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The CANON ixus 105 Charger portrait photography many aspects of design, the light, the background, posture, make up and props, looks very complex, however, master some of the commonly used portrait photography skills, can help you effectively produced a better portrait photo.

The first step in portrait photography is to be taken the CANON ixus 210 Charger "box" to a viewfinder, and arranged in the box the position of the characters, a lot of people automatically in models with too much space of overhead. So, figure on the picture is relatively small. Bold cutting head space, can let more full screen, more outstanding character, this is a lot of fashion, beauty and portrait of the mainstream of the shooting style.

Portrait photo taken, be sure to arrange a few pieces of close-up pictures, the CANON ixus 130 Charger most common is outstanding performance eyes and lips. The image is very attractive, compact facial details of the composition of incisively and vividly demonstrated, can let a person find meticulous aesthetic feeling, and at the same time, the character expression and inner depict also more profound, has the strong visual impact.

Many people like the shooting like low Angle. This is CANON IXUS 300 HS Charger the most basic, most natural shooting Angle. Want to make work more outstanding, can try to look down at from mild or look up shooting Angle. Transform Angle will make composition change greatly, the commonly used method is diagonal with low Angle or diagonal composition composition and slightly down pat. The unique perspective often can enhance picture of the expressive force, get different styles of photography.

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