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Display failure cause computer ibm lenovo ideapad z560a series laptop cpu cooling fan blank screen failure to how to solve? Below is the specific analysis:

First of all, for the main computer fault caused by the display blank screen fault we can from the following train of thought to solution:

1. Check parts installation quality

When you in the assembly computer or replacement parts occurs when blank screen failure, you should first check your installation quality accessories. For example memory-chip installation is correct if motherboard slot good contacts, graphics card and card is installed in place, BIOS setup and the related on the mainboard jump line choice is correct, but carefully see related interface card set instructions, and inspection of key ibm lenovo ideapad z560g series laptop cpu cooling fan board their own quality problems on the mainboard and relevant slots and card "golden finger" whether there is a foreign body parts and the dirt that pollution is also very necessary.

2. Listening view color distinguishes the fault

Computer appear blank screen fault more time on performance after host panel light, built-in fan normal rotation, but appears the PC speaker alarm sound; Or chassis internal such as hard disk and other related equipment normal self, but display no display. Then according to the above method in addition to repair, but the more important thing is to learn to distinguish PC speaker error rule to distinguish fault, in addition to observe malfunction host or display various indicator to judge the situation or fault is also very good.

For example, the host normal self, but display appear "blank screen" fault, for this kind of trouble we will focus on the motherboard - VGA card - display connecting display this approach up consideration. First can check the display power light is light, such as normal, but key adjust brightness, contrast button, eliminate "common" this kind of false blank screen fault. If no problem, then you can focus check the main VGA card to display the connecting cables have problems and cable plug inside pointer whether there is inclined fracture and whether and VGA card compact ibm lenovo ideapad z565 series laptop cpu cooling fan connection xp system download also can connect the cable joint take down, see display can normal show bright or will display even to other host try, so as to judge the fault location is from host or display own cause.

Be like again, to display blank screen and host in a loud speaker long, two or three short bumming or continuous bumming that VGA card and onboard the connections between have questions or graphics card and display the connection between has a problem, you can check the key slots contact is good groove if there is a foreign body and replaceable graphics to try, if no better, but preliminary showed that problem on the mainboard, can get other card on the mainboard try. Be like again, consecutive long sound chirping, it mostly show that memory bank have a problem, can the inspection of key memory and memory slot installation contact conditions. If machines talking a continuous short sound, the machine has slight short circuit ibm lenovo ideapad e42 series laptop cpu cooling fan phenomenon, usable minimum system method and exclusive method to solve the problem, until find short circuit parts. In addition, if you hear two sound short bumming, the mainboard or graphics card or display the likelihood has a problem, not connect display if or so sing, the VGA card parts existing problems, such as a sound... long-short-long-short...), the display end has a problem.

To display their own cause blank screen fault is concerned, we mainly from the following to provide you with more specific maintenance train of thought

1. Display blank screen quick maintenance

If the display device without any display, eliminate the host of reasons, then can check whether because the voltage is too high or too low cause display protection circuit work, you can check the accelerate polar voltage is normal or not. In addition, the key is to check the following problems parts, such as look at whether the fuse blown fuse, rectifier bridge switch tube whether the breakdown, current limiting protection resistance is burn out, etc., these parts sometimes from the outside can see its burned black and fault phenomenon. Then key ibm lenovo ideapad g430 series laptop cpu cooling fan inspection line output tube, transformer, low-frequency rectifier tube, high frequency rectifier for key parts such as whether there are damaged or performance decline or virtual welding, etc, general display blank screen fault you as long as it can quickly to the instant solutions.

Tube and power supply circuit fault judgment

Tube and power supply circuit is not normal also can cause display power up no grating blank screen fault. Then we can check whether the tube filament light, with meter to measure the filament power supply circuit see its filament voltage is normal or not. In addition if the filament current blocking the need to change the good filament current limiting resistor can be, if found tube filament broken, then the need to change the ibm lenovo ideapad g510 series laptop cpu cooling fan picture tube. If above normal, we can be key to check tube accelerate polar voltage is normal or not, especially accelerate polar voltage attachment fault is a cause of this kind of failure of the primary, replace the can. If there is high pressure, we may consider mainly change line output transformer (ignition coil) try ghost xp sp3, this part of the damage was caused by the fault of one of the main display blank screen. In addition to the above in repair at the same time we also can check the cathode voltage and apparent put voltage is normal or not, if apparent put voltage didn't add or its voltage doesn't normal also causes display power up no grating and one of the important reasons for blank screen.



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