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 Easily find computer display blank screen of the cause of the failure Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

After startup monitor blank screen, no shows, is that many computer gateway m460 laptop cpu fan users often encounter problems. In fact, as long as you to the work of a computer principle, to be more these non device damaged simple fault can yourself out.

1. When the display blank screen no image display (but at present on market display in the host no signal sent, on the screen display "no signal wire connection"), first check the power supply of main whether plug is good, the power of the fan can turn? Host panel power light, hard disk lamp is flash no bright? Because if the power supply of main doesn't work or motherboard without power supply, display without receiving signal, of course, will not have the image display.

2. Then check the display of power supply is plug good? If you monitor the power switch is light touch switch, when you give display power up, should be heard slight "monarch pa" sound, the judgment of the monitor switch power supply circuit is good. To display the power switch is open? Display of power gateway m465-e laptop cpu fan light is bright? When hand close to the display screen and moving slowly if there is "hissing" voice, and at the same time, the hands of fine hair has been operating feeling, this in the check display high voltage circuit is normal work.

3. If it is determined that the display has power up, and there is high pressure to produce, to continue to check the monitor data cable joint and graphics signal output interface is good contacts? If there's any loose? Then pulled out plug check, D type interface have bending or broken needle or have a lot of dirt. This is many users often encounter problems, in the connection D type socket, forcibly not uniform, or forget to tighten the interface of fixed screw, make the interface loose cause bad contact, or for installation in a wrong way or force is too large, make D type interface has broken needle or curved needle, so that cause bad contact.

Note: the monitor data plug 15 needle may have a lack of needle, such as 4,9,11 needle, then the normal, don't human with other metal wire to complement the lack of needle position, lest cause other malfunction.

More than a bit: 1, 2, 3 needle for red, green, blue three gun signal input, if which needle contact is bad, the screen will have the lack of corresponding color.

If 12 needle, have a problem, gateway m500b laptop cpu fan the host can't find corresponding display, but this does not affect use.

If 13, 14 needle has a problem, display will appear blank screen, display the lamp in the boot after a while from green to orange. Also appeared one of the blank screen.

4. Open the case check display card installation is correct? And the motherboard slot is good contacts? Video card or slot is due to the use of time is too long and dust too much, that cause bad contact? Graphics chips on whether there is burnt, the trace of the cracking. When for graphics cause blank screen, computer power on self test time is to have a short four long "talking" voice prompt. Installation VGA card, want to use hand holding the VGA card first half part, even force inserting the card slot, make graphics fixed screw mouth and chassis screws anastomosis. Not plug timing don't forced fixed, cause graphics distortion. If confirmed installed correctly,gateway m505 laptop cpu fan can take down graphics with alcohol sponge to wipe the pins of the gold finger or in a slot (only for PCI card) installation. If not yet, only in a good display card under a try.

If not yet, in determining the graphics in good condition, but must consider video card and main board of compatibility. You'd better consult the relevant information or ask net friend.

5. Check other interface card (including sound card, decompression card, video capture card) and motherboard slot contact is good or not? Check hard disk data and hard drive power line connection is correct? Replace the other interface card slots, cleaning pin. This many people tend to neglect. Generally, computer gateway m505b2 laptop cpu fan blank screen is a display and graphics problems, and other equipment has nothing to do. In fact, because of the sound card, and other equipment not installed correctly, cause the system initial make change difficult to complete, especially the hard disk data and hard disk power cord plug wrong, easy to cause the show no fault.

6. Check the memory bank and motherboard contact is good or not? The memory bank to plug a or a slot try, or to replace the new memory bank. If memory bank appear problem, the computer at startup time, there will be continuous rapid "talking" sound. Warning tone will be different and different main board.

7. Check the CPU and on the mainboard CPU seat contact is good or not? Because of the move or other factors, make the CPU and SLOT1 socket or SOCKE370 socket bad contact. Had better use hand press the CPU or take down CPU reinstall again once.

8. Check the CPU by, double frequency, the frequency of the gateway m6012 laptop cpu fan memory of the jump line or CMOS set correctly. Contrast motherboard manual, examine relevant jumpers, sequence for "CPU by jump line - CPU frequency doubling jump line - memory frequency jump line".

9. Check the CPU voltage is set up properly. Set CPU voltage jump line to be careful, be sure to and CPU working voltage consistent. Eight and nine this two step for some kludge or like overclocking user appeared in the blank screen to check carefully.

10. Check the CMOS parameters set correctly. If your computer is equipped with two graphics, you in CMOS setup is the first initialization PCI graphics, and your only display joint in the AGP display card, and of course the display is not bright.

11. Check the gateway m6012c laptop cpu fan host and display required working environment in compliance with? Working voltage is normal or not, the environment temperature is high. In addition to the above steps to inspect outside, can also according to the working conditions of computer to rapid positioning, such as in open host power supply, can hear "di" of a sound said computer self-checking completed, if the hard disk lamp flickered continuously, it should be in the second step to step 4 examination.

12. If display in computer in the process of start have content show, only on loading WIN98 picture appears after the blank screen, it just WIN98 system software problems,

The inspection method is based on the display itself no electrical failure, namely open after the gateway ma1 laptop cpu fan power supply of main display of power light by green turn yellow but display blank screen no image display. If you use the above steps display is still no display, should ask professional maintenance.


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