laptop cpu fan, because wireless router connected to cable connection can be effective, so then we will introduce the wireless broadband routers installation of some operating process. A few simple steps can fully grasp.
Wireless broadband routers installation step one: hardware installation
A. first, will be connected to the power supply joint DI - 624 at the back of the power supply hole, and then the other side will be connected to the power supply socket please wait about 30 seconds, wait for DI - 624 after the activation, and then the next step connection movement operation is correct, the power LED indicator will light
B. please will link to the DSL/CableModem network line received DI - 624 WAN port (WAN) AN indicator goes on
Cristiano will and computer or device connected to the LAN link network line port 1-4 (LAN) any one of the port, and the other end into your computer in the etheric WangKou edible, the computer can be used to configuration causes DI - 624 connection is correct, the insert line LAN mouth goes on
D. will have installed wireless network compaq presario v6300 series laptop cpu fan card (support 802.11 b/g) computer take to DI - 624 near, wireless network card and DI - 624 wireless network set, please refer to the chapter that behind
Wireless broadband routers installation step 2: connect to other computer to DI - 624 wireless broadband router
Other Ethernet cable, will need through the DI - 624 wireless broadband router Internet Ethernet interface with other computer connected to the DI - 624 rear panel on the rest of the three LAN port; Can also will have installed wireless network card computer take to DI - 624, near through the DI - 624 wireless broadband router Internet
Wireless broadband routers installation step 3: correct configuration of your cable computer network Settings
A. you are using computer desktop, with the right mouse button click online neighbors, select "properties"
B. in then open window, with the right mouse button click online neighbors, select "properties"
C. In then open window, first choose Internet protocol (TCP/IP), and then use the mouse and click "properties"
D. in then open window, select automatic get IP address, as well as the automatic gain DNS server address
E. Stay local connection display has connection, we come to check whether a router and your computer real connection up: in the start menu operation box input CMD, type the command that ping192.168.0.1 and return can get the map result, it shows that your above configuration correct and computers have and DI - 624 link appear either above interface, please you can refer to the common problems of document troubleshooting reference
Wireless broadband routers installation step 4: correct configuration DI - 624 wireless broadband router
1. Open the Web browser, in the compaq presario v6800 series laptop cpu fan address bar type in, and then press Enter key
2. In then open the login window, input user name: admin, by default password for blank; And then click "ok"
3. In the next open window, click the "RunWizard" (online setting elves)
A. select "Next" (Next)
B. set your new password, you can also do not set up the direct click next, by default password although seemingly have value, but it is only system to be on the safe side and display, practical management by default password is empty, does not exist
C. Set time zone, according to your place time zone to choose, this paper in China is in time of the setting, and then click "Next" (Next)
Wireless broadband routers installation step 5: DI - 624 wireless broadband router selection Internet connection type
In a dialog box, click on the next step after automatically detects WAN connection state you also can choose, in under the pop-up dialog box, it will list optional WAN connection type, please according to your actual network environment to choose respectively under the instructions of the main three connection type
A. if you choose to dynamic IP address, then according to the following steps complete click Next Next, click Next, then please refer to step 6 of the wireless set the wizard
B. if your ISP give you a fixed IP address, you can choose "StaticIPAddress" (fixed IP address) and then fill in the ISP to provide your IP address Sai mask chisel address and preferred DNS server address San Zhan after you click on the "Next" Next, Next, please reference step 6 of the wireless set the wizard
C. If you are to use the ADSLmodem get to the Internet, then choose "PPPOE" San Syria ISP to provide your account name and password, then click Next by your ISP to provide user name and password, click "Next" (Next), then you can reference step 6 of the wireless set the wizard
D. if you choose "other WAN type", can have the following several kinds of networking way, specific steps and front three steps similar
Wireless broadband routers installation step 6: DI - 624 wireless set
In choosing a good mouth WAN connection compaq presario c500 series laptop cpu fan and configuration is completed, below and then continue wireless configuration Settings wireless connections, the default state SSID for default, Channel Channel for 6, here you can change the SSID on its own, to determine the only able to mark your wireless network name; If you are in China, channel keep default values can then click "Next" (Next) into the WEP security mode Settings
By default the wireless encryption Disabled in (closed) did not start state, you can through the click Enabled his activated the next is the choice of the ways of encryption, WEP have two kinds of mode selection, one kind is 64 bit, one kind is 128 bit; For the 64 bit mode, must in the Key Key fill ten password, for 128 bit mode, must in the Key Key fill 26 A password, please fill password from 0-9 and the letters A - F combination set good after that, click "Next" (Next) you don't want to your wireless device for encryption, but also can keep the default state, click "Next" (Next) appeared in the interface display in the configuration has been completed, need to Restart the talent is configuration to take effect, then please click "Restart" (Restart) system will automatically Restart appear as follows when the interface click "Close" (Close) to automatically save Settings and Restart your device so far, DI - 624 basic configuration has been completed
Wireless broadband routers installation step 7: equipped with wireless network card computer Internet configuration steps
The following is a notebook bring wireless card, and install the Intel wireless management software for the operation example (how to use Windows own wireless management program connection DI - 624 instructions please see related FAQ) :
1. Make sure your notebook wireless function is open, one kind is hard to open,compaq presario cq50 series laptop cpu fan namely laptop keyboard above or its periphery have switch places will have wireless signal switch button, the other is the hardware manager check the wireless network card is already start you can in the lower right corner of the desktop Intel wireless card management program according to the left mouse button twice
2. Then click refresh, the wireless network card will search now all the wireless network environment what, after the completion of search, you will see such as interface can see a SSID is called test624 (just in the wireless configuration in the modified SSID) wireless network, if you do not modify SSID, then DI - 624 default wireless network name for default, namely DI - 624 wireless router!
3. If DI - 624 wireless set in encryption Settings, then click on the link pop up after need to add key dialog box, the key is in the DI - 624 set in, and then click ok
4. At this time will display has been connected to the compaq presario cq61 laptop cpu fan wireless network finally other Settings or information see "advanced set", "tool", "system state"


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